Zodiac Discrimination,They Call It !!!😮😮😮

I just read an interesting news…

The Chinese youth are finding western astrology more accurate as compared to their age old native fortune telling technique, and amusing enough, they are using Zodiac signs as one of the tools for hiring purpose. 😬😬😬

 Not bad…haan…at least for me, in case I plan to migrate there!😉😉

I am a Virgo, and, is there need to tell that Virgo like it ‘PERFECT’ all the way. So my future is like really bright in China. Why would someone take the risk to loose a PERFECTIONIST???? 🤓🤓🤓

I know…I know…lots of Virgo on Earth! Do not loose hope and by the way, you are already one competitor down here… cause I am not in a mood to leave my present niche, at least for now. 😁😁😁

Go, use yours stars and make a fortune y’all. 👦👩

It’s Raining Slugs

Right now, it’s raining outside. Without any question, I love rains…the sound of it…Oh it’s just marvellous!

But it’s not just water that these rains bring; there are some undesired guests who accompany it and make appearances almost everywhere! They don’t let you sit and enjoy the moment.I don’t hate’em, but surely, I don’t like’em either. 

Forgive me, but I don’t like these slimy things wriggling anywhere and everywhere. And at times they even make their way to crawl on your body…that feeling….eww!!!!

The zoologist in me sometimes shakes me, ‘hello! These are just helpless tiny sluggishly struggling molluscans with no wisdom like humans. Leave them alone!

And I am like,’I would love to but seems they love my company more! ‘ 

Today morning I stepped outside in a hurry as it started raining all of a sudden, and I paused for a moment cause I heard a sound “carrrrrrack”, and I was like holy shit! It can’t be this! 

But unfortunately it was. I feel bad for the snail but what would I do?

It got partially injured.I didn’t have the heart to give it first aid.So I left it on God’s mercy, only to discover this later on…

What on earth is this?
Do snails too show social behaviour?

I never read that! 

Are they tending the injured or is it some illustration of canibalism!!!

I don’t know and I’ll have to wait to see that!🤔🤔🤔

You Scare Women, O Man Of The Earth!

Yes, As a woman, I feel scared of this society of which I am the significant half. 

I am aware of the fact that I am  the mother of this society, still, I am not sure if my existence has any value anymore! Humanity has lost its meaning and it’s shocking how the ‘other-half’ of the society is desperate to erase the difference between a man and a beast.

A man who is also a protective father, a caring brother,  a loving son, a dependable partner, and a faithfull friend, it is strange but true that it is a man only who is responsible for the harming women like no one.

I see faces…of man, many innocent, handsome, curious, confused and some tired too, and I dare to search for the devil somewhere quiescent underneath these very worldly faces. I admit I am full of doubts about the genuineness of all the faces as if they seem to have worn some kind of masks…to deceive the world… during the day or at respective homes or in workplaces. As soon as there is an opportunity or the cover of darkness, I wonder how many faces succeed in keeping these masks on, and how many unmask the real monster face! 

Whenever I go somewhere, it’s my first priority to finish the task before dark so that I come back home… safe. Reason, I know staying out late is an invitation for trouble, and who knows, it might cost me something as precious as my life also! So better be safe than sorry!

When I sit in an auto-rickshaw, I tend to scan each and every face getting on and off, on the way. I subconciously yet constantly monitor the driver in the mirror. Does he look decent? What does his eyes say? Is he familiar to any of the passengers? My mind is busy in all sort of thoughts (obviously negative ones).

I double check before sitting, for its difficult to trust humanity, (read ‘Man’ity). More than one man in there makes me skeptical. What if they forced me to an obscure place? What would I do? How am I gonna save myself? My entire focus is am I in the right place or not?

Most of energy goes in thinking, thinking and… thinking. I AM ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT MY SAFETY….I am not safe as a kid, I am not safe as a girl, I am not safe as a woman…and worse, I am not safe even in the dusk of my life!

Is being a woman, a boon or a bane? Am I not needed on this earth? Or Am I needed just to be used (misused) like an object? 

I too am a human, a full fledged living being. I have all my senses working. I get scared; I feel pain. My life is equally important as that of any man.

Then Why is it so hard for a man to consider me a human?

(This post is the reaction to the incident of gangrape of a school girl in my state. Word rape has become so common that people take it just as another news and move on. Has anyone ever thought that what kind of impression is it putting on the mind of women folk? How is it affecting their psyche? Well, if such crimes continue to occur, the time is not far when, instead of rejoicing, a woman would feel ashamed to be a mother and sorrowful on the birth of a boy!)

Accept Truth…Either Way.

You say People are so complex to understand.

It’s hard to differentiate noble from fake!

Innocent smile from a pretentious one!

Gentle wording from a sweet dagger!

And a quiet mind from the conspiring one!

My words-If you can’t differentiate, either try to learn or just sit back. Life will teach you itself. Wait for your turn !

If you can diffentiate all, what’s the confusion all about? What this noise over complexity? 

You either know someone or you don’t. Take them as they are. It’s as simple as that…period.

Accept Truth…either Way.

You say People are so complex to understand.

It’s hard to differentiate noble from fake!

Innocent smile from a pretentious one!

Gentle wording from a sweet poison!

And a quiet mind from the conspiring one!

My words-If you can’t differentiate, either try to learn or just sit back. Life will teach you itself. Wait for your turn !

If you can diffentiate all, what’s the confusion all about? What this noise over complexity? 

You either know someone or you don’t. Take them as they are. It’s as simple as that…period.

Tough Row To Hoe But Hoe It Will…

Those who got it easy…always want it easy, and to their luck, they always get it easy too, cause EASY…is their thing. 

But surprisingly, they are surprised when people also start taking ‘them’ EASY!!!!🤓🤓🤓

And Those who always got it hard…also want it easy, but to their luck, they seldom get it easy, cause Easy…is not their thing.

And surprisingly, they too get surprised when people actually stop taking ‘them’ EASY!!!🤔🤔🤔

What a joke!!!!

What Is In The Name?

Many of us, at some stage of our life, curse our parents for giving us the ‘Name’ that we have, especially during teenage we are much concious about it. We always believe that it could have been better had they thought a little more…atleast better than this!!!!

We keep chewing the cud, and one day we realise that this is what it is and we have to live with it. Ofcourse many people go to the extent of changing their names as well. Brave ears!!! I just wonder how they respond to their old names once they switch!!!!
Anyways it’s their Problem! I already have made peace with my name. 😐😐

Then  what encouraged this write up?

Here’s the thing.How do you respond when your four something gal comes to you and says,”Mamma, Please change my name! I don’t like it.

What are you supposed to do?

I mean we took a lot of time…thinking…discussions…and then on the pious occasion of Diwali, she was named after Goddess Laxmi (the goddess tending money 🤓)…oh don’t think otherwise, we in India actually worship this Goddess on the festival of light, Diwali, and moreover, her grandparents announced her arrival to this world as ‘Laxmi aayehe he…’Laxmi has arrived’. So how can she just not like it???

 There is lot of hard work, devotion and emotions after naming her, and now she is not liking it!!!😮😮😮

Anyway, just to keep her calm, I said,”then by what name would you like to be known, sweetheart?”

“How is Rupenzel?” She immediately said as if waiting desperately for this.

“Nooo! But she had loooooong hair. Look at yours, hardly coming in a rubberband!” I discouraged the suggestion.😋😋

“Then Cinderella?” She got little nervous.

Poor kid. Can’t think outside her imaginary world.

“No, How am I gonna call you? It doesn’t go well on my tongue,” I again rejected the plea. (Gosh, I am a bad mom😥😥)

“It is so tough mommy! What name should I choose?” She got sad.

“Think…there are more heroines in your fairy tales,” I said to cheer her up.

“Decided, my new name is going to be ‘Snow-white’! You like it ma?”

Munching on to the biscuit, I said, “Okay! But I’ll call you Snow. Is that fine?”

“Yes mamma! Snow white…Snow,” She said smilingly, “Now let’s find a new name for you too.

“No, I am cool beta!” I took another bite from the cookie.

“What’s the name of the biscuit that you are eating?” (Children are weird, they ask random questions 😏😏)

“It’s Marie Light!” I flipped the pack to show her.

“Wow! Mamma, Daughter, Snow-white, and Mother, Marie Light!!! How’s that? Isn’t your new name awesome? She was happy, So I could not object.

 I only said,”But call me Marie haan!“😍😍

So people, as you see, unofficially…our names have been changed. Mann is Marie and her Glowingal…she is Snow.😁😁😁😁😁

An Incomplete Voyage

I am a Nature freak, so, there are good chances that whenever I get a chance…there is a new exploration going on.

This Weekend also, we planned to visit a nearby sight…which is quite off the sight for normal visitors. 

There’s a small river Ashwini, on side of which is situated the gigantic, hustling and bustling structure, Mohan Shakti Heritage Park which is also an upcoming centre for vedic studies. A place worth visit but what we were more intrested in, was a waterfall somewhere near it!!! We had no idea.😮😮😮

After some research we hit the spot with much enthusiasm, and also met few visitors at the starting point…good for a boost to move uphill on a road which seemed like never taken.👍👍

Merely after walking for some fifty meters, we felt like lost…no sign of human life…only the babbling of the streams and the company of the woods!!!

I kind of started to have second thoughts.

Let’s wait for someone“, I said, and we parked ourselves on a huge flat rock visible from the main road. Many vehicles came, stuffed with oodles of tourists, but their ‘no-appearance’ through the bushes was actually discouraging. 

Why aren’t they coming this way?” I thought. The ambiance was little scary considering the wilderness was left to us and us alone. 

A few young sturdy guys crossed us with apparent curiosity in their eyes but obviously, they didn’t bother to ask, and moved on. They disappeared in the greenery.To our amazement, no woman dared to put a step on the narrow path. 

Once we thought ‘let’s continue‘ but, then the mind gave logics which were difficult to ignore. 🤔🤔

How safe is it to go on your on a path leading to you don’t know where!!!

And keeping in mind the happenings rather mishappenings, in daily life…with a heavy heart I stepped back.I wanted to see the place so badly!!!!😞😞

Why the world is so unsafe that a woman has to think twice everytime before stepping into it???? I agitated inside.

Who has the answer???

It’s only I, who has to see into my safety, but it’s also I, who wants to see the world in its crude form! 

So what do I do? Should I give up???

 Oh No…I’ll come back… I’ll have to…all prepared so that no fear belittles my desire to explore more and live more…

and till then…

Don’t stop… keep falling, Water!😊😊😊


There is a pain,

that no mind could understand,

Under the smiles,

Lying quescient for ages,

An emotion,

That words failed to convey,

An unfulfilled wish,

That no prayer ever granted,

A bleeding wound,

Waiting for a cure.

Heal me oh heavenly Father!

And let me rest in peace 

Till eternity.

Ageing Woes

Sitting alone in her nest,

She often ponders,

About those little birds,

Who used to flock around,

Those tiny mouths she fed,

The soft skin she once caressed,

Where have all gone?

Making her life dull,

Now food has no taste,

Music to her sounds like a noise,

Day night her head however,

echoes with one lovely voice,

No one remembers her efforts still,

Her dim yet hopeful eyes,

Will stare the infinity until,

Someone appears to save her faith,

Or to shake it for good,

Give her the hint,

of a flight forever,

Or a comeback of the brood.