Mean Girls

Once upon a time…actually, always in time, there exists a species in world called ‘Student’ who wants to enjoy life like a wild party but at the same time fears exams like hell…

…So, in a far far land, there was a college where students were preparing for their assessment exams. Obviously the syllabus was way too vast (it always is 😉 ) to be covered in a very short period of time. So everyone was having high hopes from the mighty ‘neighbours’! The contact numbers were exchanged. The boys were getting chance to acquaint girls, beyond their reach otherwise. Examination is such a bonding carnival. 🙂


Since it’s a distance course, no one knew each other too well. There were three girls, D, K, and R (it’s dangerous to reveal identity 🤐) who happened to have good interaction with each other by-the-way. I mean they exchanged pleasantries very often. And because people here were into other businesses too, missing lectures was a usual thing and not-so-unusual news was they were going to face multiple exams in two days.😨

To ask about the syllabus covered, K tried D’s number, it was not-reachable. She tried after some time, again many times, but to no avail. So she sent her a text on whatsapp…which was never read. (Hmmm…Someone was behaving over smart here 🤔).

Never mind, K had number of some genuine people who rescued her. And finally the D day came. Yeah, it was D’s day actually. D was very studious and no wonder, in-demand, at least that day. Everyone wanted to be in her company which she guessed beforehand, and successfully avoided eye contact with anyone. (Why would she share her knowledge with anyone? What if someone scored above her?) Understandable! 😜

But cruel world spares no one; poor duckling was booked by some clever boys.😝

Now K by chance sat next to R who was not prepared for that day’s tests. She showed all good colors to K who also reciprocated, and the tests went well for both.👌

What is interesting here is R’s view of D, “I already have her number but I never called. I sense something fishy about her. She is weird…”

K was stunned cause this was what D had been telling her about R from the first day. (huff…Such is woman😱). Anyways!

Now befriending K, R planned to study the course in-parts because the next day, there would be three tests and altruistically, she took major part on herself.😄

“Don’t worry about two papers. You focus on one only. I am here.”

Taking into consideration that day’s cooperation, K got stress-free, but no no…she was not that immature for such plots. She prepared whatever she could and to no surprise when the next day she entered the examination room, R was already sitting with some other person. Ha!

K only smiled on her turnaround. But she was happy that she didn’t believe R blindly. With an intention of mischief, she said,

“Hey R, where’s my seat?” We are supposed to sit together No?”

“Oh I don’t know. This girl was pleading too much. I let her. I hope you understand”, R replies.

“You can shift to this place also and she can join us if she wants!” K teases R.

Don’t worry I’ll tell you the answers from here also”, R assures K.

“Oh yeah. That I know!” Saying this, K turns to front and… focuses on her paper…

Moral of the Story: Tests end and but lessons… Never! 🙂

Kids Learn Things You Least Expect

I was wondering what made glowingal display every titbit from each corner of the house so artistically and I admit, quite beautifully !!!!

Now I found the answer…

Her inquisitive eyes speak it all…😍😍

Hued Dusk and Dawn

One of the finest evenings it is,

The ambience around is difficult to miss;

The youth shouting jubilantly in the pastures,

Tender hearts wholeheartedly imitating the masters.

The merriment is at such extreme height,

Even the birds don’t feel like pausing the flight.

The old trying to relive their days of past,

Wondering how time has moved so damn fast.

Standing at a distance the witnesee I

Smile now, the other moment take a sigh.

Why the grown ups make an appearance so dull,

Where the child in them got lost, all left is a Gull.

The melancholy soon erased by the tiny sprouts on trees,

Sun will again rise in a new day, leave all fears, forget all worries.

To every end there was a begininng nodoubt,

And every start is destined to an uncertain fullstop.

What matters is a life lived happy and fine,

Humming from heart, how many emotions did it define.

Wed Your Daughter Well


We already said adieu to winters and now, since the weather is pretty pleasant, it’s raining ‘marriages’ in my part of the country. As I always say, ‘Marriage’ here doesn’t mean just the union of two people but a lot of razzmatazz, ranging from tons of shopping, recurring visits to beauty salons and boutiques, bookings of Palaces, arrangements of delicious food, fancy decorations, pricey gifts, hip and happening DJ, and what not. ‘It’s a once-in-life-time event’ and people don’t leave any penny unspent (Yes I am talking about middle class people). Oh and did I forget to mention the alcohol! The major chunk of budget goes here, and why not, after-all this is what will remains the ‘talk-of-the-town’ for quite some time, probably until the next extravaganza ;).

This is the common way to express happiness here; ‘if you have it, you got to show it!’


Recently, I attended one such big fat Indian wedding. The entire setting was quite royal (nothing middle class). Everything was immense; the number of food stalls was such that you forgot the counting after a while; your tongue could get tired of tasting but the variety of snacks and sweets won’t exhaust. Most of the North Indian weddings follow suit. It’s actually a race to be the best displayer.

This trend, it keeps upgrading from time to time and people find different innovative ways of displaying their mirth and worth. Such weddings leave you enthralled for many days and the euphoria only goes after some reality check.

The parents who spend so much money for this ‘one day charm’, do they have any idea what the future would bring? Everyone hopes for good which is nice, and I too believe in that ‘living happily ever after’ thing. But sometimes we meet people who force us to change our mindset.

Today I met a girl of hardly 25 years, with a badly bruised face, swollen eyes and totally blank emotions. She is done with her marriage. Reason, her husband…he terribly abuses her, physically as well as mentally. The pain she was in made even a stranger like me, ache for her.

When you meet such people, you ought to question the exhibition of pseudo-joys that are displayed around; you actually face the ugly side of humanity; the cheapness that still resides in society; the low standards of people; the absurd thinking that wives are the puppets in the hands of husbands; the mentality that once married, a girl becomes the property of the husband; the evil of expecting (actually demanding) favours from girl’s family; a greed that is impossible to quench. And what does it take to make you believe this ugly side of life…A girl who has lost faith in human and humanity itself. And surely there are more like her.

The worst part is, not many parents in the middle class families here show the heart to call their suffering daughters back. First they spoil her life by marrying her early because they can’t let a ‘good proposal’ slip from hands, and when the decision turns out to be erroneous, they find it difficult to admit. And even if they do so, there’s always a tendency of making unjust settlements. “What the society will say”…is the most fearsome question ahead them!

Wedding a daughter is considered a big responsibility for parents here, but do they know what the bigger one is?

Deep down they know. Then why just prevent to be blind. Trusting their decision, a daughter nods to hold the hand of a stranger. Somebody tell them, not to be in so hurry. Give her some time. Atleast make her strong enough to support herself without depending on anyone. And when she is ready…

help her find a suitable ‘partner’ not an ‘owner’.

Wed Her Well.  

Picture Credits: Google

Morni Hills-The Only Hill Station Of Haryana


If you stay near or around Chandigarh, and have an urge to get a break from the monotony of city life, just raise your gaze, cause there is an incredibly quiet place just up the hills. I am talking about the ‘Morni Hills’.

First thing that comes to mind while thinking about this place is that it might have Pea-pheasants in plenty, and who knows; the region is so blessed with diverse flora; I am sure there’s a hidden faunal treasure too, glimpses of which you get en-route.

The ride uphill was a gradual one. First we moved along the almost dry Ghaghar river beds witnessing the curvaceous carvings on the soft land that makes turn heads once or twice. For a moment, I felt like, it’s a different world altogether. The road is such a relief; you never realise that you are heading the countryside. The vista on the sides of roads is eye-catching. The rifts and valleys try their best to give some awe moments. The slope takes you to the lush green pine covered hillside; the needles swaying with a typical sound in the hilly breeze. We saw many unseen birds and heard many sweet songs of the vivid birds. Its spring season, everything is emerging slowly from the winter sleep.


Morni hills is famous for its two lakes separated by a hillock. Though I was expecting more, what I got was not that bad. The water was little muddy but nothing compared to beauty of nature combined with some human innovation. The Lakes offer scenic view and a place for the love-birds to have some quiet moments. Haryana tourism offers very delicious, hygienic and cheap food choices. According to me, it’s a good option for weekend camping. And if you desire, you can paddle into the lake water at your ease.

The lakeside also has an adventure park however sadly it is not being maintained. But we had great time with a naughty kid along and clicked some memories too.

There’s also a fort at the hilltop which was closed for renovation purpose.

The forest seemed calling us in, to savor its real beauty but due to lack of time and no paraphernalia, we the wanderers headed back home with a promise to come back in the monsoons when I am sure the beauty will be in multiples.


The sparkling lake was happy to have us, I guess. 🙂

Why In The God’s Name???

The clock is ticking on wall,

Why Time refuses to become dear?

The Heart is beating in chest,

Why my Life denies to change gear?

When breathing is audible,

Why no music reaches my numb Ear?

Oh somebody tell me,

When Sun is shining bright in the sky,

Why no warmth is melting my tear?

Open Your Hearts; Spring Is Already Here!

Today, we here in north India celebrated the first day of Spring. 
So whole day was about getting yellowed all over…

Head out and spend some time with Nature and Naturals….

The Nature lover in me didn’t shy to get drunk with the mindblowing fragrance of the mustards along with the bumbling bees, and the eyepleasing scenery all around was enough to forget the life miseries. 

The vibrant fields  danced merrily to the tunes of sweet breeze as if welcoming the new life and we swayed along. what a feeling!

Though it is still very cold in the morning; spring has already knocked on our doors and  we happily welcome it…with a smile.

Let there be light

“Tamso ma jyotirgamaya ”

From the darkness of Ignorance to the light of knowledge….

Blue is beautiful


Wandering cotton balls in a background so blue,

Sun at its brightest, birds with a nonstop coo;

This is the Afterglow of a winter rain,

Making the world prettier, painting it anew.

My World Was Longing for A Rejuvenation :)


I woke up this morning,

To the arrival of my fair lady;

A guest so cherished,

A reason for much celebration.

So white, so light like feather,

Having the purity of an angel;

Inspiring me to charge up,

And see the hidden motivation.

To do my duty silently,

Without any flashes or roars;

No desire to show it off,

Without disturbing any imagination.

To work towards a magical world overnight,

Which clearly needed a renovation.