Where Were You?

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Where were you

when I was hurt and lost?

It was that time 

when you were needed the most.

Lost in an ocean of ambiguity,

I was seeking a hand for my rescue;

 I was alone no one could be seen,

no one was there in far far view.

With you around,

never needed any friend,

 I was so damn satisfied;

Things I anticipated

and the things that  unveiled,  

are not at all justified.

I always hear people saying,

” A friend in need is a friend indeed”;

But when I needed you like anything,

you actually decided to recede.

Where you were Pal,

when I was up all night

shedding tears of unexplainable loss?

Waiting for a familiar shadow

to come and soothe my soul across.

I still wonder where were you

when I was struggling

between my heart and my brain?

Why didn’t you hold my finger

to make a way through that deadly dark rain.

Where were you

when I was totally broken,

when I lost every hope to be fine?

Why didn’t you ensure me,

why didn’t you encourage me

to get up and shine?

Even today I wonder

where were you

when my heart broke

and why you let it be?

Because it was then

that you lost something

very dear to you,

and that something was “ME”

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About Mann

The views expressed here on this blog are Author's personal but obviously inspired from real people.

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  1. You can write Mann and it is really good… Just be yourself and let the pen and paper show the real you 🙂

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