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Time flies” we all know it but how many times do we realize it?

Today, we celebrated third birthday of my daughter. OMG!, she is a big girl now! It seems like yesterday; I was juggling between home, work and hospital. After deleting work from the list, I waited anxiously for the upcoming role on the cards. To be honest, I completely enjoyed the journey of a mother-to-be and God was, beyond kind until the ‘D-day’ when suddenly wind started blowing in opposite direction, determined to blow me along. Despite of the exceptional star-cast, splendid storyline and fine budget, the film didn’t end the way it should have been! A little negligence, some mismanagement and much overconfidence, resulted in a complete disaster.

But ‘Birth’, is miraculously awesome? When I saw my reflection right in front of me, I felt as if I am born …again…

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