Follow or Connect: Which is the Right path?

One of my students was missing classes for a few days. She definitely owed an explanation to me. Turned-out she had gone with her family, to pay obeisance to their spiritual “GURU”. I was kind of taken-aback, “These God-men really have a huge fan-following, even kids are running after them! Why is it that I never have an urge for the same?”

In the past whenever I tried, it wasn’t easy for my rational mind to agree to whatever they say in general and do in particular! Even after being convinced by many influential personnel, I still find it hard to worship a mortal HUMAN as GOD.

670px-Talk-to-God-Step-1My Apologies! but I like it personal (my relationship with GOD) and I believe that if I am doomed to be a “follower” one day that will happen automatically, in-due-course of time. Right now, that’s not ME!

I don’t why, but that time I felt like sharing a story with the class and it goes like…

Once upon a time, there was a woman, exhausted of mundane life’s miseries, challenges and responsibilities. She tried to do everything and there she was… completely lost. One day, before going to bed she mumbled, “Is there anyone who can help me?” “I guess No one”. Subsequently she found herself with a man who was having an ‘aura’ of hundred Suns; she could barely see his face in the beginning. Softly and smilingly, he held her hand and both entered an obsolete chamber. Inside, there were two clocks lying on the table, ticking their life, joyfully.

The man said, “Do you know I come here every day…”

She was completely mesmerized by the charm of this divine man.

“…to wind one of the clocks”, he continued.  It has a life of just one day, after which it starts slowing down, losing time gradually. If I don’t come, it will stop ticking, eventually. Therefore, it’s my job to make sure it continues its joyful life!

On the other hand, (pointing towards t he second clock), it doesn’t need my assistance because it is directly connected to the power source hence keeps going, happily, on and on.

Same is the case with your life. In order to move on merrily, you need to charge yourself well. For that you need an everlasting source of power or energy and what according to you, is the ultimate source of all the power or strength…?

She was speechless.

 “…it’s GOD, my dear.”

282981426_The_Spiritual_Path_xlargeThere are some people who get connected to this eternal ‘Power source’ directly and don’t need any help. They get all power and wisdom from the universe through their delightful connection with the “Almighty” and nothing can stop them.

Then there are others, who don’t know the direct route towards GOD. They need someone else do this job; to show the right path ultimately leading to “HIM”. Such people need a Guide (in any form) who will keep them aware of GOD’s virtues and fully charged to live and maintain a happy life.

“I hope you have got your answers now! My job is done. You get some rest; charge your body and mind; a new day is waiting for you. Wake up and work in the direction to connect yourself to GOD for that is only way to stay energetic, courageous and above all happy”…and he disappeared.

I chose the direct connection. What do you think? Which way is the right way? Open to discussion…

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  1. Hello, personally and in my own opinion there are two ways to connect to God, first by reading the bible and praying directly to him through Christ and the other one is by seeing the beauty in creation and appreciating how God loves us then thanking him again through prayers and perhaps sharing what we have learned to others who needs it without being a man-God but a servant as there is only one God. We can also try to apply what we learn and help others through showing compassion, kindness, love and empathy to those in need. Given that there are those who are able to see or learn and connect on their own, while there are others who need assistance. Still obeisance, obedience and worship should be to God alone and not to any man as man are humans with same frailty and limitation as ours but God’s only limitation is He is not able to lie so I firmly believe that what he promised will soon come true. Not seeing God doesn’t mean He is not true because there are so many proof that He is behind these wonderful creation. May we all see that God’s love us and may we share and show the same love toward others. God bless to you 🙂

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