‘Long Live Love’


It’s Midnight, I am setting the alarm, Reason: I have to get up early at 4 a.m., in the morning. No, no, I am not travelling or anything, neither do I have to take some medicine (Thank GOD). The reason is ‘tomorrow’ itself; It’s ‘Karwachauth’- a day to celebrate love but in an Indian way i.e. by starving and dehydrating yourself all day long.

Sounds strange! Of-course to a ‘non-Indian’, it does! But Indian woman has a long history of sacrificing kind-of-love towards her family especially the spouse. Therefore just like any other Indian Women I am religiously ‘Fasting’ tomorrow just to make sure good ‘GOD’ be kind to my ‘life-partner’ and bless him with a ‘Long, Healthy and Happy’ life. Wait…wait, we are no ‘Neanderthals’, if I am fasting for long life of ‘Mr Coolhead’, so is he!

Now that sounds ‘Modern’, doesn’t it?


4 a.m., The clock just beeped and I am awake to savour the ‘Sargi’ (Eatables) given as ‘blessings’ by my Mother-in-Law. In the blissful company of ‘Mr Coolhead’, I performed the rituals and curled back in the cozy blanket again (Its getting cold day by day).


8 a.m., The hustle and bustle on the street outside is escalating; I am trying to bury my head in the pillow. There’s no need to wake up and rush; it’s a holiday, Yuppie!

10 a.m., I am preparing to put some ‘henna’ on my hands; do the exclusive Indian type of make-up; wear every symbol, the bangles, bindi, kumkum, Mangalsutra, and anklets etc, which are going to shout aloud, “Hey!” If you didn’t notice earlier, “I am not single!”


3.00 p.m., I am arranging stuff for the ‘holy’ worship; the flowers, the sacred grass, kumkum, fruits, gifts for ‘Mr Coolhead’ and ‘the Mother’. After kindling the lamp, I am going to narrate a divine tale about the significance of this whole Fast thing.

6.00 p.m., I have made arrangements for the dinner and now getting ready to impress the ‘star of the night’ oh! Sorry, I mean the Moon! I am wearing this turquoise blue coloured ‘sari’ and time is being passed by posing for some photographs.

8.20 p.m. The wait is going to be over! Let’s have a rendezvous with the moon. Where’s that ‘pious water’ which’s going to quench my all-day-long thirst? Let me take that!

8.45 p.m., Moon is already late than the speculated time and we are still roaming on the terrace eyeing the East for a possible appearance but there’s nothing. The roof of every house is buzzing with chatter and laughter. It’s a foggy night and finally the Moon somehow managed to show up as faded orange (half eaten!). Hurriedly, ‘Diya’, the sacred lamp is lighted. I put it in front of a ‘sieve’ and tried to locate the ‘Cool Moon’ followed by ‘Mr Coolhead’ through it; offered all the holy things which were piled up on my plate; closed my eyes to request for countless healthy years for ‘both of us’ :). I touched the feet of elders and got zillion blessings.


We two shared the holy water to announce our non-sacrificing, unconditional love and with this we triumphantly concluded our ‘fast’ for love and hopefully added many more happy years to our partnership 🙂.

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About Mann

In A World That Pretends To Be Over-Complex, Here Is A Woman Trying To Remain SIMPLE and ORIGINAL while Sharing Her THOUGHTS, and Expressing Her EMOTIONS. :)

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  1. I love this tradition. I wish I had found out about this bliss before my divorce. By the way, is there a holiday for the celebration of divorce from a rotten marriage?

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  2. Wow . I love this occasion for the only reason that the ladies find some time for themselves at least . Moon finds it difficult to match the millions of beautiful faces on the earth and shies away to make its appearance late in the night.

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