A Few Glimpses from ‘Geeta Jayanti’ Celebrations

As I promised in my earlier post Happy Anniversary Geeta, here, I am sharing a few pictures of the auspicious Birth Anniversary Celebrations of The Geeta in Kurukshetra at very picturesque BrahamSarovar. Hope you like. 🙂


Dazzling BrahamSarovar


King size sweet (Jalebi)


Beauty in reflection


Kashmiri Kahwa


Kahwa being poured from traditional pot


Deep daan



Floating Warm moment


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  1. Your welcome….
    Can i ask one question?

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  2. Great glimpses of the function. Feel like at home in India.

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  3. These are warm wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Being from Ambala, I am feeling nostalgic 😊

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  5. didn’t have Idea “Geeta” or Gita was taken from Sankirt. i’m familiar with Arjuna’s story as well. but I think in Indonesia it is more to Javaneese history rater than Hindu. Nice pics!

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  6. Hey nice post.
    And great pictures.
    Have visited BrahmSarovar in day time. But its much prettier during night, as evident. 🙂

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