A Guilty Animal Physiologist

White Mouse

So, you are a PhD!


and you have high aspirations and dreams of changing the world!

Good news: The world is waiting for you.

Bad news: only to make amendments in all those dreams. 😉

You witness people making fun of a prestigious degree; they take it for just another degree. Nobody cares for those five years spent inside the four walls, searching for literature, standardizing methods, performing countless experiments, numerous observations, doing cumbersome calculations and making catchy presentations.

Nobody tries to understand how you were utterly lost in a virtual world, without a clue what you were trying to do? Only thing you knew was that whatever you were doing was first of its kind! (Well, that’s what they call RESEARCH, I guess. I wonder why call it, ‘re-search’ when everyone claims ‘it is being done for the first time’?)

There were times when you didn’t have company of humans for days. You would keep talking to the instruments lying in the lab or occasionally the experimental animals as if asking their last wish before sending them to sleep, for good.

And not to forget about awkward questions people used to ask!

“How could you kill such beautiful and adorable looking white mice? You are no short of a murderer!”

This actually pierced right through your heart because you knew somewhere they were right. One needs great deal of courage even to think of killing those lovelies. But Murderer!

Only you know how your hands would tremble while reaching for the leathery ear of these albinos, to hold them! How you would close your eyes and hold your breath while performing cervical dislocation. Every time you would remember GOD and exhale out of helplessness.

Was there any other option? Knowing the answer, you pacified yourself thinking, “its part of my job,” and since you have specialized in Animal Physiology, you couldn’t help but kill poor animals and look inside to prove the proposed hypothesis.”

Your innocence says it all.  Even after having the license to kill from the Animal Ethics Committee, you never used the word ‘kill’ instead you ‘sacrificed’ them.

It would be interesting to see that how many of these so called concerned people ever refer to the owners of ‘liquor shops’ and ‘weapon bearers’ as murderers who are actually licensed to ‘kill’  their own kind!

“Do you bring them back to life?” others ask.

No, you didn’t! In-fact you couldn’t! Since you used their internal organs for various studies, it was not possible for you to do that!

“How do you possibly eat, after performing such brutality with your hands?”

Well. You know you ate; you had to and sometime in the same lab. It didn’t matter. You got used to that soon!

Oh God, it’s a sin!”

Seriously! If it would have been a sin, human life would not have been pain-free today.

Don’t know how many times you reminded yourself of the message of ‘GEETA’ that it was your duty and Great God chose you for this. You were merely a medium for freeing them from animal life and you did that because ‘He’ knew, you could!

It’s high time to free yourself from a GUILT.

(This post is dedicated to those little creatures who lost their lives for the attainment of my Doctorate Degree. Their sacrifice is wholeheartedly acknowledged).


About Mann

In A World That Pretends To Be Over-Complex, Here Is A Woman Trying To Remain SIMPLE and ORIGINAL while Sharing Her THOUGHTS, and Expressing Her EMOTIONS. :)

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  1. You’ve put forward a very interesting perspective of looking at lab tests performed as a part of the curriculum. Could the same be extended to clinical trials?
    But there cannot be any conclusion to this debate.

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  2. Lo!! Going back to your prime period of research work. That period certainly reminds you of your commitment , preservence and zeal to do something new. Yes it hurts but we cut trees and destroy nature despite knowing that there is life in everything created by God. Just relax and welcome the new year with bigger smile n a huggy to Mr— keep smiling dear

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  3. Lovely post, Mann. Yes…..a different perspective. Hugs!

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  4. Enjoyed reading this – a different perspective for sure.. Thanks for sharing 😊

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  5. Hello Mann… so you have a PHD, huh? Well, that is quite an accomplishment. Your subject is a difficult one to engage and read about, especially for me as one who chose long ago to become vegetarian for the sole reason that I no longer wanted to be associated with the killing of animals for my benefit, especially re: food, since it is so much healthier, easier, cleaner and less energy intensive to not eat meat. As to computer simulations to replace the killing of lab animals, may I suggest the same simulations be used for war to replace all the killing that happens in those? The lab killings are sad, but in comparison to what man does to man, and the planet for war and profit… that’s like comparing a gnat to a galaxy.

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    • Hey Sha’tara! (I hope its your name). Great you are a vegetarian! Science says there are numerous food chains on earth and they start with producers which are green plants and they have the maximum energy available to the consumer. and at the higher levels of the food chain you have to consume larger amount of food in order to get the same amount of energy. So its wise to be veg.
      I loved the idea of computer simulation to deal with the prevailing hatred resulting in killings.
      Just imagine two countries, organising a computer based event and doing virtual killing to satisfy their blood hunger-that would be fantastic.


  6. I guess I should have written, “are” a PhD, not “have.” Difference from grades where we say, “I have grade twelve” not “I am grade twelve”!

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  7. Ingenious post, Mann! There comes a time when we questions some of our decisions in life. What a kindly heart you have!

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  8. Congratulations on bagging your doctorate!

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