Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur

Jan 2016 095

First thing that one notices after arriving at Jodhpur is ‘Mehrangarh Fort’. It is situated on a hill top encircled by the city. Without any doubt, the majestic fort is well maintained and tells myriad tales of its glorious past.

There’s an entry ticket of 50 Rs per person and 100 Rs are charged for carrying the camera inside. To know the complete history, you can hire a personal guide or choose an audio tour by paying 170 Rs, I opted the latter. Various points of significance have been marked; all you have to do is give your feet a pause and press a button.

Jan 2016 045

As you continue climbing uphill, the beauty of the blue city starts unfolding. After many twists and turns you reach an almost impenetrable iron gate having pointed arrowheads towards outer side (of course for the intruding enemies in the past).

On the inner side, there’s cluster of hand impressions on the wall. It saddens you after knowing that these are the hand impressions of widows of the king who used to sacrifice their life by burning alive with their husband’s body (SATI PRATHA). For a moment you are forced to wonder at this inhumane act of humans. How could they let a person burn alive in front of them just for the sake of some stupid custom? Thanks to many empathic people who worked against this custom and let women live without the tag of a husband!

Jan 2016 043

The museum inside exhibits various aspects of past royalty; umpteen palanquins, cradles, dresses, weapons, paintings, coins and many more articles successfully catch your attention.

This fort seems to be a favourite among film makers and many movies has been shot here. In-fact, while I am typing this article, Mr CoolHead is watching the movie ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ to which I accidentally looked up and shouted, voilà! It is Jodhpur city.

Towards the exit from the museum part, there’s ‘JananKhana’-the ladies area. The Royal ladies would assemble here for chit-chat and no males were allowed here except for the traders of feminine articles.

Jan 2016 056

The audio tour also ends here and you can take exit after visiting the shopping centre where the prices are also kept in level with the royalty of the place. But still you can buy a few gifts, at-least something out of the many displayed varieties of Teas and Spices.

Well one thing is sure; Jodhpur is a hit across the border because the foreigners absolutely outnumbered the denizens.

Jan 2016 081

The wall facing the main city is adorned with big canons. You can also see the other tourist attractions of the city from here. The helicopters keep roaming over the city giving tourist, a paid tour. The city looks so jam-packed; No street is visible from up there.

Because it takes you hours to see the full fort, if feeling hungry, there’s no need to worry. There are two cafe on the entry point and one towards the bottom of the hill. Daily buffet is served here. It costs you around 1000 Rs. per plate. There are other options too if you wish.

Jan 2016 053

And if you are somewhat adventurous by nature, at the very same point there’s a provision of Zip line ride to give yourself an adrenaline gush.

It’s worth a try. 😉


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  1. So the ticket is cheaper than camera carrying! Nice. But the fort is beautiful and it’s worth every penny.

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  2. It is a beautiful fort.. reminds me when I visited a few years ago. .

    Beautiful pictures ..Thanks for sharing. ..

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  3. The Royal ladies — what a wonderful venue they have to chit chat in! Beautiful adventure, Mann.

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