Jaswant Thada

When you come out of the Mehrangarh fort, look on your right side, there’s a white building, located just 15 minutes far if you prefer walking. This is Jaswant Thada. Beautifully sculpted, it is located on the bank of a serene lake, ‘Dev Kund’ which is famous for variety of unique and migratory birds but for witnessing them, you have to join a guided tour at specified time. (As far as I am concerned I only saw ducks and pigeons there ;)).

Jan 2016 104

Jan 2016 110

Jan 2016 119

Jan 2016 116


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  1. You’re right, Mann, it is beautifully sculpted. And the scenery, in your first photo, is magnificent. ❤

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  2. looks like Pinjore Grden?? Majestic indeed

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