It was a Final Goodbye

On Sunday, all happy souls on Earth were celebrating the presence of GOD’s Greatest gift in their life; their mothers. And there was I, fighting immense numbness spread to the innermost point of my nerves. Two days back, my family lost its Mother, my ‘Granny’─ my ‘Amma’. She passed away silently leaving everyone in a state of disbelief. After a long period of seeing her like this (ailing), it’s difficult to swallow, her, just not being there.

Has she really gone? I am still not able to make peace with it. To assure myself, I thought of going to her room, in a hope to still see her sitting in her bent posture. I hoped as soon I would open the door, she would raise her head and I would hug her. But I was afraid. Afraid… to see a vacant room. So, I stayed far and chose to go blind on the truth.

This day was sure to come, sooner or later but the way I responded, was bizarre. I consider myself very emotional kind of person but on hearing about her demise, I could hardly cry…I wanted to but tears won’t come out of my eyes. This is scary. Why am I not able to cry aloud? Have I gone through some nervous damage or have I become a robot with no emotions left. I am totally numb, as if nothing of this sort has happened! But truth is, Granny is Gone and I am never going to see her again.

My parents say that soul is immortal and only her body has died. They believe that Amma is still around; she is watching us all through, at least for ten days after leaving the body, her soul will keep wandering around her family and belongings till all the rituals are done to make her after-life journey as comfortable as possible. Then all her past ties will break and she will be free to leave us, for good.

I don’t know, how true is that but while leaving home, I felt a strange emptiness inside as if I have forgotten something. Making a decision to face the reality, I removed my shoes and headed to her room. Gently pushing the door, I searched the entire room. A lamp is lit in the room in her memory and is well guarded and taken care of by her grandsons; my brothers. They never let it go off. Believing she is still there and there won’t be any next time, I said, “Amma! (If you are really somewhere, in here) I could not meet you in the end. I guess it’s time to say Goodbye now. Be at peace. I pray to GOD for showering his love on you and give you a perfect place in his abode. Have a peaceful Journey.

Fare well…Amma…Fare well.



About Mann

In A World That Pretends To Be Over-Complex, Here Is A Woman Trying To Remain SIMPLE and ORIGINAL while Sharing Her THOUGHTS, and Expressing Her EMOTIONS. :)

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  1. May your Amma’s soul rest in peace. Accept my condolence.


  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Mann 😦
    May Amma Rest In Peace!

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  3. I can feel your sense of loss and empathize; obviously you were closely connected with your grandmother and that makes the parting difficult. But this too shall pass; life goes on, for her, for you, now in different places. No one ever actually dies, Mann. They go on their own journey after having done whatever they had to, or chose to, do here. And it will be your turn soon enough and even if you don’t say it, or admit it, inside you too will look forward to that new journey. We all do because if we did not, what’s the point of any of “this”?


  4. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss Mann. Be kind to yourself during this difficult time and allow yourself to grieve however it comes naturally. My prayers and thoughts are with you. ♥♡


  5. BIG HUGS Mann…….May Amma’s soul rest in peace….She will have left indelible memories etched in your lives…your hearts and minds…. ❤

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  6. so sorry for your loss… yet it is the truth we all face at some point in our lives… i hope your family gets the courage to face the hard times..

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  7. I am so sorry mann 😦 I didn’t knew about your loss 😦 May her soul rest in peace 🙂 tc dear 🙂

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    • Thanks dear. You are so kind. Loss of our dear ones leaves a void impossible to be filled by anything but we humans devise ways to move on. That’s what I am doing and For me AlpenGlow is a portal into a comfortable world where I can communicate with many lovely people with beautiful hearts.

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