Lost and Found


In this journey called life, you meet countless people but not many stay, forever. Exactly when, you start to have the best time together, something weird happens drifting them apart, for no significant reason, as if this was it! Even distant, you still try to stay in-touch or at-least informed of their well-being but inside you know the magic is fading, bit-by-bit.

You miss them tremendously in the beginning, for, there is a massive vacuum, sucking your soul all the time. You wish, you pray for things to be undone but truth is life has moved on and…there is one more truth… humans are humans…so it’s not surprising that you also find reasons to move on.

Have you ever stopped and thought, even once that have you really moved on?

We think that we have moved on but truth is bizarre. We mostly end up finding similar kind of people, we left or lost. In a crowd of myriad faces, we unknowingly/unintentionally bump into the same material in a different package. So in a way, we are always there, where it all started.

May be that’s Nature’s way of making up to the loss…


About Mann

In A World That Pretends To Be Over-Complex, Here Is A Woman Trying To Remain SIMPLE and ORIGINAL while Sharing Her THOUGHTS, and Expressing Her EMOTIONS. :)

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  1. Despite all the talk about “adventure” and “travel” to experience new things, the truth is people are community-minded, coming together according to ethnicity, race, economic level, and religious beliefs. So it is natural for like-minded people to discover each other. Hence, you quote: “We mostly end up finding similar kind of people, we left or lost.” To at least partially break free of this pressure one can practice detachment and compassion, a process which breaks the ties that bind and allows one’s life to expand in unfamiliar ways and become greatly enriched by it. As long as we see ourselves only as part of a similar grouping we remain trapped by it. I experienced this first hand as a child when my parents immigrated from France to Canada. They were never able to stop finding French rooted “community” and this caused much friction. The same is true of Chinese and Indian people migrated to this Lower Mainland. They do not blend in with the existing culture but create their own communities. Of course a great part of the problem is the existing culture will not let them in to easily assimilate, so they have no choice but to form their own communities within the greater community. Being very strong people, the Chinese and Indian population is quickly “taking over” the old – very much enriching it despite all the complaints. The long-term problem is that these new communities will gain political and religious ascendency and re-start the very problems that drove them to emigrate in the first place. The wheel, it keeps on turning.

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  2. Hmm. I keep on hopping from one kind to another. And, in era of facebook/whatsapp, friends and girlfriends lost long back or married do ping or share some stupid joke. Think ‘moving on’ doesn’t exist but ‘avoiding on’ or ‘diluting on’ does 🙂

    But, on a serious note….well, will think and write next time.

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  3. Agreed. With facebook and all, it’s not easy for anyone to Move on or let others.
    However there’s an option called BLOCK 😉
    but who wants to use it …No one. They want to stay informed of things happening over there (whether indirectly).
    People are stuck; its not easy to let go…


  4. You somehow wish to find what you are looking for….somaybe your senses are more sensitive to find what you are looking for…

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