An Unusual Date With Nature

Last month, I put my feet on this marvellous land mentioned in ancient scriptures for its unknownness, and in current books for its difficult life conditions. I entered the gateway to the cold desert of India and celebrated some of its amazing and unique  hues. Lately, it was a dream and now fulfilled, though partially. I still yearn to explore the valleys on foot, may be some day!


Our first halt was ‘Reckong Peo’- the town, surprisingly with every amenity necessary for a comfortable life. Earlier, I had the opinion of its being backward and tough (the result of its such portrayal by criers). The location is wonderful and sunny, and the climate, all pleasant. It is also known as ‘Land of Gods’. The visuals here, certainly make it ONE!






‘Kalpa’ is another beautiful hamlet near ‘Reckong Peo’.

The ambience is miraculous. The canopy of glistening pine and apple trees catch your gaze, the crawling  ice-cold water streams freshen your senses, and the picturesque snow laden Himalayas in front, leave you spellbound.  The walk through the village sends you back in time, far from the hustle and bustle of modern era.





IMG_20160625_14131  DSC_3690

Once there, the desire to come back to the animated life, vanishes…

(until of course you realise that the clock it ticking and you are running out of ‘leaves’ 😉 ).

(It is summer. For more mind-blowing winter pictures, go google it. The above photos are taken by ME except for the ones with date. Their credit goes to a  friend, Umesh Chandel, MD.)


About Mann

In A World That Pretends To Be Over-Complex, Here Is A Woman Trying To Remain SIMPLE and ORIGINAL while Sharing Her THOUGHTS, and Expressing Her EMOTIONS. :)

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  1. Seems to be a beautiful place. . Lovely pics…

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  2. Wow this seems to be a really beautiful place Mann! By the way I loved the title!😍 I hope you’re doing well,Mann! ☺ sorry I can’t keep up with you on WP.

    Happy Sunday!
    Keep Smiling! 🙂

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    • Absolutely.
      Thank you for liking the title :).
      Yes I am doing great Akiraa. I hope the same for you.
      No need to be sorry (however such messages gives a good feeling of bonding 😉 )
      Even I am spending less time on WP cause there are things which need me more. But whenever I manage to steal some time…I am here with like-minded people.
      Have a great week. 🙂


  3. You r lucky. God bless u & give u more beautiful journey in your life.

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  4. This is just beautiful dear !!!! Every word you used to describe, just makes me imagine your experience. The photos make me feel like flying to that place right away.

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