Offline Is Cumbersome. Does Online Look Handsome?

World is fast changing, and so are our ways of shopping! Who has the time and spirit to move from shop to shop in search of something different?

Even if someone does, who likes the first question that the salesman puts straight on your face, “Ma’am, What do you want?”

I mean come on! Sometimes we just don’t know what we actually want; we are just hunting! 😉

Suppose, this is one of those days when you know what you are after. There you are, scanning the entire paraphernalia with a tight pout and shrivelled eyebrows, immediately, the next question follows, “what ‘exactly’ are you looking for?”

You feel like thrashing his head, especially when you have no idea. You have to bear the trail of exhibitions and a pressure to pick ‘something’ as you feel guilty of removing everything down the shelves!  And don’t forget his useless display of courtesy by lowering price (which is already exaggerated) with a tag line, ‘Don’t tell anyone! This discount…is only for you’!

Due to the limited options, you are left with no option but to pick the pack and come out of the shop only to notice a more fascinating dress on the dummy next door. You are forced to recheck your bag, and then cheer up your heart that yours is better or… if you are feeling a little (actually lot) extravagant, you may dare to enter another alluring trap and come out…loaded, and possibly satisfied.

Well, I am a huge disgrace, when it comes to the ‘real’ shopping (only for myself!). And to avoid the embarrassment, I mostly prefer online shopping :). But here also, I am on-tenterhooks; I just can’t order anything and everything. So, I find myself hopping from site to site and page to page… cause the next one always seems better. 😉

What a waste of precious time!  But this is how I am! And the fact is, I am really satisfied with my performance…until…I had an absurd experience. I was to attend an important marriage in the family. Just to avoid the heat outside, I opted shopping from the comfort of my air conditioned house, lying leisurely on my bed. I had hard time selecting the dress but once it was done, I started counting the days. Normally the delivery occurs the second or third day; not this time. (The heavens were conspiring against me ;)). I waited… and waited, then emailed, again… and again but all in vain. Only the auto-generated email would show up every time.

Can you imagine, it was 9th June when I first placed my order, and it is 18th July today, that I last got the same message, over again. Disgusting! The marriage is over and it was the odious age-old method of shopping which rescued me. Rightly said, ‘Old is Gold’. I am shocked at such behaviour of these ‘Voonik’ people. I swear, I am not going to buy anything from them, ever!

But no shopping online…I can’t promise ;).

(PS: I guess they had a bad dream 😉  May be that’s why they finally woke up from a dead sleep, and immediately thought of refunding the money with an apology.) 🙂

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About Mann

In A World That Pretends To Be Over-Complex, Here Is A Woman Trying To Remain SIMPLE and ORIGINAL while Sharing Her THOUGHTS, and Expressing Her EMOTIONS. :)

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  1. Ooooops but good they woke up and at least refunded. I think there has ti be some sort of compensation law too.. because as you said it’s almost a month of waiting.. ..

    Well all the best with the shopping and hope the wedding is fun.. enjoy.. or has it already happened

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    • Exactly Bikram. They really tried my patience!
      Anyways…:) The marriage went well with lots of nice memories to be treasured for life.
      Thanks for the visit 🙂


  2. I’m not into online shopping but I must admit it helps me in many ways! I even do my groceries online! (except for fresh food of course!)sorry for what happened to you. Did the shop do something as an apologize?

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    • I have been into it for a long and this happened for first the time.
      Nothing special just a sorry mail and the money. Should I be expecting some flowers???
      Haha…Joking. Thanks for reading .


  3. You are so funny – love that humor – and regular shopping is exhausting too – it can be – with the walking and all – whew
    Anyhow – as much as I like online – I am not sure I would buy an important ever dress – just because the feel of dress matters with the look. Well glad you were able to get a refund – have a good day!

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  4. Amazing written !!! I definitely go to shop with an agenda but always end up picking up something I hadn’t thought of. Hahahahah.

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