Is it true?

I have been off wordpress for the last one month! Simply unbelievable. I mean who does that?

And if someone’s already doing it, that too without even realising… What does it mean?

Does it mean I am no longer a  writer,  a blogger?

If no, why such a huge gap?

And tell you what… I am not feeling like it even now!

True… writing gives me a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of happiness but its not just ‘writing’ that satiates me… I do love living life ‘in real’. Sometimes all I want is, Be in-the- moment…live, and just don’t do anything about that… no story telling.

I don’t know how many of you will agree but staying glued to screen 24/7 actually steals the fun from ‘life’. You are so busy  reading and posting the latest happenings on internet… while the life keeps happening around, and you are like… how did I miss that?

I know staying off the screen doesn’t guarantee a life lived fully… But this is just my calculation!

I never came here for numbers, so an hourly or daily posting doesn’t seem necessary. Or does it? What I am here for is to know some new people genuinely (however few)…and to learn about their life journey, sharing mine along the line. My posts may be infrequent but whenever I write they comes direct from heart.

I am so grateful for all the people I have met here and befriended. Everyone is rocking  the blogosphere with their mind-blowing creativity and knowledge (Hey I am watching you… 😉 ).

So Cheers to blogging-hood.

A bientot People…Have loads of fun.

This is your friend…Mann!

(Spell it like Sun) 🙂


About Mann

In A World That Pretends To Be Over-Complex, Here Is A Woman Trying To Remain SIMPLE and ORIGINAL while Sharing Her THOUGHTS, and Expressing Her EMOTIONS. :)

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  1. nice post. I’m glad to see you when you do show up and I agree you post based upon your schedule and not others.

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  2. You are always a blogger, sometimes a sabbatical is required. Keep on blogging though.

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  3. 🙂 I think thats how it shud be. blog when you have time to or when you want to .. Not for the numbers or for the sake of it..

    welcome back 🙂

    reminds me I have not posted for a lot of days now

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  4. Hugs! Good to keep in touch. I, too, have not been around for a couple of weeks. Not as regular as i used to be…so many other commitments…Let’s keep in touch! Hugs!


  5. hey.. how are you doing mann, spelling like sun..

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  6. You’re right, Mann. We have to live the life beyond the screen. I love blogging, but if I don’t get out I have no story to tell. And if I have no story to tell, why bother to blog? Only to live others life? From their stories?!
    No, we have to balance that.
    BTW, you just got back, I’ll leave for 2 or 3 weeks :)) To live my life beyond the screen.
    Have an awesome weekend, Mann!
    Monica ❤

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    • Hey Mo! Thanks for such a lovely comment…I was expecting other way around 😋. yes I have come but wont be too frequent in posting though I am trying to keep up the reading and commenting. let’s see how it goes..I am glad I found you…
      While away, you will be missed but that should stop you from experiencing the real life.. go and have blast.. Love.

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  7. Good for you Mann. I don’t believe in schedules or set blogging days. I simply blog from the heart or when I want to share something. But we’re always bloggers, whether we do it once a week or once a month. Life’s too short to get too caught up only in the screen, it has to be about balance. Take care. And keep smiling xo 😊

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  8. feel the same. Don’t do blogging that much only when I have loads In my head..

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