Lesson of Life:3



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  1. Interesting image: are these what I think they are? Hmmm… The sure way to be able to give without losing your freedom, or power, is by becoming a self empowered person. But, what is “self empowerment” and how does it work? I bet that’s a very real question for a lot of people. Earth people are usually NOT self empowered. And if someone takes your freedom, or you give it away, until that person dies, or that system is destroyed, you never get it back.

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    • I hope you guessed it right! I clicked it during a trip to Rajasthan In India.
      This is a picture where the kings have been made slaves by none other than the creation having superior mental abilities.
      I just don’t understand one thing when someone gets power why his/her first target is to subdue others?
      may be that’s one way to FEEL powerful. But you can’t disagree this difference and struggle between strong and weak is what decides who stays free and who obeys! it has been there since time immemorial ans is there to stay, and so is the movement of freedom!


  2. I think if was Isaac Asimov who said, “all things tend to entropy” and the “superior” mind always seeks to subdue that which is less powerful. From the human being, power flows in two opposite directions: compassion, which is total selflessness and freeing, and selfishness, which is hunger to control, to have, to subdue, enslave, suppress and destroy. That is known as ponerology. It is easier to take power from others than to make your own and psychopaths are masters at this game. The problem with it is, it creates entropy, or death of a system. Earth’s entire civilization is entropic, and dying. The process can never be reversed. If people were wise, they would sense this and they would collectively agree to destroy every vestige of their current civilization and create a new, totally different one, not based on predation or selfishness, but founded upon compassion. Earthians, however, are not wise. History demonstrates that they’d rather kill each other and die than change their “traditional” ways.

    So to your question, “I just don’t understand one thing when someone gets power why his/her first target is to subdue others?” is answered. The power that was “gotten” was stolen from others. It’s a cause and effect. An edge of power was used as leverage to begin subjugation in order to “mine” power from others. As power is centralized in fewer and fewer hands, the more subjugation is required to feed it. The larger the collective group, the more power accrues to those at the top and the more poor and oppressed there are at the bottom of the pyramid of power. This is true of religion, government and money.

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