Mean Girls

Once upon a time…actually, always in time, there exists a species in world called ‘Student’ who wants to enjoy life like a wild party but at the same time fears exams like hell…

…So, in a far far land, there was a college where students were preparing for their assessment exams. Obviously the syllabus was way too vast (it always is 😉 ) to be covered in a very short period of time. So everyone was having high hopes from the mighty ‘neighbours’! The contact numbers were exchanged. The boys were getting chance to acquaint girls, beyond their reach otherwise. Examination is such a bonding carnival. 🙂


Since it’s a distance course, no one knew each other too well. There were three girls, D, K, and R (it’s dangerous to reveal identity 🤐) who happened to have good interaction with each other by-the-way. I mean they exchanged pleasantries very often. And because people here were into other businesses too, missing lectures was a usual thing and not-so-unusual news was they were going to face multiple exams in two days.😨

To ask about the syllabus covered, K tried D’s number, it was not-reachable. She tried after some time, again many times, but to no avail. So she sent her a text on whatsapp…which was never read. (Hmmm…Someone was behaving over smart here 🤔).

Never mind, K had number of some genuine people who rescued her. And finally the D day came. Yeah, it was D’s day actually. D was very studious and no wonder, in-demand, at least that day. Everyone wanted to be in her company which she guessed beforehand, and successfully avoided eye contact with anyone. (Why would she share her knowledge with anyone? What if someone scored above her?) Understandable! 😜

But cruel world spares no one; poor duckling was booked by some clever boys.😝

Now K by chance sat next to R who was not prepared for that day’s tests. She showed all good colors to K who also reciprocated, and the tests went well for both.👌

What is interesting here is R’s view of D, “I already have her number but I never called. I sense something fishy about her. She is weird…”

K was stunned cause this was what D had been telling her about R from the first day. (huff…Such is woman😱). Anyways!

Now befriending K, R planned to study the course in-parts because the next day, there would be three tests and altruistically, she took major part on herself.😄

“Don’t worry about two papers. You focus on one only. I am here.”

Taking into consideration that day’s cooperation, K got stress-free, but no no…she was not that immature for such plots. She prepared whatever she could and to no surprise when the next day she entered the examination room, R was already sitting with some other person. Ha!

K only smiled on her turnaround. But she was happy that she didn’t believe R blindly. With an intention of mischief, she said,

“Hey R, where’s my seat?” We are supposed to sit together No?”

“Oh I don’t know. This girl was pleading too much. I let her. I hope you understand”, R replies.

“You can shift to this place also and she can join us if she wants!” K teases R.

Don’t worry I’ll tell you the answers from here also”, R assures K.

“Oh yeah. That I know!” Saying this, K turns to front and… focuses on her paper…

Moral of the Story: Tests end and but lessons… Never! 🙂


About Mann

In A World That Pretends To Be Over-Complex, Here Is A Woman Trying To Remain SIMPLE and ORIGINAL while Sharing Her THOUGHTS, and Expressing Her EMOTIONS. :)

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  1. Ha ha.. Lessons never end.. So are they still in your vicinity 😉

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