Listen To A Bumble Song 🐝🐝

I know…
You possessed the skills of a worker bee, altruistically, working incessantly for the well being of the giant family, especially, the queen and a few privileged drones; dutifully and repeatedly going on trips to many uncertain projects…in the search of vibrant vistas…just to collect those tiny drops of priceless nectar…to fulfill the very purpose of your existence.

Inspite of being followed by an army of devotees to whom you have taught the culture and tradition of the Colony; including the language as well as the signature ‘waggle’ dance…your life undoubtedly, was tough, and filled with uncertainities…

Remember, how many times you wished for a miracle to make life somewhat bearable…and then… one day… you were  actually picked from the disorder, to be placed in a bountiful garden of Eden’s where destiny’s favourite bees (unlike you) are busy in their own ways…humming songs of diverse emotions. The music sounded familiar to ears but the lyrics seemed ‘French’ to you. The dance being the best language of expression, you tried to match the steps…oh dear…you need time… to learn the atypical moves.

So now, what option you are left with except to sit back and watch…watch untill you decipher the code all by yourself or you can aksi choose to wait for some Kind Soul to translate it for you…

And untill this happens…stop buzzing around…You Bumbled Bee!!!!!🐝

Just focus…and…keep your eyes and ears wide open…your time will definitely come.🏵🌹🌺🌻


About Mann

The views expressed here on this blog are Author's personal but obviously inspired from real people.

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