Goodbyes Are Sometimes Reminder Of Our Basic Instinct To Love

Am hearing an audio recording…
Well…It’s not just a recording but a beautiful gift of extreme emotions and admiration wrapped with strong threads of friendship and humanity… and clearly, I have tears in my eyes…and I am thinking of returning some love….

Farewell is a wish of happiness or welfare at parting especially permanent one. At work, it mostly means a formal bye to a person who was there with you for a significant amount of time; there’s a mandatory gathering of people willingly or forcibly 😉😉, and then there’s eating and drinking together for…one last time.🍝☕
That’s how most farewells go. Isn’t it?

Recently I too had an opportunity to receive farewell wishes at my workplace where I worked for more than five years. Internally always wishing to be at a better place, it won’t be wrong if I say I was kind of settled in there. Most of things were pleasant (with a few exceptions ofcourse).

 I had the most amazing bunch of colleagues as friends, and found a family away from home. We don’t realize the worth of many things unless it’s time to part from them. Same is true here, I always wished to go but never thought going would be so hard.But when it’s time…it is time, and it was my time to leave. 🙏

Even when we are not there where we want to be, do we stop living? No we don’t! and while we live, we make memories…good or bad! These memories keep people close or drift them apart. The ones who come close once, always stay close…distance doesn’t matter.
I found some really good people in an unknown land, they made my life comfortable with their caring nature and loving behavior. I totally felt at home. The work became fun and College a fun hub! I loved to be there; it was never a burden. Even those 40+ degrees in summer were bearable because of the jolly company that I had in the College and also during our way back home…yeah, in the bus!

I can’t thank enough you people for the best of time there and the bestest farewell ever.To some extent, I knew you admired me but never thought you loved me so much. I am amazed on hearing so much good about myself. Like I always say, appreciating others is not an easy thing to do. So it’s really touching to see that people actually bothered to notice what I did, and it really feels special on hearing those golden admiring words. I am overwhelmed and will always remain so.
 Neelam, I called you my sister, I’ll try my best to be one. You know my nature! Me jo bolti hu…wo definitely karti hu! I always felt comfortable discussing anything and everything with you. We had the craziest time…whether it’s discussing the TV serials, movies, Gods, rituals, gossiping about the hot happenings, partying in the ‘khatara’ bus, or dancing at the weirdest place, you were there. Well, you have been integral part of this fun filled journey. Trust me, You are a  wonderful person. 

Before this also I had good buddies like Meenakshi and Preeti. They are to be thanked for a lovely time.
I am so deeply touched by the kind words of RC Sharma, Ravish, Saroj, Sangeeta, Ramneet, Pooja, Baljeet and even Meera ji. You guys are the gentlest souls. I pray to God to bless you abundantly. 

I can’t thank enough my other partners in crime, my busmates…especially beautiful Poonam, Harjeet, Mamta, Sheenoo, Prerna…and everyone for being the best companions in the adventure numbered 22. Haha…

Sandi, you are unforgettable buddy! I wish much progress in your life.

 Finally, My Boss, who was my guiding star, whom I’ll always look up to, and whom I’ll always be indebted for the immense faith that she had in me! She cared softly like a mother and dared strongly like a good leader.Society needs more of such women.

 And my words fail to express the gratitude to the entire IJDCian family including my adorable students who made me think, “I can make a change if I really want to.” Their love is so pure and unconditional, and I am going to treasure it for my life. 

And then there’s one person who never thinks twice about any word of mine, trusts me, and always fills the vacuum created by me…that’s you Sandeep Kaur! Thanks dear for accompanying me in every tiny step of mine.
I tried to thank you all in my parting speech also but I don’t know for how long once heard words stay in our brain, So here I am making our emotions for each other immortal on AfterGlow.

And if someone’s thinking I didn’t mention his/her name or pic…kindly know that I am a poor human with short memory and limited photographs…😉😉😉

Long live Humanity
Long live Friendship.🍻🍻🍻




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In A World That Pretends To Be Over-Complex, Here Is A Woman Trying To Remain SIMPLE and ORIGINAL while Sharing Her THOUGHTS, and Expressing Her EMOTIONS. :)

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