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From Zoom to Zumba

You know how do I boost myself to do things hanging in the mid for a long time due to utter laziness or procrastination…I admire my own efforts in the very direction!!!😶😶

Once I do that… I immediately realize that what I am doing now is not enough…I need to widen my horizon and explore.
This time I wrote an article ‘my heart goes zoom…mmm…mm’, a few days back, praising my abilities to manage time and stay fit at the same time…well you joined in too 😉😉😉. 

Then I thought… and thought, and came to a conclusion…this title needs amendment!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

How about ‘My heart goes zummm…mmm…ba!

Yupsie! I am into Zumba now. Today was the first day…and what a day it was…I can still feel the blood flowing up my head….Awesome!💃💃💃

So Now I can say…this is what you call taking good care of your all time busy for your wellbeing heart…I can do atleast this much.😊😊😊

It’s true…I Am Single Again!!!

Me and Mr Coolhead are no longer together…
Unbelievabale but true.😞

A total 15 years of acquaintance,

13 years of friendship,

Including Around 9 years of a happy marriage,

What we have is…this!!!!😮😮

This is as unpalatable as it seems, cause there’s no me without him. So…my dear well wishers, stop smelling a rat here 😁 and there’s no need to panic as well. 😃

Definitely living apart but thankfully, we are still very much into each other 💏 and hopefully soon to be unified (ofcourse if circumstances favour).

Until then, this wanderer is on a completely different journey learning things as small as doing groceries, and as big as taking care of my extremely demanding Glowingal. Without any doubt, I am getting full attention from her…no shareholder 😉😉.
Yeah… I wished for the latter many times, and now…I have it but who’s gonna teach me how to live without HIM?😥😥

Come on, I can do it!!!🙄

And…I’ll do it…I have taken it as a challenge.

So, Singledom is my latest fad fellas!!😉😉

Wed Your Daughter Well


We already said adieu to winters and now, since the weather is pretty pleasant, it’s raining ‘marriages’ in my part of the country. As I always say, ‘Marriage’ here doesn’t mean just the union of two people but a lot of razzmatazz, ranging from tons of shopping, recurring visits to beauty salons and boutiques, bookings of Palaces, arrangements of delicious food, fancy decorations, pricey gifts, hip and happening DJ, and what not. ‘It’s a once-in-life-time event’ and people don’t leave any penny unspent (Yes I am talking about middle class people). Oh and did I forget to mention the alcohol! The major chunk of budget goes here, and why not, after-all this is what will remains the ‘talk-of-the-town’ for quite some time, probably until the next extravaganza ;).

This is the common way to express happiness here; ‘if you have it, you got to show it!’


Recently, I attended one such big fat Indian wedding. The entire setting was quite royal (nothing middle class). Everything was immense; the number of food stalls was such that you forgot the counting after a while; your tongue could get tired of tasting but the variety of snacks and sweets won’t exhaust. Most of the North Indian weddings follow suit. It’s actually a race to be the best displayer.

This trend, it keeps upgrading from time to time and people find different innovative ways of displaying their mirth and worth. Such weddings leave you enthralled for many days and the euphoria only goes after some reality check.

The parents who spend so much money for this ‘one day charm’, do they have any idea what the future would bring? Everyone hopes for good which is nice, and I too believe in that ‘living happily ever after’ thing. But sometimes we meet people who force us to change our mindset.

Today I met a girl of hardly 25 years, with a badly bruised face, swollen eyes and totally blank emotions. She is done with her marriage. Reason, her husband…he terribly abuses her, physically as well as mentally. The pain she was in made even a stranger like me, ache for her.

When you meet such people, you ought to question the exhibition of pseudo-joys that are displayed around; you actually face the ugly side of humanity; the cheapness that still resides in society; the low standards of people; the absurd thinking that wives are the puppets in the hands of husbands; the mentality that once married, a girl becomes the property of the husband; the evil of expecting (actually demanding) favours from girl’s family; a greed that is impossible to quench. And what does it take to make you believe this ugly side of life…A girl who has lost faith in human and humanity itself. And surely there are more like her.

The worst part is, not many parents in the middle class families here show the heart to call their suffering daughters back. First they spoil her life by marrying her early because they can’t let a ‘good proposal’ slip from hands, and when the decision turns out to be erroneous, they find it difficult to admit. And even if they do so, there’s always a tendency of making unjust settlements. “What the society will say”…is the most fearsome question ahead them!

Wedding a daughter is considered a big responsibility for parents here, but do they know what the bigger one is?

Deep down they know. Then why just prevent to be blind. Trusting their decision, a daughter nods to hold the hand of a stranger. Somebody tell them, not to be in so hurry. Give her some time. Atleast make her strong enough to support herself without depending on anyone. And when she is ready…

help her find a suitable ‘partner’ not an ‘owner’.

Wed Her Well.  

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For World Sake, Stop Making Fun Of Girl’s Fun!

img-20160405-wa0007It feels great when you see Facebook updates of girls’ gangs going out on weekends, all by themselves! (read it, without the so called ‘security guards’ from the opposite gender)! You are like ‘So what! Today, girls are independent, and they have every right to do so!’

Though, we would definitely love the above idea, had we not witnessed many inappropriate incidences occurring around us. I am a firm believer in equality whether it’s a matter of education, work, duties, responsibilities… and even FUN. Yes, we all should have an equal right to enjoyment! But is it so?

Recently the Newpapers talked too much about ‘Bengaluru issue’. Even we as human need to ask ourselves, ‘Why such accidents occur?’

It is sad, really. Do celebrations mean only to get deadly drunk and spread anarchy? or do people get drunk only to cover for their regrettable animal behaviour shown while intoxicated! Well, when a crowd is high, it’s stupid to expect decency from them.

During a recent trip, I witnessed this absolutely ‘never-going-to-fill’ gap between two genders, no matter how modern they claim themselves to be! (By modern I mean the ones who boasts of not believing in the ‘Set’ norms in a society). But unfortunately, I didn’t notice any modernisation, except for the emptying bottles, raising voices, and declining etiquette!  ‘Sanes’ were mutating to some ‘Junkies’; adopting some alien language as the booze was getting over their heads. We saw them spoiling the fun for the opposite gender. There were many girls’ troops also who spent equal money, for what?

Hundreds of the ‘joy-blind’ males  were having ‘their’ kind of fun and tens of the ‘fun-hungry’ females were helplessly staring from distance…the chaos. How could they join in, carefree? I question?

With such wrong expression of joy, how the females were expected to have fun?

The latest anarchy in Bengaluru is nothing but an advanced stage of such nuisance!

So does it mean girls should let people mistreat them for showing courage to venture out and call it fun or should they remain confined to four walls and time limits of their house and work places, and always calculate all the pros and cons before trying to enjoy outdoor?

I don’t have the answer. I only have questions! And one question that keeps bothering me all the time is not ‘Why should boys have all the fun?

but ‘When would boys know this is no more…fun?

LIFE: Leave ‘IF’ and Live ‘IT’


What do you call that ‘thing’ when you come so close to success and then… you just don’t make it!

And not only once but say…countless times….

The first thing that comes to mind is obviously…lack of sincerity in the preparation to reach your goal!

Yeah that’s the best possible cause but…did you notice…I said… so close (Picture me, making a gesture with my thumb and index finger) and how come every-time!!!

No one would be naive to always reach a specific ‘near-win’ point and then just give up!

Then what goes wrong?

I call it D-E-S-T-I-N-Y…a thing mostly denied still trusted by all with our full heart!

They say destiny is fixed beforehand…whether we like it or not…we are going to eventually end up…where we are supposed to be. That doesn’t mean we stop doing things considering all our efforts may go in vain.…Even if we sometime think of doing so, that again will lead us to the place where we ought-to-be!

Ever tried fighting your destiny?

Trust me, I have…No use!


Till then No worry, No stress, and No daydreaming!

All you have to do is…

Wake up with-a-start every morning,

 Look fabulous throughout the day,

Work tirelessly till the sundown and beyond,

And every night sleep with a wonderment,

“What would tomorrow be like?”


Find…What’s Missing!

Image result for What is missing

You don’t feel happy always, and likewise, you can’t stay gloomy forever, for these are states of mind in response to the environmental conditions that you face. If you are getting what you need, there’s no point in feeling sad, but what about desires?

Has it ever happened that you own everything a happy person is supposed to have, and still you feel empty inside, as if there’s something missing…something you haven’t achieved till now, and that something constantly keeps disturbing the peace of your mind! How do you deal with this?

Well, I can tell for myself; Monotony is the root cause of mine not-being-happy at times. I hate doing the same things over and over again. Without any scope of novelty, life becomes dull…colourless! And when this dullness crosses the limit, I temporarily lose interest in people and things in general. But fact is, routine life has to run; it’s necessary for survival. Every day, we wake up at a set time, do the same domestic tasks, rush to office, do the same stuff, come back…do the house job…look after our family…sleep…wake up again to the same routine.

These activities have become so natural that we behave less like humans, and more like robots. But again robots have an advantage here; they don’t feel what they do. On the contrary, the side effects of monotony starts showing in our behaviour!

So, when I start making issues out of trivial things; when my arguing becomes pretty frequent, and when I start complaining for treatments I rightfully deserve and don’t receive, I know it’s time for an ‘alteration’ (an addition or a deletion from the routine). This is my way of breaking the ennui. Sometimes I succeed, and at times it doesn’t work, but I keep trying.

What I feel is that mostly the environment around us decides how happy we are! No doubt we all have this inner power to always boost and keep us going but there are times when we are really tired of pushing ourselves, and an external source of inspiration is indispensable, and I think, this is where the role of family and friends comes to play. If we are blessed with loving people, life is easier, and if these people have a tendency of not keeping their love to themselves, I mean they believe in showing it, life becomes ‘interesting’ and ‘exciting’ as well!

Sometime people unknowingly mishandle their relations. Instead of giving love, they start distributing solutions! Do you think ‘Unhappiness’ is a problem to be solved? I don’t think so! According to me, it’s actually a void which needs to be filled. My genuine request to everyone ‘Please show your people some love, and don’t just show that you care by offering free advice…DO CARE, for you don’t know when a few loving words from you can make a big difference in their life! 🙂

In the end, hats off to those people who survive all the ups and downs of life all by themselves; with no one by their side, ever to inspire them or encourage them; they are really made up of something else!

Photo credit:

What is the missing link? - Albuquerque, New Mexico

My French Dream!!


I have never been to France but I love many things about  ‘French’!

It’s been a heartfelt desire to learn French- the most beautiful and subtle language in the world. I have tried earlier but it’s funny that I couldn’t go far…ever.

I wished ‘Bonjour’ to this romantic language for the first time some 10 years ago when I applied for a certificate course in the University, and also made it to the merit list but had to say ‘Au-revoir’ before it actually began (Reason: an outing with friends on the day of counselling 😉 ).

Next year ‘encore une fois’ (once again), I planned to learn French with a fellow researcher. Initialemen (Initially), we were determined but ‘au bout du compte’ (ultimately), I ended up alone. (Last year I couldn’t do it due to the ‘company’ and this year I had to leave it due to the ‘lack’ of company :().

After all these years, now I again thought of achieving my unfinished goal, and very enthusiastically applied for the course. Guess what! The list is already late by almost 15 days due to some sort of strike in the department.

Can you believe that?

Seems like all forces are conspiring against my ‘French Dream’!

But whatever it is…I’m not giving up this time! By the end of this year, I ‘m determined to go beyond, ‘aloo madam! Comment ca va?’

And be like “Ca va bien, Merci!” 🙂

Definitely ;).


Flashback Time

I revisited a pledge made in the beginning of the year 2016. 


Turned out-I am literally off-the-track. 😦

I initially thought of a check, every fourth month and look at dumb me, its June already!

So basically, I am running late by more than a month for my own review which would have been justifiable, had I been successful in my venture!

Which clearly, I am not! 😦

Leaving aside a few things, I am lagging behind everywhere.

I am gathering will power for some Action! 🙂

Thank GOD for the reminder. It’s time for some improvements.

I know, I can do better that what I am doing right now. 🙂

Sometimes ‘Fooling’ Does The Trick ;)


Planet Earth is so diverse, and so is ‘human nature’- So variable; so unpredictable.

But right now what I am talking about is, two kind of people- First kind is, who believe in ‘not’ creating any problem, therefore focus on their own work sincerely. Then there’s another kind, who feel no disgrace in troubling others. These ‘trouble-makers’ are big nuisance for any society.

For example, in a team, you may have the most sincere members and at the same time there are a few who are mere annoyance to everyone else. If you give the command of the team to the most deserving member, I bet, you won’t ever witness any peace and moreover you’ll see the people making fun of their capabilities. Instead of getting appreciated for their efforts, the worthy may suffer from self doubt which will actually harm their personality, and this is not good; neither for the individual nor the team!

But, what if you shift the burden of responsibility. Make leaders, out of the ill-behaved ones, and demand performance!

No wonder you’ll succeed in attaining your goals. There will be peace; there will be harmony. And the ‘Impish’ can be seen boasting of their unmatchable control and influence. You can easily spot them saying, “Look, this is how things are done!”

Amazing, isn’t it?

The ‘devils’ don’t realize that things are running smooth not because of their efforts but because of their ‘no-efforts’ as this time they have been routed along the flow, and are no more standing against it. ‘Trouble-makers’ have been made ‘trouble-shooters’ so where the trouble will arise from?

As for the sincere ones, they have a nature of doing their best whether they are leading or following, it doesn’t matter!

I don’t know if I could make you understand my point but the message here is loud and clear ─

To make a difference,

You don’t have to be a LEADER;

Sometimes Fooling

Oh I mean, Following,  can also do the trick! 😉

We All Work Hard But Do We All Succeed?

It is said, “Hard work is the key to success.”

I doubt. If it were true, I don’t think the number of frustrated people would have been this huge! People keep working (hard) under undesired and compromising situations, wishing for their life to change in a good way but does it change?

Hmmm…not always! However, life sustains…somehow and in the mean time such a discord drains a lot of brains and the energy graph keeps coming down unabated.

Every day you wake up thinking about changing the circumstances around you and start the journey from nil uphill, accomplishing many insignificant goals on the way.

How far do you target to reach by the end of the day?

The other day, I read a story about a teacher who also happened to be health enthusiast. While eating a sandwich out at an eatery one day, he shouted, “What rubbish are you serving?”

He pledged to grow the more healthy and tasty version of that sandwich himself. For that he had to buy seeds and sow them in his long barren land which needed much water and deep plough. So he purchased a pair of bullocks and propagated the grains; he dug a well as well. He did all this after coming back from the school. By the end of day he would be so tired to make any food and mostly slept empty stomach. He overlooked his job as well as his health.

Later he realized that the crop needs fertilizers too. Hence, he purchased cattle only to increase the workload many fold. It took around six months for his hard work to bear fruits and he was completely exhausted by then. He thought of hiring help for harvesting and grinding of cereals. And finally, one day he sat down to relish the investment and hard work of months. As he took the first bite, he realized, “this tastes the same!”

Just to cultivate his breakfast sandwich, he compromised his teaching job and health; results were ought to be poor and ultimately, he gave up the idea of doing everything by himself.

You can’t and shouldn’t be doing everything for yourself. It’s exhausting as well as time-consuming. There are people with every set of roles. All you have to do is work hard at right place and yeah, if hungry… try to order that sandwich of yours instead of growing it….;)

So, don’t you think its time to rephrase the line

“Hard work is the key to success…but only at right place.”


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