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I Am Empowered!!!Yes I Am.

Empowerment is buzz word. Isn’t it? But mostly it reaches our organ of corti as…Women Empowerment!!!!

I have never heard MEN EMPOWERMENT which obviously implies they are empowered enough already. My question is what is it that makes us think so? What is it that hinders women from attaining it? Or is it right to say that women only need to be empowered? What if we refer to it as Human Empowerment? Wouldn’t that be great; applying equally to all the creations of Nature, whether it’s Man, woman, or the other gender!

We mostly assume that we are empowered by financial status which is true to a greater extent, but what about the minds which badly need amendments; the Eyes which need to see beyond the usual black and white; the ears which need to learn to chose melody from noise; the Heart that not only needs to stay in rhythm but pump compassion with every beat; the hands which need to work more for spreading light, not to pick props to fight; and above all the mighty tongue which needs to learn when to make a move, and when it should take a pause!
Don’t you think we need to work on ourself in the time laboratory of real life; We need to deeply analyse, improve, and then express to actually known as ’empowered’.

I researched on my ‘own’database (in my mind), and gladly I consider myself empowered. I came across times,

  • When I spoke my mind clearly without feeling guilty, and intelligently without hurting the sentiments of others.
  • When I bore criticism without feeling offensive, and picked the positivity, not letting the negativity enslave me at any cost.
  • When I understood that the person in front is also a human, therefore has limited cranial capacity like everyone else.  I allowed him/her some’s okay. 
  • When Inspite of  dreaming big, I never forgot the reality of what I presently am, and where I come from? I knew my calibre, and my limits very well. I chose not to let anything affect my optimistic state of mind. 
  • When  wishing good for everyone, I also knew that I am not a Masih! All I did was just be my gentlest, sweetest, and kindest version possible,(but yeah, always keeping in mind the terms and conditions which do apply at places).
  • When I showed courage to take full responsibility for my actions, and their outcomes. Lacking the habit of blaming others, that way, I focussed more on solutions rather than discussing the problem time and again.
  • When life showered it’s blessings, I never let the success rode my head. I tried to be humble, knowing the fact, nothing is permanent here.
  • When knowing what I want; or what I deserve; I thanked God for giving atleast what I have? 

Everyone needs loving people in life but I know that love can’t be forced ; only ticket to people’s heart is by earning it through right actions. And , You know what I have found the best trick to feel loved: EXPRESS MOST, EXPECT LEAST.

What we need is to identify the ‘Power’ that we have within…use it…not just live with it….

Remember, We are already E-M-P-O-W-E-R-E-D.

Just Realize it.👍


An Update to Lord Rama from 21st Century India

Dear Rama,

Centuries ago, you killed the Devil Ravana, and demolished his Golden Kingdom, ofcourse with the significant help of your staunch follower Hanuman and others. Do you have any idea, we still celebrate your victory in 21st century?Yeah we do so for full nine nights. we still enact the win of good over evil with great pomp and show (cracker show I mean) on 10th day and call it VijayDashmi!!!!

Can you imagine, we tell all your  life stories mainly the difficult journey from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka in just ten days!!! I know what you are thinking, but you know, we, your able descendents are little faster; you must be feeling proud!!!

You know, Acts are organised during night time (that makes me think why only night????), And we call it ‘Ramleela‘ (please don’t get confused Lord Rama! We have made a movie also with the same name but certainly it has nothing to do with Ram i.e. YOU. Take my word for that! You see we live in a free democratic country now, so no more kings and kingdoms. Even if they exist, it’s a different story altogether).

Okay, so I was telling you that roles are played by people, and the awesome part is, by MEN only! (The most handsome man is chosen for Seeta’s role). 

So are you happy? 

People are STILL carrying forward the custom of ‘Patriarchy‘ which we have read was prevalent during your time. As you can well imagine, the time of play is such that there is dominance of only one particular gender, audience surely is unisexual. FOR MALES, BY MALES! How nice.

Some adventurous males though after giving up in front of their home queens bring them once in while only to describe how boring it is (oops I am sorry Rama, it’s not your life I am calling boring; it’s the acting capabilities of the characters who can’t even memorise their lines, and need prompts from behind the curtains). But tell the the truth Rama, this is the funniest part of the play and keeps the viewers awake for the duration.

I didn’t go very often to this night play physically. Reason, the loudspeakers tell the tale wide and far…. Forgive me lord Rama, but I find the tv version more interesting, and above that more comfortable, plus it is safer too. Don’t you know Lord Rama, these days No Seeta is safe in your country, no matter how many Circles Laxman draws! 

You must be knowing it all, Lord, as you are considered incarnation of ‘Vishnu’ the preserver of life. A stampede occured in this land recently, and men (the devilish ones) didn’t spare a woman stuck in heaps of dead bodies, shouting to be heard, and pulled in a hope to live!! This happened lord, she was molested, a dying women!!!! Humanity is at its ugliest Rama. You struggled your entire life to protect one Sita, the number now has increased enormously, of Sitas as well as Ravanas. But you don’t seem to multiply, why????

When Ravana was kidnapping your Sita, countless being came forward to help. Where had that emotion vanished, I wonder!

Oh Sorry Rama, I got a bit sentimental here. Yes, I was on ‘Ramleela’- your life on stage! You know Rama a few years back, I saw a new trend, amid ‘Ramleela- the religious tale’, suddenly loud music would play, and that too FILMI!!

This made me curious. Turned out, dancers perform on stage to attract more viewers for the main event i.e. Your glorious Life.  You must have guesssed by now, the dancers were the ‘actual‘ females! 

Intelligent generation!!! They know when and where to (or not to) place women!!!!

Yesterday Rama, for my daughters sake, I too went to witness the big action scene where the man wearing your attire aims at the huge effigies of Ravana along with his allies. The crowd blew my mind…but it was more on the slopes than the main ground! Do you have any idea Rama why so????

Well, I got the answer as soon as I heard the exaggerated announcement of a combat between the WOMEN WRESTLERS! 

Oh…that’s why!!!!
I can go on and on lord but I just wish for this to change.

While you with one arrow brought down the evil in past, today’s Ravanas are hard even to bring forth; they are wearing  masks, and stay alert for the right opportunity to put their hands on Sitas. Who’ll identify them, and who will end their evilness?????


College For You Means…?

College has different meaning to different people in various cultures. BUT ONE THING which I have noticed around is that due to the over influence of Bollywood, the very picture of ‘The College’ in our teens is little cloudy.

Or may be it’s me who doesn’t know how exactly a college works!!!!!

I see youthful energy here in different shades of hair colour, and different lengths of dresses, pouting in front of their high-tech cell phones on the roads, the ground, classrooms, corridors, stairs and even in the washrooms. To be honest, I don’t dislike it. It reminds me of those good old days!

I studied in a College quite dominated by Hindus, but technically governed by Christian ideology, and when I say studied, I actually mean studied!!! Whaaaaaat!!!!!I got my first cell phone during my Master’s; weren’t so common back then. So no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter had any pressure on me to always look perrrrrrfect. 

Though I too enjoyed the change, and experimented with makeup and all. But the College made it a point that we never forget the fact that we were not there for a fashion show but to STUDY! Haha.

Opting Science stream added to the misery as the days used to be jam-packed leaving no space for extra things (I hope you understand what does extra during college life mean!)

But Thank goodness, we got rid of the boring uniforms of the schools and few ever furious teachers, who behaved as if we had taken money from them and hadn’t returned!

So you see, my vision of a College is much limited, and it compulsorily revolves around studies. 

PLUS I happened to start my teaching career in a College with the arrangements no different.
So, it shouldn’t sound weird when I say I find it unpalatable when

  •  Students are missing from their classes without any worry! (It makes me worrisome though).
  • Study being last in the priority list, they aren’t interested in any other damn thing!
  • Academic things are being dealt as casual!
  • You mark zeros on their answer sheets thinking do I speak Greek in the class!

Well May be!

May be this is how things work these days, but I am going to need some time to swallow it…

If I focus on motivation, the subject suffers due to lack of time, and if I don’t do my bit, I am not just! it’s the other thing that I try to mix.🤓

So here I am, going through spells of peaking enthusiasm followed by total lack of it, trying to fit in, to follow the middle less bumpy road, which is obviously not the less taken one, which doesn’t guarantee reaching destination but gives the security of landing atleast nearby !!!!

Hope the road isn’t boring, and keep unveiling surprises from curve to curve, and may these be the pleasant ones only!

Fingers crossed.

Accept Truth…Either Way.

You say People are so complex to understand.

It’s hard to differentiate noble from fake!

Innocent smile from a pretentious one!

Gentle wording from a sweet dagger!

And a quiet mind from the conspiring one!

My words-If you can’t differentiate, either try to learn or just sit back. Life will teach you itself. Wait for your turn !

If you can diffentiate all, what’s the confusion all about? What this noise over complexity? 

You either know someone or you don’t. Take them as they are. It’s as simple as that…period.

Accept Truth…either Way.

You say People are so complex to understand.

It’s hard to differentiate noble from fake!

Innocent smile from a pretentious one!

Gentle wording from a sweet poison!

And a quiet mind from the conspiring one!

My words-If you can’t differentiate, either try to learn or just sit back. Life will teach you itself. Wait for your turn !

If you can diffentiate all, what’s the confusion all about? What this noise over complexity? 

You either know someone or you don’t. Take them as they are. It’s as simple as that…period.

From Zoom to Zumba

You know how do I boost myself to do things hanging in the mid for a long time due to utter laziness or procrastination…I admire my own efforts in the very direction!!!😶😶

Once I do that… I immediately realize that what I am doing now is not enough…I need to widen my horizon and explore.
This time I wrote an article ‘my heart goes zoom…mmm…mm’, a few days back, praising my abilities to manage time and stay fit at the same time…well you joined in too 😉😉😉. 

Then I thought… and thought, and came to a conclusion…this title needs amendment!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

How about ‘My heart goes zummm…mmm…ba!

Yupsie! I am into Zumba now. Today was the first day…and what a day it was…I can still feel the blood flowing up my head….Awesome!💃💃💃

So Now I can say…this is what you call taking good care of your all time busy for your wellbeing heart…I can do atleast this much.😊😊😊

It’s true…I Am Single Again!!!

Me and Mr Coolhead are no longer together…
Unbelievabale but true.😞

A total 15 years of acquaintance,

13 years of friendship,

Including Around 9 years of a happy marriage,

What we have is…this!!!!😮😮

This is as unpalatable as it seems, cause there’s no me without him. So…my dear well wishers, stop smelling a rat here 😁 and there’s no need to panic as well. 😃

Definitely living apart but thankfully, we are still very much into each other 💏 and hopefully soon to be unified (ofcourse if circumstances favour).

Until then, this wanderer is on a completely different journey learning things as small as doing groceries, and as big as taking care of my extremely demanding Glowingal. Without any doubt, I am getting full attention from her…no shareholder 😉😉.
Yeah… I wished for the latter many times, and now…I have it but who’s gonna teach me how to live without HIM?😥😥

Come on, I can do it!!!🙄

And…I’ll do it…I have taken it as a challenge.

So, Singledom is my latest fad fellas!!😉😉

Wed Your Daughter Well


We already said adieu to winters and now, since the weather is pretty pleasant, it’s raining ‘marriages’ in my part of the country. As I always say, ‘Marriage’ here doesn’t mean just the union of two people but a lot of razzmatazz, ranging from tons of shopping, recurring visits to beauty salons and boutiques, bookings of Palaces, arrangements of delicious food, fancy decorations, pricey gifts, hip and happening DJ, and what not. ‘It’s a once-in-life-time event’ and people don’t leave any penny unspent (Yes I am talking about middle class people). Oh and did I forget to mention the alcohol! The major chunk of budget goes here, and why not, after-all this is what will remains the ‘talk-of-the-town’ for quite some time, probably until the next extravaganza ;).

This is the common way to express happiness here; ‘if you have it, you got to show it!’


Recently, I attended one such big fat Indian wedding. The entire setting was quite royal (nothing middle class). Everything was immense; the number of food stalls was such that you forgot the counting after a while; your tongue could get tired of tasting but the variety of snacks and sweets won’t exhaust. Most of the North Indian weddings follow suit. It’s actually a race to be the best displayer.

This trend, it keeps upgrading from time to time and people find different innovative ways of displaying their mirth and worth. Such weddings leave you enthralled for many days and the euphoria only goes after some reality check.

The parents who spend so much money for this ‘one day charm’, do they have any idea what the future would bring? Everyone hopes for good which is nice, and I too believe in that ‘living happily ever after’ thing. But sometimes we meet people who force us to change our mindset.

Today I met a girl of hardly 25 years, with a badly bruised face, swollen eyes and totally blank emotions. She is done with her marriage. Reason, her husband…he terribly abuses her, physically as well as mentally. The pain she was in made even a stranger like me, ache for her.

When you meet such people, you ought to question the exhibition of pseudo-joys that are displayed around; you actually face the ugly side of humanity; the cheapness that still resides in society; the low standards of people; the absurd thinking that wives are the puppets in the hands of husbands; the mentality that once married, a girl becomes the property of the husband; the evil of expecting (actually demanding) favours from girl’s family; a greed that is impossible to quench. And what does it take to make you believe this ugly side of life…A girl who has lost faith in human and humanity itself. And surely there are more like her.

The worst part is, not many parents in the middle class families here show the heart to call their suffering daughters back. First they spoil her life by marrying her early because they can’t let a ‘good proposal’ slip from hands, and when the decision turns out to be erroneous, they find it difficult to admit. And even if they do so, there’s always a tendency of making unjust settlements. “What the society will say”…is the most fearsome question ahead them!

Wedding a daughter is considered a big responsibility for parents here, but do they know what the bigger one is?

Deep down they know. Then why just prevent to be blind. Trusting their decision, a daughter nods to hold the hand of a stranger. Somebody tell them, not to be in so hurry. Give her some time. Atleast make her strong enough to support herself without depending on anyone. And when she is ready…

help her find a suitable ‘partner’ not an ‘owner’.

Wed Her Well.  

Picture Credits: Google

For World Sake, Stop Making Fun Of Girl’s Fun!

img-20160405-wa0007It feels great when you see Facebook updates of girls’ gangs going out on weekends, all by themselves! (read it, without the so called ‘security guards’ from the opposite gender)! You are like ‘So what! Today, girls are independent, and they have every right to do so!’

Though, we would definitely love the above idea, had we not witnessed many inappropriate incidences occurring around us. I am a firm believer in equality whether it’s a matter of education, work, duties, responsibilities… and even FUN. Yes, we all should have an equal right to enjoyment! But is it so?

Recently the Newpapers talked too much about ‘Bengaluru issue’. Even we as human need to ask ourselves, ‘Why such accidents occur?’

It is sad, really. Do celebrations mean only to get deadly drunk and spread anarchy? or do people get drunk only to cover for their regrettable animal behaviour shown while intoxicated! Well, when a crowd is high, it’s stupid to expect decency from them.

During a recent trip, I witnessed this absolutely ‘never-going-to-fill’ gap between two genders, no matter how modern they claim themselves to be! (By modern I mean the ones who boasts of not believing in the ‘Set’ norms in a society). But unfortunately, I didn’t notice any modernisation, except for the emptying bottles, raising voices, and declining etiquette!  ‘Sanes’ were mutating to some ‘Junkies’; adopting some alien language as the booze was getting over their heads. We saw them spoiling the fun for the opposite gender. There were many girls’ troops also who spent equal money, for what?

Hundreds of the ‘joy-blind’ males  were having ‘their’ kind of fun and tens of the ‘fun-hungry’ females were helplessly staring from distance…the chaos. How could they join in, carefree? I question?

With such wrong expression of joy, how the females were expected to have fun?

The latest anarchy in Bengaluru is nothing but an advanced stage of such nuisance!

So does it mean girls should let people mistreat them for showing courage to venture out and call it fun or should they remain confined to four walls and time limits of their house and work places, and always calculate all the pros and cons before trying to enjoy outdoor?

I don’t have the answer. I only have questions! And one question that keeps bothering me all the time is not ‘Why should boys have all the fun?

but ‘When would boys know this is no more…fun?

LIFE: Leave ‘IF’ and Live ‘IT’


What do you call that ‘thing’ when you come so close to success and then… you just don’t make it!

And not only once but say…countless times….

The first thing that comes to mind is obviously…lack of sincerity in the preparation to reach your goal!

Yeah that’s the best possible cause but…did you notice…I said… so close (Picture me, making a gesture with my thumb and index finger) and how come every-time!!!

No one would be naive to always reach a specific ‘near-win’ point and then just give up!

Then what goes wrong?

I call it D-E-S-T-I-N-Y…a thing mostly denied still trusted by all with our full heart!

They say destiny is fixed beforehand…whether we like it or not…we are going to eventually end up…where we are supposed to be. That doesn’t mean we stop doing things considering all our efforts may go in vain.…Even if we sometime think of doing so, that again will lead us to the place where we ought-to-be!

Ever tried fighting your destiny?

Trust me, I have…No use!


Till then No worry, No stress, and No daydreaming!

All you have to do is…

Wake up with-a-start every morning,

 Look fabulous throughout the day,

Work tirelessly till the sundown and beyond,

And every night sleep with a wonderment,

“What would tomorrow be like?”