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Zodiac Discrimination,They Call It !!!😮😮😮

I just read an interesting news…

The Chinese youth are finding western astrology more accurate as compared to their age old native fortune telling technique, and amusing enough, they are using Zodiac signs as one of the tools for hiring purpose. 😬😬😬

 Not bad…haan…at least for me, in case I plan to migrate there!😉😉

I am a Virgo, and, is there need to tell that Virgo like it ‘PERFECT’ all the way. So my future is like really bright in China. Why would someone take the risk to loose a PERFECTIONIST???? 🤓🤓🤓

I know…I know…lots of Virgo on Earth! Do not loose hope and by the way, you are already one competitor down here… cause I am not in a mood to leave my present niche, at least for now. 😁😁😁

Go, use yours stars and make a fortune y’all. 👦👩

What Is In The Name?

Many of us, at some stage of our life, curse our parents for giving us the ‘Name’ that we have, especially during teenage we are much concious about it. We always believe that it could have been better had they thought a little more…atleast better than this!!!!

We keep chewing the cud, and one day we realise that this is what it is and we have to live with it. Ofcourse many people go to the extent of changing their names as well. Brave ears!!! I just wonder how they respond to their old names once they switch!!!!
Anyways it’s their Problem! I already have made peace with my name. 😐😐

Then  what encouraged this write up?

Here’s the thing.How do you respond when your four something gal comes to you and says,”Mamma, Please change my name! I don’t like it.

What are you supposed to do?

I mean we took a lot of time…thinking…discussions…and then on the pious occasion of Diwali, she was named after Goddess Laxmi (the goddess tending money 🤓)…oh don’t think otherwise, we in India actually worship this Goddess on the festival of light, Diwali, and moreover, her grandparents announced her arrival to this world as ‘Laxmi aayehe he…’Laxmi has arrived’. So how can she just not like it???

 There is lot of hard work, devotion and emotions after naming her, and now she is not liking it!!!😮😮😮

Anyway, just to keep her calm, I said,”then by what name would you like to be known, sweetheart?”

“How is Rupenzel?” She immediately said as if waiting desperately for this.

“Nooo! But she had loooooong hair. Look at yours, hardly coming in a rubberband!” I discouraged the suggestion.😋😋

“Then Cinderella?” She got little nervous.

Poor kid. Can’t think outside her imaginary world.

“No, How am I gonna call you? It doesn’t go well on my tongue,” I again rejected the plea. (Gosh, I am a bad mom😥😥)

“It is so tough mommy! What name should I choose?” She got sad.

“Think…there are more heroines in your fairy tales,” I said to cheer her up.

“Decided, my new name is going to be ‘Snow-white’! You like it ma?”

Munching on to the biscuit, I said, “Okay! But I’ll call you Snow. Is that fine?”

“Yes mamma! Snow white…Snow,” She said smilingly, “Now let’s find a new name for you too.

“No, I am cool beta!” I took another bite from the cookie.

“What’s the name of the biscuit that you are eating?” (Children are weird, they ask random questions 😏😏)

“It’s Marie Light!” I flipped the pack to show her.

“Wow! Mamma, Daughter, Snow-white, and Mother, Marie Light!!! How’s that? Isn’t your new name awesome? She was happy, So I could not object.

 I only said,”But call me Marie haan!“😍😍

So people, as you see, unofficially…our names have been changed. Mann is Marie and her Glowingal…she is Snow.😁😁😁😁😁

It’s Not Fair Square 😤😤

If we talk about shapes, which ‘shape’ most people like????
You would say, ’36-24-36’😉😉. Caught you humming...I am in love with the shape of you….😍😍😍

Hello, Take a break! 🤗🤗

Firstly,  it’s practically impossible for all to have it 😮😮, as simple as that! and secondly, even those of you already having it, are you comfortable carrying the loads????

What a task! 😯😯

Oh I am sorry, I kind of deviated from my point. Coming back to today’s rant…My Glowingal got a homework today. She was to paste pictures of triangular shapes in her notebook. Sounds easy no! 

And to be on safer side I have kept many of her pre and nursery picture books handy for such emergent situations. I flipped through all of them only to end up with shrunk eyebrows and heavy breath. 

These publishers totally forgot to put triangles in there!!!!😮😮😮

What a pity! I never thought triangle is so rare!🤔🤔

I mean look at our bollywood movies; noone can do without it; there’s always a triangle…the love triangle! 😮😮

Anyways, I found it one of the most tedious job to finish the homework of a kindergarten kid!!!

So people don’t ask questions like what I do in the evenings or why don’t I call? You see, I am busy like hell, poking my head in to myriad such tiny but stupifying businesses.

And know for always… that out of various shapes, square and ractangle are actaully the darlings of masses; the most sought after shapes. 

See anywhere for yourself, incase you doubt me!

Modern Weepers

It’s scary when a dog weeps (I hope weep is the right word 😮😮).

Well, it goes like this,”if you hear dogs weeping, someone near or dear is definitely going to die.”It’s considered a bad omen, and your heart starts beating fast as soon as the wooooo…of these most faithful companions of human reach your ear; the impact is so!

Why am I telling you this???Why am airing my superstitions? Well, I have a good reason, you’ll see.

The new house we have moved in, has two dogs as guards; It is impossible to escape their acute watch. They are insane when it comes to barking. And just like any normal dogs they too have this habit of weeping, and that too a lot. Initially I would get goose bumps on hearing their fearsome voices but after keen observation I found that they make this atypical sound everytime a train take exit from a nearby tunnel. There it honks continuously. The faithful dogs religiously follow the suit…everytime…everyday. I can even tell time without looking at the clock!!!

So I guess the curse is lifted, may be! No more sad signals. Dogs too have changed with time. Now a days they weep for a different reason…to copy the train’s honk or to threaten it, they only know !!!😉😉😉

It’s true…I Am Single Again!!!

Me and Mr Coolhead are no longer together…
Unbelievabale but true.😞

A total 15 years of acquaintance,

13 years of friendship,

Including Around 9 years of a happy marriage,

What we have is…this!!!!😮😮

This is as unpalatable as it seems, cause there’s no me without him. So…my dear well wishers, stop smelling a rat here 😁 and there’s no need to panic as well. 😃

Definitely living apart but thankfully, we are still very much into each other 💏 and hopefully soon to be unified (ofcourse if circumstances favour).

Until then, this wanderer is on a completely different journey learning things as small as doing groceries, and as big as taking care of my extremely demanding Glowingal. Without any doubt, I am getting full attention from her…no shareholder 😉😉.
Yeah… I wished for the latter many times, and now…I have it but who’s gonna teach me how to live without HIM?😥😥

Come on, I can do it!!!🙄

And…I’ll do it…I have taken it as a challenge.

So, Singledom is my latest fad fellas!!😉😉

Mean Girls

Once upon a time…actually, always in time, there exists a species in world called ‘Student’ who wants to enjoy life like a wild party but at the same time fears exams like hell…

…So, in a far far land, there was a college where students were preparing for their assessment exams. Obviously the syllabus was way too vast (it always is 😉 ) to be covered in a very short period of time. So everyone was having high hopes from the mighty ‘neighbours’! The contact numbers were exchanged. The boys were getting chance to acquaint girls, beyond their reach otherwise. Examination is such a bonding carnival. 🙂


Since it’s a distance course, no one knew each other too well. There were three girls, D, K, and R (it’s dangerous to reveal identity 🤐) who happened to have good interaction with each other by-the-way. I mean they exchanged pleasantries very often. And because people here were into other businesses too, missing lectures was a usual thing and not-so-unusual news was they were going to face multiple exams in two days.😨

To ask about the syllabus covered, K tried D’s number, it was not-reachable. She tried after some time, again many times, but to no avail. So she sent her a text on whatsapp…which was never read. (Hmmm…Someone was behaving over smart here 🤔).

Never mind, K had number of some genuine people who rescued her. And finally the D day came. Yeah, it was D’s day actually. D was very studious and no wonder, in-demand, at least that day. Everyone wanted to be in her company which she guessed beforehand, and successfully avoided eye contact with anyone. (Why would she share her knowledge with anyone? What if someone scored above her?) Understandable! 😜

But cruel world spares no one; poor duckling was booked by some clever boys.😝

Now K by chance sat next to R who was not prepared for that day’s tests. She showed all good colors to K who also reciprocated, and the tests went well for both.👌

What is interesting here is R’s view of D, “I already have her number but I never called. I sense something fishy about her. She is weird…”

K was stunned cause this was what D had been telling her about R from the first day. (huff…Such is woman😱). Anyways!

Now befriending K, R planned to study the course in-parts because the next day, there would be three tests and altruistically, she took major part on herself.😄

“Don’t worry about two papers. You focus on one only. I am here.”

Taking into consideration that day’s cooperation, K got stress-free, but no no…she was not that immature for such plots. She prepared whatever she could and to no surprise when the next day she entered the examination room, R was already sitting with some other person. Ha!

K only smiled on her turnaround. But she was happy that she didn’t believe R blindly. With an intention of mischief, she said,

“Hey R, where’s my seat?” We are supposed to sit together No?”

“Oh I don’t know. This girl was pleading too much. I let her. I hope you understand”, R replies.

“You can shift to this place also and she can join us if she wants!” K teases R.

Don’t worry I’ll tell you the answers from here also”, R assures K.

“Oh yeah. That I know!” Saying this, K turns to front and… focuses on her paper…

Moral of the Story: Tests end and but lessons… Never! 🙂

For A ‘Change’ Only

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Its Monday folks! The worst day of the week you bet, where I am always running late in the morning for everything. The Fun day (Sunday) makes me so sluggish that it has become a habit to forget one or a few things at home and repent later.

But this Monday, I am in no hurry as you can see; I am writing! 🙂

Thanks to Pt Nehru, our first Prime minister; it’s his birthday today and our country celebrates it as ‘Children’s Day’ which is really cool. Why?

Come on, we all have our days, don’t we?

So first of all, here’s me wishing every kid over there, a happy ‘Children’s Day’, and as far as parents are concerned, I guess their every day is a children day 😉 which is sometime happy, and sometime the crazy one! But what to do, that’s the part of the deal ;).

Somehow I remembered and wished my girl first thing in the morning. She reverted the sentence as such after adding ‘let me sleep mamma!’

‘Fine’. When children themselves are not excited, why should I? Instead I picked my lappy and resumed my writing which I have been neglecting for a while.

Pleased by the gesture of my students on Teacher’s day, I promised to return the favour on this very day, forgetting it would be a holiday! But I didn’t know this day would coincide with the birth Anniversary of ‘Guru Nanak Ji’, the first Guru of Sikh religion (actually he is to be thanked for this holiday). This community celebrates the day with all pomp and show, I have heard, and am planning to visit a ‘Gurudwara’ nearby, may be in the evening. Many ‘happy returns of the day’, to all my Sikh brother and sisters.

The air in our country was ‘still’ for a few days; the currency change came as an agitator. You can see confused faces all around. Tell you the truth, just before the moment, this decision was made public, my daughter made me spend the last 500 note in my wallet. So I was happy as a clam.

Not for long you know, neither I nor Mr Coolhead had change or the smaller notes! Still we did great, leaving apart a few outing plans which needed to cancelled due to the never-ending queues in front of banks and ATM where we stood no chance! We didn’t even have the old currency in hand! So the weekend was spent at home, doing some important house chores like giving sun bath to the woollens as the winter is gradually approaching. I still have the job to empty the closets of summer clothing, and make them disappear as if they never existed, not at-least till April next year. Funny, seasons change but the jobs never ;).

In all, we were fine being cashless. Sensing our ease, the mighty employer decided to pay for our services before time and in cash! I mean why? What’s the hurry?  But as they say, beggars don’t have choice (that doesn’t make me a beggar though, I don’t beg, I earn, remember), and so right now, we have the hard-earned, priceless, good-for-nothing-notes lying helplessly in my cupboard unless of-course they make their entry to the bank itself to become pricey once again 😉 . But seeing the never-ending lines, I better wait; there’s enough time. 🙂

No wonder, the people who have references, have changed their notes to new ones the very next day. But commoners without links again have to wait for the right time. Well, anything for a cleaner Country! 🙂

So how’s it going with you guys? Have you got rid of the old notes? Do check the places where you normally hide the treasure to be surprised to find it later or you are sure to surprised one day ;)!

Ciao and have a great week with much change in your ‘pocket’ and a huge change in the ‘country’. 🙂


(Rhyme it with Sun)



We Are Friends For…I don’t know how long! But If You Stay, I’ll Say… Forever !

Best Buds, You And I.. #friendship #quotes:

Friends are the siblings born to different parents, I have heard!

Last evening while roaming on the terrace, and alongside watching my daughter (soon-to-be-four) play with a boy from neighbourhood, I had to face an amusing situation. They were playing with toy cars, talking, giggling, rolling on the floor, and having great time. Suddenly my ‘GlowinGal’ took a pause, and came running to me, “Ma…Ma, I want to marry Namit?”

I was not expecting it, so, avoiding an exaggeration, I said, “Okay”. And off see went.

After that, leaving all the toys aside, the two started assembling wooden pieces and piling them up in some pattern known only to them.

“What’s going on kids?” I got curious.

“We are making home!” they responded without looking.

“Ahaan!” And before I could say anything else, GlowinGal started dancing.

“Now what’s it with you?” I got amazed.

“Aren’t we supposed to dance in our marriage”, she said in-between the moves.

(Well, I just heard that she wanted to marry this friend of her but she wanted it this soon, I had no idea 😉 !). I let her.

Cute Quotes About Lifelong Friends

And it’s funny that she forgot about it…completely, the very next day…He again was just a friend ;).

Next day, we were having mother-daughter conversation, “Darling, whom do you sit with in your Nursery class?”

“Rudra!” She said with a sparkle in her eyes.

I continued, “And who’s your best friend?”

“It’s Rudra Ma!”

Not for once did she mention the name of the boy she was planning to get married the previous evening. It’s a good thing that kids have a short memory otherwise by the time they actually become adults, they would be married, like zillion times ;).

“Rudra is a boy No! Don’t you have any girl-friend?” (I meant, girl as a friend)

“No!” She said in a low tone.

“Why?” I got worried. “What about Navya? Isn’t she a friend?”  

“But she sits with Athrava,” She said looking up.

“So?” (I was trying to have a conversation here 😉 )

“She’s his girl-friend Ma!” She revealed.

“Oh, so does that mean, you are Rudra’s girlfriend?”

“Yes and He’s my boyfriend Mamma!”

I was speechless but could not stop laughing :). (You might be so sure my little sweetheart but I am not sure about it!)

{It’s amazing how innocent childhood is! Kids don’t know what relations are all about.  I bet at some point of our life even we have thought of many stupid things. As a kid, many of us wished to marry our papa , isn’t it? Anyways, no one takes kids seriously, may be that’s why adults keep saying ‘No Kidding’!}

Seriously, I am not kidding now. we all meet countless people in life, a few of them become are friends and very few of them manage to stay till the end. Some are just fillers, so lost in the oblivion; those close-to-hearts always stay in memories and some special ones keep making our days brighter every now and then.

Sometimes All You Need Is Friends friends best friends friendship quotes minion minion quotes minion quotes and sayings:

Let’s Cherish the ones who are still there.

To my friends: I am glad I met you. Happy Friendship Day folks!

Keep smiling :).



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If Pears Can Be Red, Why The Crows Should Remain Black??

It was a mother-daughter story-session and ‘Glowingal’ was gladly telling me the story of a Crow who was very unhappy with his colour. When he saw a Swan swimming in a serene lake, displaying his glorious white plumage, the crow got desperate. Thinking, it might be the result of a daily swim in the lake, he too started taking bath and would spend hours rubbing his body against the mud. Neither his colour nor his determination faded, instead, he felt sick and died.

She made sure I hear the Moral , “You can change habits not the Nature.”

I was thinking, How unfair of Nature!

Then another day, we received a fruit basket from some relatives with delicious apples and pears in it. The fruits were disappearing fast from the fridge, especially the pears. Soon, I caught ‘GlowinGal’ red handed and she was like, “Ma, I love apples!”

“But this is pear, my dear!”

“No! Pear is green. This is red apple.”

“But apples do have green colour and Look at the shape and the taste!”

“No, this is apple, see!” and she munched the pear. “Apples are red and pears are green!”

It’s not easy to win from a soon-to-be four. 🙂 So seeing her grit, I yielded, “Okay! You are right; this is apple only. Pears aren’t red!”

(How do I tell her that there is something called ‘gene’ and scientists keep playing with it to make some desirable changes in things they ‘feel like’! On one hand, her story says you can’t change the Nature and on the other hand, we keep changing Nature!

Even if I am successful in convincing her that it is actually a ‘pear’, I am afraid, she’ll ask me to request the scientists to  make all the Crows white! ) 😉

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Offline Is Cumbersome. Does Online Look Handsome?

World is fast changing, and so are our ways of shopping! Who has the time and spirit to move from shop to shop in search of something different?

Even if someone does, who likes the first question that the salesman puts straight on your face, “Ma’am, What do you want?”

I mean come on! Sometimes we just don’t know what we actually want; we are just hunting! 😉

Suppose, this is one of those days when you know what you are after. There you are, scanning the entire paraphernalia with a tight pout and shrivelled eyebrows, immediately, the next question follows, “what ‘exactly’ are you looking for?”

You feel like thrashing his head, especially when you have no idea. You have to bear the trail of exhibitions and a pressure to pick ‘something’ as you feel guilty of removing everything down the shelves!  And don’t forget his useless display of courtesy by lowering price (which is already exaggerated) with a tag line, ‘Don’t tell anyone! This discount…is only for you’!

Due to the limited options, you are left with no option but to pick the pack and come out of the shop only to notice a more fascinating dress on the dummy next door. You are forced to recheck your bag, and then cheer up your heart that yours is better or… if you are feeling a little (actually lot) extravagant, you may dare to enter another alluring trap and come out…loaded, and possibly satisfied.

Well, I am a huge disgrace, when it comes to the ‘real’ shopping (only for myself!). And to avoid the embarrassment, I mostly prefer online shopping :). But here also, I am on-tenterhooks; I just can’t order anything and everything. So, I find myself hopping from site to site and page to page… cause the next one always seems better. 😉

What a waste of precious time!  But this is how I am! And the fact is, I am really satisfied with my performance…until…I had an absurd experience. I was to attend an important marriage in the family. Just to avoid the heat outside, I opted shopping from the comfort of my air conditioned house, lying leisurely on my bed. I had hard time selecting the dress but once it was done, I started counting the days. Normally the delivery occurs the second or third day; not this time. (The heavens were conspiring against me ;)). I waited… and waited, then emailed, again… and again but all in vain. Only the auto-generated email would show up every time.

Can you imagine, it was 9th June when I first placed my order, and it is 18th July today, that I last got the same message, over again. Disgusting! The marriage is over and it was the odious age-old method of shopping which rescued me. Rightly said, ‘Old is Gold’. I am shocked at such behaviour of these ‘Voonik’ people. I swear, I am not going to buy anything from them, ever!

But no shopping online…I can’t promise ;).

(PS: I guess they had a bad dream 😉  May be that’s why they finally woke up from a dead sleep, and immediately thought of refunding the money with an apology.) 🙂

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