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Wake Up Homo sapiens

A Science lecture was scheduled in the College. I was sitting in the Hall along with other dutiful colleagues, and overly enthusiastic students , waiting for the chief guest of the event to arrive. As usual, I was expecting some suited booted science person, with a lingo that makes you feel completely illiterate at points as if you know nothing of Science anymore (yeah, it happens).

And then after much wait, the arrival was announced from the stage, and there he was… a man who looked less of a scientist but more like a Fakir

No wonder the Faculty members started whispering.
The man was anonymous for me considering I was far for long or may be I never paid attention! But surprisingly, he is famous… nationwide, and I was obviously underinformed.

This man of a short stature has given complex to even the mighty mountains. Rightly called the Mountain Man.

 He was well aware of the thoughts crossing the mind of audience. I think, he picked the vibes, and actually chose his dress-up as the opener of his talk. Smart move!

The youngsters as we know, normally madly follow the people who fit their set definition of a role model, but surprising enough, they actually sat quiet for the entire session, and listened to this eloquent ‘Fakir’ who happens to be a doctorate, and an expert of Environment, and who has won countless awards for his efforts in saving the environment while working for the wellbeing of people at the grassroot level. 

The man is Dr Anil Prasad Joshi, an Environmentalist, from the hilly state Uttrakhand, and the Winner of 4th highest and Prestigious award of India, The Padamshree.

He is inspiring enough. He even goes to gala events in this simple attire of ‘Kurta-pajama’ and a ‘safa’ covering his head. That is something very unusual. A Gandhian follower in philosophy, he lives in reality, and motivates other to undetstand and acknowledge the significance of Forests, Villages, and the traditional way of living life. He touched some basic issues which find no place in the so called progressive indices of the country. 

It was an hounour to listen to him. 

And  a reminder as well, 

Let’s show some respect to the soil, water, and the air which give us life. If we won’t do it, Who will?????


My Sky Love 

One thing which never fails to delight and motivate me, ever,


The Sky…

…in all its hues, and all its moods.

Blue… Absorbing all my blues and reflecting only joy; 

Gray…Asking to pause the mad rat race, and sit in peace… with myself and the world; 

White…signaling the high time, and the possibility of progress again; 

Black…thinking of others first, and loosing own identity by becoming the canvas for gorgeous twinklers; 

Golden…bringing a new dawn, announcing a new beginning just incase yesterday wasn’t good enough.

Red… indicating that even an ordinary journey can have an extraordinary climax.

O… I’m in love with all shades of you, 

Change whenever you want them to,

I just wonder which one is the best,

 Is it red or black or blue???

It’s Raining Slugs

Right now, it’s raining outside. Without any question, I love rains…the sound of it…Oh it’s just marvellous!

But it’s not just water that these rains bring; there are some undesired guests who accompany it and make appearances almost everywhere! They don’t let you sit and enjoy the moment.I don’t hate’em, but surely, I don’t like’em either. 

Forgive me, but I don’t like these slimy things wriggling anywhere and everywhere. And at times they even make their way to crawl on your body…that feeling….eww!!!!

The zoologist in me sometimes shakes me, ‘hello! These are just helpless tiny sluggishly struggling molluscans with no wisdom like humans. Leave them alone!

And I am like,’I would love to but seems they love my company more! ‘ 

Today morning I stepped outside in a hurry as it started raining all of a sudden, and I paused for a moment cause I heard a sound “carrrrrrack”, and I was like holy shit! It can’t be this! 

But unfortunately it was. I feel bad for the snail but what would I do?

It got partially injured.I didn’t have the heart to give it first aid.So I left it on God’s mercy, only to discover this later on…

What on earth is this?
Do snails too show social behaviour?

I never read that! 

Are they tending the injured or is it some illustration of canibalism!!!

I don’t know and I’ll have to wait to see that!🤔🤔🤔

Gaura (Giri River)

Nature has no bounds when it comes to surprise us…and you won’t disagree if I call it the best healer of all. 

So whenever there is slightest possibility to be in company of the Nature, this family of Wanderers leave everything aside and immerse wholeheartedly in its enchanting beauty.

By now, I hope it is evident that I have shifted back to Hills-the place I would never have enough of and herefore starts my old romance.

Recently explored some marvelous locales…

Have a look 😊😊😊

Hued Dusk and Dawn

One of the finest evenings it is,

The ambience around is difficult to miss;

The youth shouting jubilantly in the pastures,

Tender hearts wholeheartedly imitating the masters.

The merriment is at such extreme height,

Even the birds don’t feel like pausing the flight.

The old trying to relive their days of past,

Wondering how time has moved so damn fast.

Standing at a distance the witnesee I

Smile now, the other moment take a sigh.

Why the grown ups make an appearance so dull,

Where the child in them got lost, all left is a Gull.

The melancholy soon erased by the tiny sprouts on trees,

Sun will again rise in a new day, leave all fears, forget all worries.

To every end there was a begininng nodoubt,

And every start is destined to an uncertain fullstop.

What matters is a life lived happy and fine,

Humming from heart, how many emotions did it define.

Morni Hills-The Only Hill Station Of Haryana


If you stay near or around Chandigarh, and have an urge to get a break from the monotony of city life, just raise your gaze, cause there is an incredibly quiet place just up the hills. I am talking about the Morni Hills’.

First thing that comes to mind while thinking about this place is that it might have Pea-pheasants in plenty, and who knows; the region is so blessed with diverse flora; I am sure there’s a hidden faunal treasure too, glimpses of which you get en-route.

The ride uphill was a gradual one. First we moved along the almost dry Ghaghar river beds witnessing the curvaceous carvings on the soft land that makes turn heads once or twice. For a moment, I felt like, it’s a different world altogether. The road is such a relief; you never realise that you are heading the countryside. The vista on the sides of roads is eye-catching. The rifts and valleys try their best to give some awe moments. The slope takes you to the lush green pine covered hillside; the needles swaying with a typical sound in the hilly breeze. We saw many unseen birds and heard many sweet songs of the vivid birds. Its spring season, everything is emerging slowly from the winter sleep.


Morni hills is famous for its two lakes separated by a hillock. Though I was expecting more, what I got was not that bad. The water was little muddy but nothing compared to beauty of nature combined with some human innovation. The Lakes offer scenic view and a place for the love-birds to have some quiet moments. Haryana tourism offers very delicious, hygienic and cheap food choices. According to me, it’s a good option for weekend camping. And if you desire, you can paddle into the lake water at your ease.

The lakeside also has an adventure park however sadly it is not being maintained. But we had great time with a naughty kid along and clicked some memories too.

There’s also a fort at the hilltop which was closed for renovation purpose.

The forest seemed calling us in, to savor its real beauty but due to lack of time and no paraphernalia, we the wanderers headed back home with a promise to come back in the monsoons when I am sure the beauty will be in multiples.


The sparkling lake was happy to have us, I guess. 🙂

Open Your Hearts; Spring Is Already Here!

Today, we here in north India celebrated the first day of Spring. 
So whole day was about getting yellowed all over…

Head out and spend some time with Nature and Naturals….

The Nature lover in me didn’t shy to get drunk with the mindblowing fragrance of the mustards along with the bumbling bees, and the eyepleasing scenery all around was enough to forget the life miseries. 

The vibrant fields  danced merrily to the tunes of sweet breeze as if welcoming the new life and we swayed along. what a feeling!

Though it is still very cold in the morning; spring has already knocked on our doors and  we happily welcome it…with a smile.

Frozen Memories (II)

[Sometimes emotions drag a post too long that’s why I have to divide it in two parts. I wish to share my frozen memories with you guys and I want that you go till the end. Not just click the like button and move on. So, those who missed initial part, click Frozen memories (I)

and then continue…


…Snow time would bring a different kind of holidaying. The electricity would stay disrupted for days and the phone lines wouldn’t work. The temperature outside used to be very low and if anything containing water, is left outside overnight, the surface water would freeze. There used to be race to own the natural glasses so formed and I used to think ‘how amazing ‘Nature’ is!’

There would be no scarcity of water. Go outside, collect some fresh fallen snow from the roof and put it in a pot kept over hearth and  Ta-Da! Warm water, is ready for every household chore.

Once the magic called ‘Snow’ was enjoyed to the max, after-days would be spent with the family by savouring myriad delicacies, playing indoor games, and occasional outings to bid farewell to melting snow.


I can hear a crunchy sound, even right now, in my ears which was produced after intentionally stepping on the left over snow patches under the trees or on the straw.

I don’t exactly remember how young I was then but what I know is that papa would clean the snow from door to the main street, and some sort of ‘gully’ would be formed, and when I  walked through that gully, I couldn’t see anything! This means either I was really small or it used to snow really huge, at that time.


But Gradually, year by year, things changed. Now the ‘Sigri’ is replaced by heaters and blowers; hearths by Gas/electricity appliances. No one wishes to take unnecessary pain when they can afford luxury. Every room has personal lavishness.

Good! It shows our Nation is undergoing development.

Bad! No more real automatic fun! People do gather on occasions but fun part has to be added, voluntarily.

Moreover, it doesn’t snow like that any more! Even if it does, stays for brief time period.

The environmental conditions of my place altered supposedly after the installation of a cement factory in the vicinity. There are scanty rains and negligible snow-fall.

At larger level, the winter of this year, is supposed to be abnormal one with a raised night temperature. Everyone says it’s because of ‘Global warming’ caused supposedly by the over indulgence in such and many more luxuries, and is a return-gift of ‘Developing’ too much, from the creator (Nature).

Initially, Man survived the absence of such luxuries; he lived in harmony with nature.

Then, Nature stayed where it was; Man moved on. He progressed and made his life comfortable, well…at the cost of Nature.

Now, It’s a war between the creator (Nature) and creation (Man).

It’s payback time.

Global warming is a serious problem. We all read and hear about it, every now and then, and show some momentary concern also but it is today that I realized one more thing about Global Warming, “it is also capable of melting down your frozen childhood memories and strip any chance to relive them.

I feel pity for the next generation for their chance of experiencing the joy of ‘Snow’ that we used to have, is evaporating in to oblivion….


Frozen Memories (I)

“Winter is here!”

“So, What a big deal? It comes every year!”

Right! But these days, the winter is totally different from the one during my childhood (early childhood to be specific). Winter at that time meant, ‘all play and no study’. Winter break would stretch for more than two months. A lot of fun time, you see!


Today I am feeling somewhat nostalgic as the frozen memories of early days decided to thaw, making their way down the cheeks just like the trickling from snow laden rooftops after a meltdown.

Christmas, in our part of world, is also known as ‘Bara Din’ meaning ‘Big day’ and it always used to be white, back then. I have been quite fond of snow since my childhood. I would pray for snow, every night before sleeping, and in the morning would rush out to see it first. If it wouldn’t snow, disappointed but hopeful, I would wait for the next night!

Weather in hills is known for its mood swings and to the joy of our hearts, it would snow when most unexpected. We would stand outside our home, with outstretched arms to feel the light snow flakes on our skin. With a lot of uproar, we would welcome the long awaited merry-maker.


Snow was an annual phenomenon, still, its charm never faded to us. I remember how each and every flaw of the neighbourhood would get covered so beautifully and it would look like a fairy land.

There used to be a hut with a grass rooftop in front of our house; snow would transform it to visual treat, receding slowly towards Earth and making icicles down the edges. Gosh! What a beauty!


As children are always children! Our gang would break these icicles and pretend as if having some weapons of war. Our hands would give up soon to the freezing cold. As per its nature, heat would travel away from our body, thereby melting our weapons and making them useless soon. Granny would yell from the window not to play with the snow but who would listen?

After getting totally numb, we would rush to the fireplace. Mommy, on seeing our completely sopping clothes, would give new set of woollens to wear, however with strict instructions of not going out again! We would nod but once the body would regain the vigour, in no time we would vanish in to the locality to witness its new avatars!

We would climb up the low lying roofs and slide down with the snow capes. We used to make it a point to spoil the snowy possessions of others while preserving ours. The expeditions would continue until our body felt nothing but fatigue. On finding the untouched smooth snow spreads in the open fields, we would mark the territory with different symbols including our initials or body impressions (standing with our back facing the snow followed by a free-fall, companions would help getting up so that we get a perfect one!). Personal favourite was the portrait of heart with a piercing arrow (It wasn’t easy for little feet, trust me!).


So simple but still so much fun! This might sound weird but we would eat fresh snow, however, always far from the sight of elders. Although, it was never desired, we had to return back home to get some warmth.

Life used to stop for adults as everyone had to stay at home. To make most of it, they would also indulge themselves in unusual activities. I remember Papa axing the logs, and Mom collecting the pieces, and piling them up on a ‘Sigri’ to be burned later in the evening. All of us would gather around the fire and relish funny jokes and stories of Kings and Queens. The ambiance would lighten up with the laughter and the togetherness…

To be continued…

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Is there a ‘Life’ after ‘Life’?

Have you ever thought what happens to us after we take leave from this world?

Where do we go?

Is death, the end of our journey or is it just the beginning?

We sleep over these questions every night and wake up again to be normal but what about the answers???

Many say, “Only body dies, the soul leaves for another life….”

I don’t know if it’s right or not! What I know is; Few days back, I planned a field-trip for my junior students where they had a rendezvous with diverse flora and fauna. They were really excited about it and enthusiastically volunteered for sample collection as well.

Back in the lab they disclosed, “Ma’am, we have captured something! Tell us what this radiant creature is?”


Seeing their interest, I said, “Just put it in a beaker and cover that with of a cloth.”

Not getting the answer, the students reluctantly followed the instructions.

Two days later a student energetically entered the lab and went straight to the beaker and shouted,

“Oh my God, it’s dead!”

Everyone else ran to the spot only to witness the struggle of ‘the’ creature for it had climbed up the wall of the beaker and  became motionless and changed to a lifeless thing.


Ma’am, did it die because we didn’t provide it enough food?”

Possibly!” I tried to be ignoramus.

So, from that day onwards, the ‘adventure’ ended for them and they got busy in their routine tests. During one of mine, I was strolling around the rows and happened to cross the beaker.

“God! I screamed. All the students turned heads to get a clue. I couldn’t contain the joy and signalled them to come over and see themselves.

All stand there with immense amazement on the faces; eyes and mouth wide open.

“Voilà! It’s a butterfly!”


The happiness on their faces was unmatched. Now was the time to explain this magical transformation or process of Metamorphosis’ which changes a crawler to flier and the students got illuminated.

What about us. Are we illuminated?

We illusion the death as the end of everything,


in reality, this is just the beginning…

of a new wonderful, beautiful and free journey….DSC01507