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Pissed off

You think you are doing great as mother!!!

Oh…Think again.

There are people who can bring you down any time of the day.

They just have to say, “For their kids, mothers do this, mothers do that and what not!”

In short according to them, these hypothetical mothers do those very little things ‘you don’t’!!!

And you are like, “What about the things  I do???? Why don’t you ever notice that????”

Why people keep judging you for things which are none of their business?

I mean, come on!!! 

Mother is ‘real’, not some copy paste command!!!

Leave her alone for God sake!!!

Give her a break!!!!!

Whose Mommy Smartest????

Mom or supermom, That’s the question!!!!

Ever been part of this competition which is going on in the modern world?
Every woman is in a race to present herself as the best possible mother to her kids which is good thing; kids are getting enormous attention as a bonus 😜😜 but do you ever think how stressful it is for mothers?????😨😨No you don’t!!! You just air the ideas and get doting mothers to business! 🙅🙅🙅

There was an invitation rather obligation from Glowingal’s new School for a mandatory appearance on the occasion of Mother’s day precelebration. Not just a common appearance; mothers were expected to show some swag 👸 if not gifted with a talent or so!!!

Thoughtfully I chose first; it’s easy for me.😊😊But it became rather complex; they needed two swaggers (👭) together in similar attire even the colour should match, and option was limited to INDIAN ONLY. What is this?

Anyways we managed it and walked on the ramp…hand in hand and with our charisma, won many hearts. 💞💞

Proudly we made our position in top five finalist as well. No wonder this mother would have won the ‘race’ for smartest mother, had my pretty pink partner remained stuck to her choices!!!

Oh…poor mommy was surprised to see that her daughter’s favourite colour had changed to yellow from pink (I mean since when???), and ShinChen replaced Doreman as her preferred cartoon character!!!!😱😱😱

I knew I was going to loose it…the race…to be the smartest mom!!!! 👹👹

Do I feel bad???

Yes I do!!!🙇🙇

Not for the title you swift minds, but the gift pack which the winner received…And nobody’ll ever know,’what was inside!’😢😢

Oh…Jokes apart…I didn’t feel bad at all. I am friends with failure. 😏😏

Yeah, it’s good to be competitive and get our heads into such events once in a while but should we depend upon others for telling us, ‘How good we are as mothers or as humans for that matter?’

Motherhood is a beautiful, demanding, and unique journey for each one of us…we make mistakes…we stumble…we learn…we become better…and then we make new mistakes…learning a new lesson everytime. That’s how it goes as per my experience and I believe, it’s the truest tale of all.

I don’t think any mother can be perfect (no offence…every mother’s love is PERFECT, without any question)!

Though she is always looking for ways to be perfect…tirelessly and trust me…there are many… undiscovered, unused ways…🤔🤔

So Mommies! Keep looking…keep improving and keep loving cause that’s what mothering is all about…

And yay…I am needed somewhere!!! Let me go and clean all the makeup mess that Glowingal just created; She looks horrible with all the smudged eye makeup!!!!😲😲😲
Happy Mothering all!😊😊😊

It Takes Two To Tango

Well it’s never easy to win with kids,try it…they make a scene so horrible…😨😨
And  also it’s not an easy thing to accept defeat at their hands… 😭😭

that’s why fine parenting is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You either lose your cool 😫😫 or there are chances that you’ll lose interest 😩😩

Then there are situations when kids put you in awkward situations in front of people…

My Glowingal is a huge dance enthusiast.Trying to be a considerate mom, I searched a dance school in this new place. After working all the details, I told mom-in-law to drop her to dance class as I had some work engagements.

But eventually I ended up picking her up early cause princess didn’t even enter the class!!!

why don’t kids respect  their parents’ decisions??? 🤔🤔Oh, she is too little for that!!!

When I asked the reason she said,” who teachs dance like this mamma? I don’t like it. I’ll never go there.”

Ahaan!!! There you go.

Less than 5 years of existence and this tiny girl uses her right to say NO better than me!🤔🤔

and dare to turn it to YES! I BETTER NOT!😁😁😁 especially in a public place!!!

I sensed the mood, held her hand and walked home. On the way tried various mother tricks to know the root cause, and voila! I found it.😮😮

“Why this school is so far Ma? I can’t walk! I get tired,” She complained with the sweetest face in the world.

My Waxy heart melted.

“I see. Is that the reason for your refusal?”

“Yes.please send me somewhere near…”

“Okay! Why not sweetie!”

And she went to the same dance school next day.🤓🤓

PS. She managed to sit there for one complete hour. I won’t let my hard work go waste. 😌😌 However it’ll take some more days to see my monkey actually jumping. I am in no hurry…this mom has tons of patience…and I am still growing it 🙋🙋

She Is Under The Spell Of Mom’s Magic Wand

These days, I am having a whole lot of ‘our time’ with my Glowingal 😇😇 and undenyingly, I am much in a ‘habit-correcting’ mode right now 🤓🤓. (What???? Don’t give mo those looks!!! Mom will always be mom 😊😊😊).
For a long time I have been using a trick to deal with my overly naugthy kid who obviously is very sensitive also. Whenever I want her to do something and she seems adamant, I simply utter,

“Do it to a count of five or…” and then I just start counting…one…two…three…

By the time I reach four she is like I am doing it mamma…and before I say five…she jumps, “I have done it!”💃💃


However I am equally amazed as to what actually she thinks, would happen after FIVE????

Anyways, I am not exploring right now…this tool is like a magic wand; very handy and harmless. Atleast a mother can catch a breath while the spell is on…

And…Let’s not think about the day when she won’t  even move after hearing FIVE…cause even I don’t know what after that!!!!!😁😁😁 

Kids Learn Things You Least Expect

I was wondering what made glowingal display every titbit from each corner of the house so artistically and I admit, quite beautifully !!!!

Now I found the answer…

Her inquisitive eyes speak it all…😍😍

Necessary… Cute… Evil.

Kids are a necessary evil.  If you don’t have them your life is empty; if you have them, you feel blessed but are definitely going to feel short of space soon ;).  

Bringing up children is more of a challenge than blessing, especially when your little one goes to school. Mother has to start school all over again and with a totally different perspective. My journey has just begun but I am all set. I belong to that breed of moms who are all armoured for every kind of situation; who don’t fear facing challenges! Win or loss…doesn’t matter.

Folks, my experiments with motherhood are going well. I am often showered with plenty of delightful moments fortified with unforeseen surprises (as bonus), and it seems unfair if I don’t share them with you.

My ‘GlowinGal’ is a piece in millions (I know every parent thinks the same 😉 ). She lives on extremes, sometimes behaving so sensible, leaving me aghast, and at times, she doesn’t miss any chance to make my blood boil; she keeps me on my toes. BUT I want to admit, my life incredibly INTERESTING and way too EXCITING, because of her ! 🙂

I am not a huge sports fan but last month when the entire world was hoping and fighting for medals in RIO, I too occasionally froze in front of the TV. Seeing the enthusiasm and the sportsmanship of the participants, I thought we should also try and focus on one sport for our daughter. Who knows, One day she might win a Medal for our country! 😉 (I just thought…remember.), and the thought passed with a new task waiting in the list.

Yesterday, when I came back home, she cheerfully welcomed me glowing golden with a Medal around her neck. I was like, “what is this for?”

“Ma, I got first position in Summer Holiday Homework!” She chirped.

“Really!” (I thought, I wasn’t as good as the other mothers. Have I outperformed them?)

I guess YES, and here is the proof. 😉

Enough kidding! I am in competition with no one. I just want to be good enough. Her little achievements make me more confident every-time, and I feel like going a step further…But I also know that I am a human and possibly not a PERFECT one.

But I am doing great and I am happy with that! 🙂


My Sunshine, My Rain, My Mom


Mother is the most precious gift given to us by Almighty God.

A relation─so pure; so unselfish, and look at us! We hardly realise her true worth! The more ‘intellectual’ we become, the more we take her for granted. When was the last time that you hold your mother’s hand, looked straight in her eyes and asked, “How are you Ma?” I know she is yearning for this very little gesture from your side but I also know that you don’t have time for such a thing. You are always full of excuses, “Oh this is just show off. I love her and she knows it.” I agree she knows but doesn’t she deserve to be reassured that you acknowledge the selfless love that she showered on you all her life, more when you were voiceless and helpless?

In the past, I myself have many times said it to my mom, “You won’t understand Ma!” and now I understand that ‘look of her’ in the reaction. Yes, now I understand, because I am a mother. Motherhood has made me understand many things to which I never paid heed ever. I understand now why my Mom always smiled when my eyes met hers. Why she used to panic whenever I complained of recurring headaches in childhood. She would use myriad methods to heal her ailing daughter. She is a strong believer in things beyond science, and amazingly her logic always proved right.

I understand now why she walked beside papa−to make every effort to make our life comfortable. I understand why she scolded me at places− so that I learn to differentiate right from wrong. I also understand why she overlooked many of my silly mistakes − to save me from the fury of others.

Did she ever think of getting her share of love in return?

I don’t know but from my own little experience as mother, all I have learned is that a mother goes through a lot for her children, and she does everything not due to some ‘motive’ but purely out of love. Its not-at-all justified if we just forget to tell her that we are not even thankful to have her.

Miles apart, I miss that sleeping by mommy’s side especially on a sunny winter afternoon; it felt like the safest place in the world. Now I am grown up and busy in my own struggles of life.

It is sad that a girl is supposed to leave her house and the relations which gave meaning to her life, but should physical distance be a barrier for returning love to a mother whose love has shaped our lives?

 Let’s make our beautiful mothers feel special and tell them that they are precious and irreplaceable…No matter what!

We Are Friends For…I don’t know how long! But If You Stay, I’ll Say… Forever !

Best Buds, You And I.. #friendship #quotes:

Friends are the siblings born to different parents, I have heard!

Last evening while roaming on the terrace, and alongside watching my daughter (soon-to-be-four) play with a boy from neighbourhood, I had to face an amusing situation. They were playing with toy cars, talking, giggling, rolling on the floor, and having great time. Suddenly my ‘GlowinGal’ took a pause, and came running to me, “Ma…Ma, I want to marry Namit?”

I was not expecting it, so, avoiding an exaggeration, I said, “Okay”. And off see went.

After that, leaving all the toys aside, the two started assembling wooden pieces and piling them up in some pattern known only to them.

“What’s going on kids?” I got curious.

“We are making home!” they responded without looking.

“Ahaan!” And before I could say anything else, GlowinGal started dancing.

“Now what’s it with you?” I got amazed.

“Aren’t we supposed to dance in our marriage”, she said in-between the moves.

(Well, I just heard that she wanted to marry this friend of her but she wanted it this soon, I had no idea 😉 !). I let her.

Cute Quotes About Lifelong Friends

And it’s funny that she forgot about it…completely, the very next day…He again was just a friend ;).

Next day, we were having mother-daughter conversation, “Darling, whom do you sit with in your Nursery class?”

“Rudra!” She said with a sparkle in her eyes.

I continued, “And who’s your best friend?”

“It’s Rudra Ma!”

Not for once did she mention the name of the boy she was planning to get married the previous evening. It’s a good thing that kids have a short memory otherwise by the time they actually become adults, they would be married, like zillion times ;).

“Rudra is a boy No! Don’t you have any girl-friend?” (I meant, girl as a friend)

“No!” She said in a low tone.

“Why?” I got worried. “What about Navya? Isn’t she a friend?”  

“But she sits with Athrava,” She said looking up.

“So?” (I was trying to have a conversation here 😉 )

“She’s his girl-friend Ma!” She revealed.

“Oh, so does that mean, you are Rudra’s girlfriend?”

“Yes and He’s my boyfriend Mamma!”

I was speechless but could not stop laughing :). (You might be so sure my little sweetheart but I am not sure about it!)

{It’s amazing how innocent childhood is! Kids don’t know what relations are all about.  I bet at some point of our life even we have thought of many stupid things. As a kid, many of us wished to marry our papa , isn’t it? Anyways, no one takes kids seriously, may be that’s why adults keep saying ‘No Kidding’!}

Seriously, I am not kidding now. we all meet countless people in life, a few of them become are friends and very few of them manage to stay till the end. Some are just fillers, so lost in the oblivion; those close-to-hearts always stay in memories and some special ones keep making our days brighter every now and then.

Sometimes All You Need Is Friends friends best friends friendship quotes minion minion quotes minion quotes and sayings:

Let’s Cherish the ones who are still there.

To my friends: I am glad I met you. Happy Friendship Day folks!

Keep smiling :).



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Mom-Daughter Moment ;)

Do you know how difficult is it to make a kid sit and do homework during the summer vacations?

Just imagine, one evening you come back from work only to discover that ‘Glowingal’ has undone all your efforts. This is how your first response goes-

Then, you look at your better half (who proved ‘not-so-better’ this time) for an explanation.

He: She pleaded to carry the notebook to the day-care!

Me: And you allowed!

He: She didn’t listen!

Me: Come on honey! She is not even four. You could have distracted her.

He: As if it’s so easy!

Me: Easier than doing it all over again, I guess.

(Point to remember, there’s a reason, he is named Mr CoolHead)  😉

So after dissipating all the heat, I turned towards the destructive soldier.

Me: Baby, why did you carry the school Notebook there?

She: Papa gave me that! She immediately shifted all blame.

Me: No, I mean what was the need to carry it there?

She: I wanted to do the homework?

Me: Alone!

She: No. Vanshika helped me.

Me: How, by tearing all the pages? How sweet!

She: We were studying mamma! Look I have written this.

Me: Aahan…I can see that. You really did a great job. But now you’ll have to do it again, in a new copy.

She: I’ll do it mamma, in a new Copy, Yay!

And mamma melts…into a new avatar…






Love Check!!

“It’s 46°C Outside,” wonders Mr CoolHead. “Are you sure you wanna do it?”

“More than anything,” I reply with confidence.

“What is it that you are dying to shop,” He continues.

“Are you coming?” I look in his eyes.

“I never said ‘No’. Thing is, it’s too hot out there,” He tries to clarify.

“Even this killing heat won’t scare me today,” I am so determined.

Any Mother would be.


Just imagine a situation when you are spending happy fun time with your darling daughter; Just the two of you. You suddenly feel like hearing some good admiring words (obviously in your praise). So you start the conversation:

“Love you princess. Do you love mamma?” (I know that’s stupid thing to ask, but I do ask her many a times 😉 ).

“Yes,” She nodded her head cutely.

“How much?” Mamma wanted more.

“Poora,” She spread he arms to the max.

“Oh my baby. Mamma also loves you, Poora, Poora!”I tried to hide her in my embrace.

“Where’s Papa?” She might have guessed the next question. So she pre-acted.

I thought of teasing her a little. Hence, I said, “He’s gone to USA.”

What? Why? And she started crying.

I made her calm. “Why do you cry darling? I am here with you.”

Very innocently she replied, “How will I catch my school bus?” Papa gives me a bath, combs my hair, packs my school bag and buys me candies?”

I felt snubbed, “I (putting my hands on my chest), your mamma, will do that honey.”

“No you can’t! You go to your work so early!” (Oh! She is right and intelligent too.)

Ah. In that case, let’s call Papa back today only, in-fact right now. But tell me one thing, is there anything that I do for you?” I was positive.

“Yes Mamma! You help in completing my homework.” (That was relieving. Little girl has some gratitude).

“And…”I raised my eyebrows and widened my lips curiously.

“And…She looked to the roof. “That’s all.” And she started playing with her toys.

That is all!”(I squeezed my eyebrows). “Okay. I am not losing on it. Baby, try to remember! There might be something.”

“Mamma, let me play!”She was uninterested.

“Is it so!” I have to tell her myself. I also do stuff.”I talked to myself but she is too young to understand that. But there’s no harm in talking without a voice.

[“Sweetheart, you remember that tasty, mouth-watering food you eat, Mamma prepares that; I clean the mess that you create every day, I do the dishes, and not to mention the never-ending laundry. You wear these beautiful dresses because I do a lot of thinking and shopping for you. I am the one who participates in your school competitions for parents and come out winner. I have to do a lot of brainstorming, you know. I plan all the family outings, take your pictures and treasure all your childhood memories. And, I…(pause).]

She hugged me, “I love you Ma.”

“I know you do beta.” (But inside there was a feeling of inadequacy. No doubt, I am doing everything I can but does it even matter? She doesn’t know or remember anything. Everything’s trivial. I am not doing anything ‘considerable’. All she remembers is what I am not doing!)

It’s not happening to me. I’ll have to work to be noticed. I think it’s time to add something interesting to the daily routine.

All said, now you understand why I am rushing out in that baking heat. I am going to bring some new indoor games which we three can play together and wish that next time when I again ask her the same silly question, she has something more to say. 🙂

So basically I am going inside the oven and hoping that when the timer beeps, a better mother comes out. Better… than what I was… before having this conversation.