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You Scare Women, O Man Of The Earth!

Yes, As a woman, I feel scared of this society of which I am the significant half. 

I am aware of the fact that I am  the mother of this society, still, I am not sure if my existence has any value anymore! Humanity has lost its meaning and it’s shocking how the ‘other-half’ of the society is desperate to erase the difference between a man and a beast.

A man who is also a protective father, a caring brother,  a loving son, a dependable partner, and a faithfull friend, it is strange but true that it is a man only who is responsible for the harming women like no one.

I see faces…of man, many innocent, handsome, curious, confused and some tired too, and I dare to search for the devil somewhere quiescent underneath these very worldly faces. I admit I am full of doubts about the genuineness of all the faces as if they seem to have worn some kind of masks…to deceive the world… during the day or at respective homes or in workplaces. As soon as there is an opportunity or the cover of darkness, I wonder how many faces succeed in keeping these masks on, and how many unmask the real monster face! 

Whenever I go somewhere, it’s my first priority to finish the task before dark so that I come back home… safe. Reason, I know staying out late is an invitation for trouble, and who knows, it might cost me something as precious as my life also! So better be safe than sorry!

When I sit in an auto-rickshaw, I tend to scan each and every face getting on and off, on the way. I subconciously yet constantly monitor the driver in the mirror. Does he look decent? What does his eyes say? Is he familiar to any of the passengers? My mind is busy in all sort of thoughts (obviously negative ones).

I double check before sitting, for its difficult to trust humanity, (read ‘Man’ity). More than one man in there makes me skeptical. What if they forced me to an obscure place? What would I do? How am I gonna save myself? My entire focus is am I in the right place or not?

Most of energy goes in thinking, thinking and… thinking. I AM ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT MY SAFETY….I am not safe as a kid, I am not safe as a girl, I am not safe as a woman…and worse, I am not safe even in the dusk of my life!

Is being a woman, a boon or a bane? Am I not needed on this earth? Or Am I needed just to be used (misused) like an object? 

I too am a human, a full fledged living being. I have all my senses working. I get scared; I feel pain. My life is equally important as that of any man.

Then Why is it so hard for a man to consider me a human?

(This post is the reaction to the incident of gangrape of a school girl in my state. Word rape has become so common that people take it just as another news and move on. Has anyone ever thought that what kind of impression is it putting on the mind of women folk? How is it affecting their psyche? Well, if such crimes continue to occur, the time is not far when, instead of rejoicing, a woman would feel ashamed to be a mother and sorrowful on the birth of a boy!)

Tough Row To Hoe But Hoe It Will…

Those who got it easy…always want it easy, and to their luck, they always get it easy too, cause EASY…is their thing. 

But surprisingly, they are surprised when people also start taking ‘them’ EASY!!!!🤓🤓🤓

And Those who always got it hard…also want it easy, but to their luck, they seldom get it easy, cause Easy…is not their thing.

And surprisingly, they too get surprised when people actually stop taking ‘them’ EASY!!!🤔🤔🤔

What a joke!!!!

The Grain’s Call

In India, there is a famous saying ‘daane daane pe likha he khane wale ka naam’, which in English would probably mean that each and every food grain comes with the fate of being eaten by someone specific’.

And yeah sometimes, it just fits so perfectly that you are automatically forced to believe the wisdom of ancestors.😮

One day, I got attracted to a picture on the street, thinking this place looks interesting, but carelessly heard the whereabouts of which I got a faint idea, and soon, I forgot the thing. 

Then one day we were going somewhere else and just near that place I enquired my mate, “isn’t it the same place I told you about”???
Supposed to be!”

Let’s go and check it out then.”

 and we turned the wheel to end up in a perfect weekend destination!!!!

Wow! This seems to be a happening place considering the masses having fun,” I said.

Then we headed to the main attraction the inviting gateway, a very old bridge leading to Shiva’s hidden abode.
Awkward thing-I was not dressed to the occasion.

Interesting thing-the brief conversation with the priest.

Actually there was a separate stairway leading to a platform, just in front of the temple, probably to have glimpse of God. The priests directed Mr CoolHead, “You go to the temple through main gate,” and then he pointed towards us, “and they will go up the stairs.

It was something new. 🤔🤔🤔
 Priests either allow women in some temples or they just don’t! 

What is this new system??? Or may be I misunderstood, so, to double check, I moved my index finger and asked him again, “May I?

He was  blunt,”Go if you wish to!

Difficult to keep mum to such directions, “I definitely wish to, that’s the reason I am standing here,” the words came automatically, and I climbed the stairs, bowed my head and came down.

He again called out to me,”Take the blessings.

I spread my hands and received the prasad, immediately mother came forward,and she too extended her arms.

Use your dupatta when you have one! Can’t say anything to those who don’t wear one!” He appeared like commenting to me!

I was like excuse me Panditji! This is all ‘mohmaya’. No one came with a dupatta during birth. God sent us without one. Then why do we need it now to seek his blessings???

He didn’t expect this, I guess! He became politer,”No… no, there is something good in it. You don’t know!”

May be but…

What’s going on? Why do you always have to argue with everyone?” Mr CoolHead interrupted to close the topic, and we left the premises…only to receive an exciting offer to have food along with those who were aptly dressed (I assume, God is happy. He doesn’t mind my not wearing dupatta!). This invitation was unexpected but pleasant. And moreover, who are we to say ‘No’  when God himself is taking care of everything?? 😃😃

The food was delicious especially because it was lunch-time or May be because it was absolutely free or probably because it was made with Grain’s having our names on !! 🤓🤓 Whatever it is, it was perfect!!!!

However in the arguing engagement, I could not ask about the history of the place which needs to be known…possibly next time! 😊😊

Connecting To The Roots

No matter where you go in your life, your roots always keep calling you, and it is there where you actually have the complete sense of belonging.

 Recently, My Glowingal too had a chance to visit her paternal roots; it was an occasion of paying homage to the local deity who had returned from a two months voyage of inner Himalayas. 

The man made abode of the deity standing tall.

Well,  for those who don’t understand, ‘Deities travel by means of real people’ who walk on feet for this duration, in the sun or in rain, in the rocks or in drain, with a smile or in pain; they eat and sleep under the open sky till they reach the destinations, the abode of lord Vishnu Badrinath and Lord Shiva Kedarnath, in Uttrakhand, North India, and after spending some time there, and performing some religious chores, they again come back on feet. 
Such devotion,for this long period of time, in this age, is commendable indeed!! 

Mind you, they are not the priests or something like that; they are normal people like you and me! And don’t think of comparing it to some treking adventure sort of thing; there are some rules, and you have to abide by them, and there are aged people with wisdom along in this group to make sure, things go in accordance with the rules. And moreover, they have to reach those revered Pilgrim points dot on time, so no scope for wandering mindlessly. 

According to me, it needs a lot of courage and determination to even nod for such a tedious journey, forget actually taking it! So, hats off to the voyagers and their faith!!!!

No wonder, the deity as well its ‘carriers’ deserve and get a fabulous welcome from the eagerly waiting people of the area. They are hardcore believers and nothing can dwindle this faith…no arguments, no logic!

I have seen the devotion with my eyes. People come from far far places to bow their head just once, and supposedly they enjoy the blessing hand of the deity. 

So yes, Glowingal too received holy blessings and we came delighted and light hearted. 

Religious attempts fill you with positivity that lasts, I have realized…

Young Blood Boiling; Time To Add Some Water!!!!


Was witnessing a chat between few youngsters…silently…no interference…trying to understand their point of view.
All I could make out is, the younger people think too much…more than needed…they move unidirectionally…like a horse with blinders.

In a way it is good for them as they don’t lose focus easily. This can help in achieving goals in short time span, provided the energy is channelised in a positive direction.

But flip side is that they don’t see beyond what they believe…however crude the belief is!!!! Their vision is limited…they are stuck…sometimes this leads to dirty politics as well…

and guess what…I am going to lead such monoculars!!!!! 😮😮😮😮

God have mercy on me!!!!!

And My Heart Goes Zoom…mmm…mmm💓💓💓

Exercise is good for health, we all know that but how many of us actually do it unless or untill it is the only option to come out some physical situation. Most of us work out to get a slimmer body and very few people actually workout for health purpose. 
Well I am no one to comment on that. So accept my  apologies. 🙏🙏

I am really health concious; I try to eat organic wherever possible, treat myself with a green cuppa 🍵every morning , do light yoga at times, and like but I am absolutely not the one starving myself by limiting my food choices. So there is no ban on Chocolates 🍫, pizzas 🍕, burgers🍔, samosas, paranthas etc. I totally enjoy eating them. So do I get fat? Hell yes! And especially around the belly…And that’s my kind of alarm to set a workout routine and you know what, I do it honestly, and once back to near normal, I just play it cool! I go easy. (Thankfully I don’t have a big sweet tooth, and my bod accepts and consumes everything religiously.)

So how am I dealing with this lazy yet all time hungry me?

 Well, it depends. This time, I chose to stay little far from the main road (benefits of living in rented apartments; you pick what you like). 

And I use public transport. So everytime when I  catch a conveyance, I have to walk for some 10 minutes, and I need to get off at a place which requires me to walk another 5 minutes to my work. So a walk of 15 minutes and obligatory total 30 minutes walk…not bad haan! No special time invested. I am killing two birds with single stone! Gosh, I have become Intelligent! 🤓🤓

And I am happy as I am doing some good to my heart. Now, Are you happy my sweet-heart (I am actually referring to my heart)! I am taking good care of you no! So what if I don’t do strenuous exercise.I suppose you are getting good blood.

I hope you and me will be working happily together for long sometime slowly at times picking pace. You just do me a favour. Keep beating at least 70 times a minute… 😁😁 ofcourse until death do us apart….

Finding Peace Among Migrating Woes

Feeling like a Salmon these days…

No!!! I am not into swimming or anything like that…
You are reading the blog of a zoologist, so expect some animal things here 😜😜

Well, as many of you know, Salmon is a fish which migrates…from sea to river, and then back.

It’s not a continuous journey:; it spends years at every home, adjusting to a new environment, undergoing numerous physiological and behavioural changes, All the time fighting for it’s life. Tell you the truth, her life is a continuous struggle.

Born in the hills, having fair skin, plenty Blood cells, lean body, and cool mind…one day I migrated to plains…where it’s hard to stay cool for many reasons.My body lost tons of fluid, it was dusty, sweaty, and hot out there. My skin gathered some melanin as a sun guard, becoming dark, My hair lost sheen…but slowly I adapted to the environ.

And now that I am back to hills, THE TRANPORTATION SHOCK is visible. My skin asks to make up for those gallons of moisture lost; it’s damn dry here and when I try to nourish it over night, I feel like oil factory the next morning except my thirsty face which still asks for more!!!! 

Before writing this…I was coming out of home…and as soon as I started walking…it felt like walking on grease and the moment I sat…the skin felt sand dry!!! What the hell!!!

Yeah, having little tough time…and to worsen the things, my under eye granules are making their appearance back!!! Last thing I remember hating…

So basically I am in trouble as far as my skin is concerned but last  night I was on the terrace…the soft touch of the mountain breeze felt like compensating for all these troubles…I remembered the killing hot summer wind of plains…and immediately, I felt in peace with Nature. As I believe, Nature to be the best healer and I know it will find the balance…soon.

‘This’ is where my heart belongs to…and this is how it goes from here…so I better gather all possible tools cause it’s a cool but dry bumpy ride ahead….😊😊😊

Goodbyes Are Sometimes Reminder Of Our Basic Instinct To Love

Am hearing an audio recording…
Well…It’s not just a recording but a beautiful gift of extreme emotions and admiration wrapped with strong threads of friendship and humanity… and clearly, I have tears in my eyes…and I am thinking of returning some love….

Farewell is a wish of happiness or welfare at parting especially permanent one. At work, it mostly means a formal bye to a person who was there with you for a significant amount of time; there’s a mandatory gathering of people willingly or forcibly 😉😉, and then there’s eating and drinking together for…one last time.🍝☕
That’s how most farewells go. Isn’t it?

Recently I too had an opportunity to receive farewell wishes at my workplace where I worked for more than five years. Internally always wishing to be at a better place, it won’t be wrong if I say I was kind of settled in there. Most of things were pleasant (with a few exceptions ofcourse).

 I had the most amazing bunch of colleagues as friends, and found a family away from home. We don’t realize the worth of many things unless it’s time to part from them. Same is true here, I always wished to go but never thought going would be so hard.But when it’s time…it is time, and it was my time to leave. 🙏

Even when we are not there where we want to be, do we stop living? No we don’t! and while we live, we make memories…good or bad! These memories keep people close or drift them apart. The ones who come close once, always stay close…distance doesn’t matter.
I found some really good people in an unknown land, they made my life comfortable with their caring nature and loving behavior. I totally felt at home. The work became fun and College a fun hub! I loved to be there; it was never a burden. Even those 40+ degrees in summer were bearable because of the jolly company that I had in the College and also during our way back home…yeah, in the bus!

I can’t thank enough you people for the best of time there and the bestest farewell ever.To some extent, I knew you admired me but never thought you loved me so much. I am amazed on hearing so much good about myself. Like I always say, appreciating others is not an easy thing to do. So it’s really touching to see that people actually bothered to notice what I did, and it really feels special on hearing those golden admiring words. I am overwhelmed and will always remain so.
 Neelam, I called you my sister, I’ll try my best to be one. You know my nature! Me jo bolti hu…wo definitely karti hu! I always felt comfortable discussing anything and everything with you. We had the craziest time…whether it’s discussing the TV serials, movies, Gods, rituals, gossiping about the hot happenings, partying in the ‘khatara’ bus, or dancing at the weirdest place, you were there. Well, you have been integral part of this fun filled journey. Trust me, You are a  wonderful person. 

Before this also I had good buddies like Meenakshi and Preeti. They are to be thanked for a lovely time.
I am so deeply touched by the kind words of RC Sharma, Ravish, Saroj, Sangeeta, Ramneet, Pooja, Baljeet and even Meera ji. You guys are the gentlest souls. I pray to God to bless you abundantly. 

I can’t thank enough my other partners in crime, my busmates…especially beautiful Poonam, Harjeet, Mamta, Sheenoo, Prerna…and everyone for being the best companions in the adventure numbered 22. Haha…

Sandi, you are unforgettable buddy! I wish much progress in your life.

 Finally, My Boss, who was my guiding star, whom I’ll always look up to, and whom I’ll always be indebted for the immense faith that she had in me! She cared softly like a mother and dared strongly like a good leader.Society needs more of such women.

 And my words fail to express the gratitude to the entire IJDCian family including my adorable students who made me think, “I can make a change if I really want to.” Their love is so pure and unconditional, and I am going to treasure it for my life. 

And then there’s one person who never thinks twice about any word of mine, trusts me, and always fills the vacuum created by me…that’s you Sandeep Kaur! Thanks dear for accompanying me in every tiny step of mine.
I tried to thank you all in my parting speech also but I don’t know for how long once heard words stay in our brain, So here I am making our emotions for each other immortal on AfterGlow.

And if someone’s thinking I didn’t mention his/her name or pic…kindly know that I am a poor human with short memory and limited photographs…😉😉😉

Long live Humanity
Long live Friendship.🍻🍻🍻



I Am No different!


‘I am mature and I am stronger emotionally’, this is what I have been telling myself for years.

How true is this?

I have always been the worst in handling emotions; my tears used to find meagre reasons to spill out. I have been vulnerable; I have been exceptionally weak. Even a slight blow would break my heart into pieces.

Did that affect anybody?

I guess nobody… except me!

So I changed myself or let’s say time changed me.

But have I really overcome those unsung hurricanes arising in the deepest part of me? Have I really become immune to the turbulence that life poses every now and then? Do the mishaps occurring everyday affect me less now?

Most of the time I believe so but why is it that an unfortunate incident or the sorrowful faces involving the loved ones always pull me down to where I started?  When there is suffering, I am utterly weak and badly in tears!

However I have gained courage over time to compose myself and get up again to face the truth (however ugly it is) but it does hurt.

So does that mean there’s nothing that can make you woe-proof?

Or is it necessary to become fragile once in a while in order to feel that you are actually ‘alive’ cause no reaction to a situation is definitely, not a ‘sign of life’!

For A ‘Change’ Only

Image result for Change indian  money

Its Monday folks! The worst day of the week you bet, where I am always running late in the morning for everything. The Fun day (Sunday) makes me so sluggish that it has become a habit to forget one or a few things at home and repent later.

But this Monday, I am in no hurry as you can see; I am writing! 🙂

Thanks to Pt Nehru, our first Prime minister; it’s his birthday today and our country celebrates it as ‘Children’s Day’ which is really cool. Why?

Come on, we all have our days, don’t we?

So first of all, here’s me wishing every kid over there, a happy ‘Children’s Day’, and as far as parents are concerned, I guess their every day is a children day 😉 which is sometime happy, and sometime the crazy one! But what to do, that’s the part of the deal ;).

Somehow I remembered and wished my girl first thing in the morning. She reverted the sentence as such after adding ‘let me sleep mamma!’

‘Fine’. When children themselves are not excited, why should I? Instead I picked my lappy and resumed my writing which I have been neglecting for a while.

Pleased by the gesture of my students on Teacher’s day, I promised to return the favour on this very day, forgetting it would be a holiday! But I didn’t know this day would coincide with the birth Anniversary of ‘Guru Nanak Ji’, the first Guru of Sikh religion (actually he is to be thanked for this holiday). This community celebrates the day with all pomp and show, I have heard, and am planning to visit a ‘Gurudwara’ nearby, may be in the evening. Many ‘happy returns of the day’, to all my Sikh brother and sisters.

The air in our country was ‘still’ for a few days; the currency change came as an agitator. You can see confused faces all around. Tell you the truth, just before the moment, this decision was made public, my daughter made me spend the last 500 note in my wallet. So I was happy as a clam.

Not for long you know, neither I nor Mr Coolhead had change or the smaller notes! Still we did great, leaving apart a few outing plans which needed to cancelled due to the never-ending queues in front of banks and ATM where we stood no chance! We didn’t even have the old currency in hand! So the weekend was spent at home, doing some important house chores like giving sun bath to the woollens as the winter is gradually approaching. I still have the job to empty the closets of summer clothing, and make them disappear as if they never existed, not at-least till April next year. Funny, seasons change but the jobs never ;).

In all, we were fine being cashless. Sensing our ease, the mighty employer decided to pay for our services before time and in cash! I mean why? What’s the hurry?  But as they say, beggars don’t have choice (that doesn’t make me a beggar though, I don’t beg, I earn, remember), and so right now, we have the hard-earned, priceless, good-for-nothing-notes lying helplessly in my cupboard unless of-course they make their entry to the bank itself to become pricey once again 😉 . But seeing the never-ending lines, I better wait; there’s enough time. 🙂

No wonder, the people who have references, have changed their notes to new ones the very next day. But commoners without links again have to wait for the right time. Well, anything for a cleaner Country! 🙂

So how’s it going with you guys? Have you got rid of the old notes? Do check the places where you normally hide the treasure to be surprised to find it later or you are sure to surprised one day ;)!

Ciao and have a great week with much change in your ‘pocket’ and a huge change in the ‘country’. 🙂


(Rhyme it with Sun)