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Open Your Hearts; Spring Is Already Here!

Today, we here in north India celebrated the first day of Spring. 
So whole day was about getting yellowed all over…

Head out and spend some time with Nature and Naturals….

The Nature lover in me didn’t shy to get drunk with the mindblowing fragrance of the mustards along with the bumbling bees, and the eyepleasing scenery all around was enough to forget the life miseries. 

The vibrant fields  danced merrily to the tunes of sweet breeze as if welcoming the new life and we swayed along. what a feeling!

Though it is still very cold in the morning; spring has already knocked on our doors and  we happily welcome it…with a smile.

Let there be light

“Tamso ma jyotirgamaya ”

From the darkness of Ignorance to the light of knowledge….

An Unusual Date With Nature

Last month, I put my feet on this marvellous land mentioned in ancient scriptures for its unknownness, and in current books for its difficult life conditions. I entered the gateway to the cold desert of India and celebrated some of its amazing and unique  hues. Lately, it was a dream and now fulfilled, though partially. I still yearn to explore the valleys on foot, may be some day!


Our first halt was ‘Reckong Peo’- the town, surprisingly with every amenity necessary for a comfortable life. Earlier, I had the opinion of its being backward and tough (the result of its such portrayal by criers). The location is wonderful and sunny, and the climate, all pleasant. It is also known as ‘Land of Gods’. The visuals here, certainly make it ONE!






‘Kalpa’ is another beautiful hamlet near ‘Reckong Peo’.

The ambience is miraculous. The canopy of glistening pine and apple trees catch your gaze, the crawling  ice-cold water streams freshen your senses, and the picturesque snow laden Himalayas in front, leave you spellbound.  The walk through the village sends you back in time, far from the hustle and bustle of modern era.





IMG_20160625_14131  DSC_3690

Once there, the desire to come back to the animated life, vanishes…

(until of course you realise that the clock it ticking and you are running out of ‘leaves’ 😉 ).

(It is summer. For more mind-blowing winter pictures, go google it. The above photos are taken by ME except for the ones with date. Their credit goes to a  friend, Umesh Chandel, MD.)

No roof is un-safer than this!!!

Taranda Rocks on the way to Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh, India.


July 2016 016


July 2016 012


July 2016 013



Celebration of Colours

When Nature itself is all drowned in colours, How can you stay clean!!! 😉


No ‘Me’ Without ‘You’


Ardhanarishvara, a composite androgynous form of the Hindu god Shiva and his consort Parvati (also known as Devi, Shakti and Uma in this icon).

Ardhanarishvara is depicted as half male and half female split down the middle. It represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe symbolizing that both cannot be without the other – one is incomplete in the absence of the other.



Where’s all the Gold?






Golden Glow


A Few Glimpses from ‘Geeta Jayanti’ Celebrations

As I promised in my earlier post Happy Anniversary Geeta, here, I am sharing a few pictures of the auspicious Birth Anniversary Celebrations of The Geeta in Kurukshetra at very picturesque BrahamSarovar. Hope you like. 🙂


Dazzling BrahamSarovar


King size sweet (Jalebi)


Beauty in reflection


Kashmiri Kahwa


Kahwa being poured from traditional pot


Deep daan



Floating Warm moment