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​Exhausted yet so damn alive

Relaxing inside my newly made hive

With the view of happy green trees

Dancing in the mountain breeze

The sultry tranquil ambiance

Rekindling the lost romance

I am so close to you right now

In the race, I missed it somehow

Here everything is picture perfecter

No more agonies, just the showering of nectar

Where all harshness is coated with honey’s sweet feature

Eventually…mutating us zombies into the normal creatures.



Life Beyond Visibility

What made you think,
The caterpillar stopped feeling?

It’s an apparent quiescence for the feebles,

Wise need no explaination,

Of the unceasing turmoil,

The loss of dear possesions,

That breaking down bit by bit,

But with a conscience so intact,

Not letting a sigh be heard,

Any painful jerk be felt,

For, it’s not the eternal suffering,

But an ephemeral halt,

Before the freedom,

only a leap away…

Hued Dusk and Dawn

One of the finest evenings it is,

The ambience around is difficult to miss;

The youth shouting jubilantly in the pastures,

Tender hearts wholeheartedly imitating the masters.

The merriment is at such extreme height,

Even the birds don’t feel like pausing the flight.

The old trying to relive their days of past,

Wondering how time has moved so damn fast.

Standing at a distance the witnesee I

Smile now, the other moment take a sigh.

Why the grown ups make an appearance so dull,

Where the child in them got lost, all left is a Gull.

The melancholy soon erased by the tiny sprouts on trees,

Sun will again rise in a new day, leave all fears, forget all worries.

To every end there was a begininng nodoubt,

And every start is destined to an uncertain fullstop.

What matters is a life lived happy and fine,

Humming from heart, how many emotions did it define.

Why In The God’s Name???

The clock is ticking on wall,

Why Time refuses to become dear?

The Heart is beating in chest,

Why my Life denies to change gear?

When breathing is audible,

Why no music reaches my numb Ear?

Oh somebody tell me,

When Sun is shining bright in the sky,

Why no warmth is melting my tear?

My World Was Longing for A Rejuvenation :)


I woke up this morning,

To the arrival of my fair lady;

A guest so cherished,

A reason for much celebration.

So white, so light like feather,

Having the purity of an angel;

Inspiring me to charge up,

And see the hidden motivation.

To do my duty silently,

Without any flashes or roars;

No desire to show it off,

Without disturbing any imagination.

To work towards a magical world overnight,

Which clearly needed a renovation.

Dead Heat



You said

Let’s be good friends

And live happily.

I said

Too late honey

The moment you looked at me

I died already….

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Love in The Mist


Moment to die for

You are by my side

In mere disbelief

I looked in your eyes

Are you real or

I am after a mirage,

For I’ve never seen you

So close to touch; to feel.

My heart sings joyously

I wish this moment to stop

This gaze should freeze.

I’ll never let go of this hold

Never blink my eyes

For I worry

Worry you’ll leave

Never to come back.

Soon everything will fade

And I’ll be deserted once again.

To my surprise

I am smiling,

However ephemeral it was

The moment was ours

You were there,

I know

You were there….


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Again, I saw you

still so charming and handsome,

with that piercing gaze

completely, robbing me.

Again, you left me

at the mercy of time

to shed the tears of loss

nearly, killing me….