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Happy Teacher’s Day

First Week of September has been awesome till now! First the birthday bash and now the Teacher’s Day Celebration. It’s Gala time folks…

I always knew that I am a good hard working teacher but as good as to be able to touch young hearts, about this, I was kind of sceptical!

Just imagine when students walk over to you to tell you how special and significant role you play in their life, and  genuinely, their actions speak louder than their words… You feel elated, confident and proud… as if something’s been accomplished! 🙂


This was the best thing to hear on this special day. It’s one thing to adore a teacher but to convey the feeling in plain words,  without  buttering  up…I am amazed how students do that!

I just wonder why we loose this innocence and clarity of thoughts over time and start keeping our feelings to ourselves. Why don’t we let loose…why don’t we ‘be’ what we ‘are’ and show what we actually feel! Why there has to be pretending?

No matter how much we pretend…the truth somehow manages to  show up saying- ‘Happiness increases if we share, and Love multiplies if Care… and…

this is no ‘secret’ but a proven ‘mantra’ for a happy fulfilling life.

So on a happy note,

Cheers to sanctity of Teacher-Pupil Relationship since time immemorial. 🙂


Femina shining

Everyone talks about Women empowerment, these days and there’s no doubt, woman is actually excelling in every sphere of life. As a woman, I feel proud that I have the talent and guts to compete and excel on my own. I can manage my home and my relations fairly, along with creating an identity of my own. This definitely gives a feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment. Financial independence has worked wonders for women. Even the children of a working and independent women, respect and value their mother more. Good for everyone including the father (a happy wife is equal to a happy life 🙂 ).


Society is fast-moving towards a change. Females are recognising their potential and leaving every obstacle behind to achieve their goals and setting them higher. Have you ever thought why is it that woman has to start from a scratch to carve a space for herself? Why didn’t she get ‘even treatment’ from the peers? What in the past forced her to lose her identity and then struggle again to get it back?

I read somewhere that earlier, primitive men (refers to both man and woman) used to live a life of nomad wandering places and both sexes i.e. male as well as female, were equally strong (it was the need of the hour). In order to ensure survival, it was necessary to go hunting and everyone was responsible for looking after their own appetite.


Later on they started socializing and dividing labour. Female had to bear children; this phenomenon automatically made her weaker sex. With the invention of fire, cooking of meat started and this brought stability in their life. Man chose to settle down ; to form families. He opted to be the ‘bread earner’ of the family whereas it was the duty of the female to look after the progeny and cook for them, so she deliberately stayed indoors.

Everything went well until one day when the ‘earner of the bread’ started to act like ‘owner of  the breed’, and subsequently dominated the society, pushing his better half to a life of anonymity, making her completely housebound. This continued unabated for ages and eventually reached its pinnacle (or should I say Nadir).


Hence, a Change was inevitable. The hypo-static women started experimenting, the itch to be free started bothering her, May be that’s why she started endeavouring into men’s arena, intentionally. Although, it has become an instinct of woman to rear her family but how can we forget, she was a free soul to begin with!

Enough said and written. There is no doubt, ‘Woman’ is the stronger and smarter sex (more on it later). She has got not only the looks but brains too. Need is to discover the hidden strength and showcase it.


My words for now, “hurry up Woman…clear up the mess fast…and …shine as bright as you can”. The world is waiting for you.