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We Are Friends For…I don’t know how long! But If You Stay, I’ll Say… Forever !

Best Buds, You And I.. #friendship #quotes:

Friends are the siblings born to different parents, I have heard!

Last evening while roaming on the terrace, and alongside watching my daughter (soon-to-be-four) play with a boy from neighbourhood, I had to face an amusing situation. They were playing with toy cars, talking, giggling, rolling on the floor, and having great time. Suddenly my ‘GlowinGal’ took a pause, and came running to me, “Ma…Ma, I want to marry Namit?”

I was not expecting it, so, avoiding an exaggeration, I said, “Okay”. And off see went.

After that, leaving all the toys aside, the two started assembling wooden pieces and piling them up in some pattern known only to them.

“What’s going on kids?” I got curious.

“We are making home!” they responded without looking.

“Ahaan!” And before I could say anything else, GlowinGal started dancing.

“Now what’s it with you?” I got amazed.

“Aren’t we supposed to dance in our marriage”, she said in-between the moves.

(Well, I just heard that she wanted to marry this friend of her but she wanted it this soon, I had no idea 😉 !). I let her.

Cute Quotes About Lifelong Friends

And it’s funny that she forgot about it…completely, the very next day…He again was just a friend ;).

Next day, we were having mother-daughter conversation, “Darling, whom do you sit with in your Nursery class?”

“Rudra!” She said with a sparkle in her eyes.

I continued, “And who’s your best friend?”

“It’s Rudra Ma!”

Not for once did she mention the name of the boy she was planning to get married the previous evening. It’s a good thing that kids have a short memory otherwise by the time they actually become adults, they would be married, like zillion times ;).

“Rudra is a boy No! Don’t you have any girl-friend?” (I meant, girl as a friend)

“No!” She said in a low tone.

“Why?” I got worried. “What about Navya? Isn’t she a friend?”  

“But she sits with Athrava,” She said looking up.

“So?” (I was trying to have a conversation here 😉 )

“She’s his girl-friend Ma!” She revealed.

“Oh, so does that mean, you are Rudra’s girlfriend?”

“Yes and He’s my boyfriend Mamma!”

I was speechless but could not stop laughing :). (You might be so sure my little sweetheart but I am not sure about it!)

{It’s amazing how innocent childhood is! Kids don’t know what relations are all about.  I bet at some point of our life even we have thought of many stupid things. As a kid, many of us wished to marry our papa , isn’t it? Anyways, no one takes kids seriously, may be that’s why adults keep saying ‘No Kidding’!}

Seriously, I am not kidding now. we all meet countless people in life, a few of them become are friends and very few of them manage to stay till the end. Some are just fillers, so lost in the oblivion; those close-to-hearts always stay in memories and some special ones keep making our days brighter every now and then.

Sometimes All You Need Is Friends friends best friends friendship quotes minion minion quotes minion quotes and sayings:

Let’s Cherish the ones who are still there.

To my friends: I am glad I met you. Happy Friendship Day folks!

Keep smiling :).



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Lost and Found


In this journey called life, you meet countless people but not many stay, forever. Exactly when, you start to have the best time together, something weird happens drifting them apart, for no significant reason, as if this was it! Even distant, you still try to stay in-touch or at-least informed of their well-being but inside you know the magic is fading, bit-by-bit.

You miss them tremendously in the beginning, for, there is a massive vacuum, sucking your soul all the time. You wish, you pray for things to be undone but truth is life has moved on and…there is one more truth… humans are humans…so it’s not surprising that you also find reasons to move on.

Have you ever stopped and thought, even once that have you really moved on?

We think that we have moved on but truth is bizarre. We mostly end up finding similar kind of people, we left or lost. In a crowd of myriad faces, we unknowingly/unintentionally bump into the same material in a different package. So in a way, we are always there, where it all started.

May be that’s Nature’s way of making up to the loss…

Dead Heat



You said

Let’s be good friends

And live happily.

I said

Too late honey

The moment you looked at me

I died already….

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My Thanksgiving: Be Thankful Challenge

Thanksgiving is already here and what a perfect time to be nominated for a “Be Thankful Challenge.” Moreover I don’t think it’s a challenge, in fact it’s an opportunity to express my gratitude. Entire credit for this act of timing  and thoughtfulness goes to a Parveen and Kevin, again. They think I can do it. Well, Here I go…

The Rules

– Share this image in your blog post
– Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for
– Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for
– Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part 


There are many people who have made my life worthwhile but I am supposed to name five only. 

GOD: First and foremost, I am thankful to ALMIGHTY for giving me everything OPTIMUM-neither too much nor too less…just optimum. Family, friends, love, passion, compassion, emotions, happiness, sorrows, beauty, brains, talent, freedom and money…everything just optimum. A little more of some would have made me ARROGANT and with little less of many, I am sure to live like MISERABLE. Thank you GOD, You are kind.

Guides: Throughout life many people help us become whatever we are today. Our parents, who watch our every step since birth, caress, scold and mould us; my parents have done their part really well and I am so thankful, I have them. If you have a supportive family, heaven is right here; I am blessed. And yes I am grateful to my guarding and guiding angel who confided in me and always stayed on my side.

Mr CoolHead: AlpenGlow exists because there is someone who is overdoing things. Before being anything else, he a true friend and caring partner. I am so so proud for having Mr Coolhead. In the beginning he was the first person to read whatever crap I would write and he would appreciate it. He encouraged me to go ahead with AlpenGlow. The faith in his eyes made me shed my inhibitions to some extent and I could write whatever I have, till now.

Believers/Followers: After writing my first post, I waited and waited but no one ever visited. I was about to drop the idea and then this beautiful lady appeared on the screen…her name is Brey; My first follower on AlpenGlow. Thank you Brey, you were GOD sent. She became the torch-bearer leading you all in, gradually and I am thankful to all of you (including my dear friends on Facebook) for being patient with me and letting me stay till now. My expectations are soaring high and I hope you will be there in future too.

Non-Believers/Doubters/Back-stabbers: Earlier I used to be afraid of them and hated them; not now! I have a new outlook. I have realized that actually they are the INSTANT source of inspiration. Thanks buggers, for being a constant NUISANCE; you are making me more CREATIVE.

I am thankful wholeheartedly for following five things which happened in 2015:

Birth of AlpenGlow:

For me AlpenGlow is not just a phenomenon, it’s an IDEA which changed my life for good, for better. It channelized my limitless energy into something constructive. I am a different person; much happier, satisfied, confident and immune to the widespread negativity. I feel like a floating iceberg in an infinite ocean called blogosphere along with many similar and non-similar icebergs approaching and drifting away from time to time. So diverse but deep down all alike, containing masses of human emotions roaring to be unchained, to be released and to be surfaced.

Respect and Recognition at Workplace:

This has been by far the best year at work. I gained whatever could be expected in such a setting. I get opportunities to sit next to the Head of the Institution and kindle the lamps with her to commence any ceremony in the College. In a nutshell, I AM IMPORTANT (Thanks you ma’am), THE CHOSEN ONE and A STY in the eyes of many PEERS 😉. Moreover, my services have been regularized…another achievement of the current year, considering I am residing in a land where only nepotism prevails. I feel great and thankful.

An ideal Preschool for GlowinGal:

Being a part of the education system, I am totally aware of fakesters. “All that glitters is not always GOLD”. Finding a good school was not at all easy. Many whys and hows led to present one which is IDEAL if not BEST.

Healthy Family:

I have a very lovely and lively family but lately many health issues raised their heads and I was worried like HELL. Suffering occurred, revitalization took time but eventually everything is OKAY if not PERFECT.

My Début in THE TRIBUNE:

It might be a just another line for you to read but it’s one of the things I always wished for. It’s not easy for a layman to get published in more than century old and very reputed newspaper and share space with veterans; it was like a dream come true. Such is the status of The Tribune. And the day I saw my name there, I realized what it feels like to be on cloud nine because I was exactly there 🙂 .

I would like to know more about the following people and see what they are feeling thankful for.






Haha…All ladies!!! I think I forgot it’s also the Women empowerment that I am thankful for in the end.


Have Fun.

Mann 🙂


This summer was awesome because I met the best of my buddies, after almost two years. And now that we all have children, it was kind of special. Some fourteen years back, we bumped into each other. An instant connection led to a spontaneous friendship.  Together we laughed; we cried (Okay, it was I, most of the times); we argued; we fought; we mocked; and we sulked . In short, we drove each other nuts and today, here we are, so far still so near. We were kind of fanatical, who spent some nastiest moments together and some best ones too. Everybody admires and longs for such a friendship and I have it for real. I treasure them all and try to catch up when and where possible. But I have not been the same always. People often say, “Making friends is easy; keeping them is hard.” And for me, both were tough cookies. Before these super chums, I have had really few friends (even in my childhood). I can count them on fingers. (I don’t consider accompanying crowd ‘friends’). For me friends always meant the ones like you see in the movies; the ones doing anything and everything for one another; going to any extremes types. But to my dismay, earlier I met mere earthy people, lacking any such trait. No wonder they missed permanent stay in my life.

Sometimes in sixth standard, I tried to lower my expectation and voluntarily asked a girl to be my best friend (it sounds funny I know) and guess what she said yes; Making me the happiest person on earth. Now that I had a pal, I tried to live the fantasy, I always had. I tried to be caring and sharing. Seeing such devotion parents sometimes got irritated too. I remember myself convincing my mother once, “So what ma, I spend so much time with her, even more than you. Aren’t we supposed to care?” How naive. But this friendship saga ended soon as I changed place for further studies. Though I missed her but we never contacted. And now that she was out of sight, slowly she went out of mind too. Thanks to other distractions.

The search for a true friend continued. I met some akin on the way but destiny soon parted our ways, until this fair and beautiful lass crossed my way. Best part, we stayed in same locality, studied in same college. I really spend some good time with her for around three years. We studied together, ate together, and talked incessantly while walking our way to home. But at times, I realized we were not able to do stuff, I believed true friends are supposed to do. Blame it to our being girls (that too teenage), who have their societal limits set. Fine, now I understand that and not an issue any more. Eventually, we two went our own ways and the gap just kept expanding.

I was lonesome again. I won’t say alone because there are some angels in our life who persistently keep guarding and guiding us, never leaving us alone, no matter what we do or think (I am blessed to have one in my life). But a friend is a friend. Plus, I was in a new place and for me; this was a terrible time to stay chum less. I hated the place, though earlier this very place was my prime longing. But great God had his plans, I think better ones. It was here only that my search for THE BEST FRIENDS ended and never again after that, I felt the need to look for ‘true friend’.


Today, I wish to thank you all for just “Being” there. HAPPY OUR DAY.CHUMS-AB

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