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For World Sake, Stop Making Fun Of Girl’s Fun!

img-20160405-wa0007It feels great when you see Facebook updates of girls’ gangs going out on weekends, all by themselves! (read it, without the so called ‘security guards’ from the opposite gender)! You are like ‘So what! Today, girls are independent, and they have every right to do so!’

Though, we would definitely love the above idea, had we not witnessed many inappropriate incidences occurring around us. I am a firm believer in equality whether it’s a matter of education, work, duties, responsibilities… and even FUN. Yes, we all should have an equal right to enjoyment! But is it so?

Recently the Newpapers talked too much about ‘Bengaluru issue’. Even we as human need to ask ourselves, ‘Why such accidents occur?’

It is sad, really. Do celebrations mean only to get deadly drunk and spread anarchy? or do people get drunk only to cover for their regrettable animal behaviour shown while intoxicated! Well, when a crowd is high, it’s stupid to expect decency from them.

During a recent trip, I witnessed this absolutely ‘never-going-to-fill’ gap between two genders, no matter how modern they claim themselves to be! (By modern I mean the ones who boasts of not believing in the ‘Set’ norms in a society). But unfortunately, I didn’t notice any modernisation, except for the emptying bottles, raising voices, and declining etiquette!  ‘Sanes’ were mutating to some ‘Junkies’; adopting some alien language as the booze was getting over their heads. We saw them spoiling the fun for the opposite gender. There were many girls’ troops also who spent equal money, for what?

Hundreds of the ‘joy-blind’ males  were having ‘their’ kind of fun and tens of the ‘fun-hungry’ females were helplessly staring from distance…the chaos. How could they join in, carefree? I question?

With such wrong expression of joy, how the females were expected to have fun?

The latest anarchy in Bengaluru is nothing but an advanced stage of such nuisance!

So does it mean girls should let people mistreat them for showing courage to venture out and call it fun or should they remain confined to four walls and time limits of their house and work places, and always calculate all the pros and cons before trying to enjoy outdoor?

I don’t have the answer. I only have questions! And one question that keeps bothering me all the time is not ‘Why should boys have all the fun?

but ‘When would boys know this is no more…fun?


We Are Friends For…I don’t know how long! But If You Stay, I’ll Say… Forever !

Best Buds, You And I.. #friendship #quotes:

Friends are the siblings born to different parents, I have heard!

Last evening while roaming on the terrace, and alongside watching my daughter (soon-to-be-four) play with a boy from neighbourhood, I had to face an amusing situation. They were playing with toy cars, talking, giggling, rolling on the floor, and having great time. Suddenly my ‘GlowinGal’ took a pause, and came running to me, “Ma…Ma, I want to marry Namit?”

I was not expecting it, so, avoiding an exaggeration, I said, “Okay”. And off see went.

After that, leaving all the toys aside, the two started assembling wooden pieces and piling them up in some pattern known only to them.

“What’s going on kids?” I got curious.

“We are making home!” they responded without looking.

“Ahaan!” And before I could say anything else, GlowinGal started dancing.

“Now what’s it with you?” I got amazed.

“Aren’t we supposed to dance in our marriage”, she said in-between the moves.

(Well, I just heard that she wanted to marry this friend of her but she wanted it this soon, I had no idea 😉 !). I let her.

Cute Quotes About Lifelong Friends

And it’s funny that she forgot about it…completely, the very next day…He again was just a friend ;).

Next day, we were having mother-daughter conversation, “Darling, whom do you sit with in your Nursery class?”

“Rudra!” She said with a sparkle in her eyes.

I continued, “And who’s your best friend?”

“It’s Rudra Ma!”

Not for once did she mention the name of the boy she was planning to get married the previous evening. It’s a good thing that kids have a short memory otherwise by the time they actually become adults, they would be married, like zillion times ;).

“Rudra is a boy No! Don’t you have any girl-friend?” (I meant, girl as a friend)

“No!” She said in a low tone.

“Why?” I got worried. “What about Navya? Isn’t she a friend?”  

“But she sits with Athrava,” She said looking up.

“So?” (I was trying to have a conversation here 😉 )

“She’s his girl-friend Ma!” She revealed.

“Oh, so does that mean, you are Rudra’s girlfriend?”

“Yes and He’s my boyfriend Mamma!”

I was speechless but could not stop laughing :). (You might be so sure my little sweetheart but I am not sure about it!)

{It’s amazing how innocent childhood is! Kids don’t know what relations are all about.  I bet at some point of our life even we have thought of many stupid things. As a kid, many of us wished to marry our papa , isn’t it? Anyways, no one takes kids seriously, may be that’s why adults keep saying ‘No Kidding’!}

Seriously, I am not kidding now. we all meet countless people in life, a few of them become are friends and very few of them manage to stay till the end. Some are just fillers, so lost in the oblivion; those close-to-hearts always stay in memories and some special ones keep making our days brighter every now and then.

Sometimes All You Need Is Friends friends best friends friendship quotes minion minion quotes minion quotes and sayings:

Let’s Cherish the ones who are still there.

To my friends: I am glad I met you. Happy Friendship Day folks!

Keep smiling :).



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Want to read something good about yourself!

The other day, I came across this interesting link on Facebook. Everyone was sharing it. So I gave a try  and it felt grrrrrt.

However, if you try it more than once, it changes its opinion. Who care!

Good thing is, You still get to read only good stuff about you 🙂 and you are like…Yeah, that’s Me!

Untitled 1

Here’s the second version:


So Yes…Now you know me better. 🙂

Nutty Gutty Parenting



I was out to attend a family function with ‘Mr CoolHead’ and My ‘GlowinGal’. Every moment was enormously joyful and memorable. I want to remember some nutty parenting moments that may bury under the layers of time and for that I trust this blog more than my own memory. Moreover Sharing brings ultimate JOY.  Even right now, I am having a big smile while putting my words on this blank page.

We all agree that children are cute and adorable but sometimes they become a big pain in the bum. How do you handle the situation? Of course, you pose like a perfectly calm parent, pretending as if nothing is bothering you! Am I right? Well, at-least that is what I tried to do.

Wearing high heels, as we neared our hilly destination, ‘GlowinGal’ was not at all willing to put her feet down. She insisted on picking up. I tried to convince but ended up loaded and stumbling here and there. Inside FUMING, outside calm as cucumber; I couldn’t afford to leave her on her own. So, a clumsy walk is all right as long as we are on track ;). (This is what I call harmonizing part of parenting act)

Amid the Bhangra beats and shaking booties, it was hard not to go with the flow. Life appeared to be nothing short of a dancing jamboree and then my eyes catch a wide open mouth and a tearful face of the apple of my eye. DJ was so loud, but I could read the message loud and clear…it’s time for an exit.

After much negotiation both of us came to an agreement…I could dance as long as she was in my arms! And that was no way, a good News! (This is what I call the huffing part of parenting act). However, Mr Coolhead is always there for a rescue with his icy cool temper.

All the dance maniacs were catching their breath for a moment. Out of nowhere, my princess comes and empties a full glass of water over the head of my nephew. Ouch! He is young and obviously had every reason to be mad. Before he reacts, I took a deep breath and patted his shoulder, “It happens buddy; be cool. Now that your hair are wet, let’s go for a fresh hairdo.” Poor Boy; He followed my words. (This is what I call ‘being Cool’ part of parenting act).

In a traditional setting, people were being distributed food in a very organized manner. A person would move with a bowl in his hand, and served to all. I was very careful not to waste any food, so every time I instructed him to give her a little. She amazed me by adapting to this mode of eating. In his own flow, the distributor served her a sweet dish which she doesn’t know the flavour of! There she was, yelling amid hundreds of people. I knew it was the time for a tantrum.

Kids have typical ways to express their disagreement. She again emptied her water glass in the plate, and I again took a deep breath, and chanted inside…I-G-N-O-R-E. Yes, I ignored as if nothing happened, picked up the water flooded plate, and disappeared from the scene… (and this is what I call the energy saving part of parenting act).

According to me, ‘NOT TO FRET’ is the most important part of intelligent parenting.

Well, in that case, I did a great Job. Didn’t I?

Kitty Party: It’s Makeover Time!

When I was small, the very word ‘Kitty Party’ would immediately bring in to mind a picture of rich fat ladies, trying hard to show their pricey possessions and dying to see their peers turning green with envy. It only meant an exaggerated exhibition of family’s bank balance in the terms of exotic holidays, posh cars, expensive apparels, bling bling, and lengthy scuttlebutt sessions. Hence, ‘not-so-braggy’ people like me always kept distance from this hopeless extravaganza, until now!

Yes! I began my year 2016 with an endeavour of joining hands with other ladies, (some quite like and others quite unlike), coming from diverse arenas and believe me, my perspective has totally changed after a few meetings. Though, Women will be women always but ‘Kitty party’ can be way more constructive; it can be a platform for multiple actions and I have come up with a plan for females, whether urban or rural!

We know males have enjoyed the prominent and important role in making every decision for her, for quite long. A female is taken as the weaker sex due to her physicality but if she form groups, the ‘Union is strength’ becomes obvious and she can enjoy many aspects of life which remain unexplored due to many imposed restrictions and traditions. In short Kitty group or it’s any variant should not be a monopoly of middle aged women but young gals can also reap benefits from it. Win-win situation!

Are you the kind of woman who spent a better part of your life doing cooking and laundry for your husband and kids? Are your children grown-up enough to ask favours from you? Do you spend much of your time repenting and blaming? Do you think you are falling short of friends and acquaintances? Do you think, everyone in your family is busy in their own lives and no one has time for you?

Well the solution is lying may be next door or street. There are countless such souls. Get out and explore. Meet up with ladies and form a group and you are no more… lonely! :).

Are you an entrepreneur?

Starting something new is a big step towards progress but all planning can go to waste if it lacks proper advertisement. I know there are countless methods for promotion these days but what I believe-mouth publicity is still the best and trusted one when it comes to ladies. And you know local consumers are the first and obvious targets in any business. So what are you waiting for look for some energetic interesting ladies in the neighbourhood and shoot….


Do you belong to that breed of females who always wish for a life full of fun and excitement and luckily have some time in your possession? My advice instead of spending hours in front of TV or sleeping, dress-up in your favourite wear and head outdoors. You can enjoy a total girl’s talk, play games, share recipes or participate in various activities and show your artistic side nobody has ever noticed or appreciated before. Give yourself a chance to be creative and come out with numerous life changing ideas and gestures.

Falling short of Money?

You have been saving for months to buy that expensive piece of jewellery or that exotic sofa or anything, asking for a big sum but in-spite of many efforts, you couldn’t get it.(May be it’s already sold or you see another more lucrative design on the side display or you spent the money somewhere else.) Whatever the reason, if you want some amount immediately, Here is the answer! Money pooling and lucky draw is an integral part of a Kitty party. Of course you need luck to be on your side but sometimes a little understanding and an adjustment also do the trick.

Are you socially secluded?

With a jam-packed schedule 24*7, it’s not possible for most of us to socialize. Am I wrong? I know there are social networking sites for our rescue but dear, we need some ‘real’ people around us who listen to us when we need to be heard, who talks to us when we feel speechless, who understand us when the opposite gender fails to do so and above all who can cheer us up with real life demonstrations. When you volunteer for joining such group, you are going to meet people with myriad colours, tastes and habits. You learn a lot about life and yourself. And if you are new to the area, they help you discover best places to eat, shop and stroll. Bonus- you end up having a whole new bunch of friends-the real ones! 🙂

Are you too much dependent on others?

A females is often guided and protected by males of her family, initially it’s the father, then comes the brother, followed by the husband after marriage and son during the dusk of life. No matter what, they are going to raise their eyebrows if you end up doing something on your own; that’s not the set way, you know.

Well my answer is- grow up girls. Take command of your own life and start with a whole girl gang in your locality. Once you get out of the set perimeter, nobody can stop you from touching new horizons. Plan big things in your group-Go mountaineering or do sun bathing on nude beaches or get lost in the mysterious tropical rain forests or evaporate your body fluids in scorching heat of deserts. Do anything that makes you feel free and contended.

Explore this freshly unfolded world, limitlessly…. And…TOGETHER. 🙂

Travelling with Toddler

Jan 2016 139

I have always been quite fond of staying on wheels and seeing new places but motherhood temporarily applied breaks on this wandering spirit. And whenever I did endeavor, someone from the family had to stay along as a life savior. We went to places keeping the familiarity of toddler with the place and people in mind. But when she crossed the bar of 3 years, I felt somewhat confident that I can handle travelling, obviously not on my own but with the support of my equal half.

So we packed our bags and headed to a land of courage, ‘Rajasthan’ which included an overnight journey by train. I purposely booked the sleeper class thinking it will give chance to meet new and interesting people en route but truth is I don’t remember getting to know even a single person because all we were doing was entertain our one and only ‘GlowinGal’. She displayed diverse colours of her talent and we felt sort of hypnotized by her charisma. She sang songs and danced wholeheartedly in a moving train. When exhausted, she demanded something to eat and then again the show gained acceleration. She wasn’t taking the name of going to sleep and I was little concerned for the co-passengers. But they started applauding her. I was glad to see my daughter’s courage; she is not scared of crowd and strangers!

Before moving out of the home, the thoughtful mother i.e. I, packed lots of dry fruits, in case….But I forgot it’s a holiday for her as well and she must be looking for a change too. And yes, I was right! she almost shunned the packed nutrition and every time yearned for chips, candies and coke. (Things I never appreciate and provide but Mr ‘CoolHead’ is to be given credit for developing her taste).

Okay, it’s just a matter of 2-3 days”, I thought. Sensing my unwillingness, princess occasionally pleased me by eating from my plate as if saying ‘look mom, I am getting right nutrition!’Haha.

Travelling with a toddler continued to be fun until we decided to walk around the city and kid was like, “Goddi, goddi!” (It’s a Hindi word for picking up). I thought, I remembered that she is big enough to travel but forgot that she is also heavy enough! We tried to carry her turn by turn but man; the truth is…we got exhausted sooner than expected. Moreover it was not easy to look around while holding her. So we started playing smart parents.

“Baby. Look! All the kids are walking on their own, holding hands of their parents. Nobody’s getting a ride. See they are good kids. Be a good girl. Come on. Get down and walk!”

But children today are smarter than we think. Instead of crying or making a scene, she totally ignored what we said and clasped more firmly as if saying ‘if you are thinking of putting me down, think again!’

So after a lot of huffing, you either avoid such places where walking is the only option or look for an alternative. The outcome is that we ended up paying a lot of money to the unreasonable autowalas who didn’t hesitate asking for big bucks; they think we are fools!

Wait… nastiest is still to come! As we were moving through a huge classy monument, young one screamed, “I wanna poo!” That’s gross. After tossing a big bottle of coke down, this is what happens. We got panicky and hurriedly picked her up, commanding the father to locate a ‘loo’ immediately but ye kya! I smelled something. No baby! This isn’t happening….

I saw numerous non-parents walking carefree holding their fancy cameras, enjoying the milieu and there were these parents (we), running carefully holding their progeny, of course concerned, whether they will we make it to the loo or not?

Well, we made it.

Then there were times when the ‘GlowinGal’ got tired and she slept. I am telling you, it’s damn hard to move forward with a sleeping baby. We had to make and break plans according to her mood.

But I want to mention that whatever and however typical this trip was, she added the real ‘Glow’ to it. She posed perfectly for photographs. It was easy to stroll in the market and she never threw any tantrum in front of shops; we gave her one thing and she was contented for the entire day. Isn’t it amazing? She brilliantly adjusted to night journey and surprised me by not crying even when her sleep was disrupted, on disembarking the train at odd hours.

And you know what she said to her nanny after coming back home!

 “Jaipur mera hai, aap wahan nahi ja sakte, Samajhe! (Jaipur is mine, you cannot go there, understand!) 🙂

Raining Blues

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“Rain” has different meanings for different people. For some, it’s a sign of relief from the scorching heat of summer; for some, it’s an opportunity to get wet deliberately and do some cha-cha-cha; for children especially, it’s is a time to do splatter; for elderly it’s a time to sit back and relish their favourite home made cuisines. Likewise, for a seed, it’s a hope of rejuvenation and for a bird it’s a blessing to quench its long time thirst. In fact, it won’t be wrong if I pronounce ‘Rain’ as the lifeline of this Earth.

Just like everyone else, rain used to have significance to me too. I come from a hill station and for me, Rain always meant an emerald mood; the revitalization; the rainbow extending between mountains;  the fog, rising up from valleys to cover the mighty hills and playing hide and seek with them; and a time when umpteen waterfalls glorify the mountains and even the barren rocks turn green in celebration. The ambiance used to be such that you couldn’t resist the feeling of picking up your favourite umbrella and handy camera and just disappear to soak in this nature’s jamboree. It used to be a time of jubilation. But as they say, Change is the law of the Nature” and same is true for me. However, in my case “The Nature” didn’t change its nature; I changed nature of ‘The Nature’ by changing place where the meaning of rain changed altogether.

The onset of rain (which is seldom) is welcome here as well because it signals the end of ‘Loo’ (summer hot wind); But along comes a huge crisis. The rains if scanty, makes your life miserable. You can barely stay outdoors as it is too much humid out there. Your entire body is drenched in sweat all the times and it is simply impossible to get rid of. You can’t bear the uncomfortable feeling. It’s a hell tough job to travel, deliver lectures entire day and demonstrate the experiments in such horribly baking and soggy conditions. You are completely exhausted; mentally, physically and environmentally. There is only one place where you can be optimistic to have some respite from nature’s bane that is the air-conditioned area of your abode. Consider it equivalent to heaven in this awfully trying time. You can’t stop yourself from blessing the person who invented AC. He made life worth living in such dreadful places and appalling times.

Though, I am aware of the fact that the usage of AC is not good for our environment. Air-conditioners are known for the emission of chemicals which are responsible for depletion of the life saving ozone layer in the upper atmosphere. Ozone is the safety valve against the harmful UV rays (the agent behind skin cancers). I am from science faculty. I often come across various other environmental hazards and frequently motivate my students to do something for the betterment of humankind. I personally do have good intentions and constantly try to improve my habits so that we have a green and clean environment. But when it comes to AC, I just want to go deaf even to my inner voice. Though, I never heard anybody dying of excess moisture in air. I mean you won’t die but you won’t feel alive either. All day, you just keep mumbling, “Oh God! It’s too hot today.”

Please people bear with me or pray to God to be little gentle and make seasons slightly endurable. I can’t explain how I miss that refreshing monsoon of hills; that misty beginning of the day; that floral umbrella of mine; that roaming on The Mall in the rain; that impromptu escape in to the countryside; that hot cup of tea at a stall along roadside. How I wish to get lost in those extensive woods and that eternal miasma. In short, I totally miss the fun that ‘Rain’ used to be.

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