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My Thanksgiving: Be Thankful Challenge

Thanksgiving is already here and what a perfect time to be nominated for a “Be Thankful Challenge.” Moreover I don’t think it’s a challenge, in fact it’s an opportunity to express my gratitude. Entire credit for this act of timing  and thoughtfulness goes to a Parveen and Kevin, again. They think I can do it. Well, Here I go…

The Rules

– Share this image in your blog post
– Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for
– Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for
– Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part 


There are many people who have made my life worthwhile but I am supposed to name five only. 

GOD: First and foremost, I am thankful to ALMIGHTY for giving me everything OPTIMUM-neither too much nor too less…just optimum. Family, friends, love, passion, compassion, emotions, happiness, sorrows, beauty, brains, talent, freedom and money…everything just optimum. A little more of some would have made me ARROGANT and with little less of many, I am sure to live like MISERABLE. Thank you GOD, You are kind.

Guides: Throughout life many people help us become whatever we are today. Our parents, who watch our every step since birth, caress, scold and mould us; my parents have done their part really well and I am so thankful, I have them. If you have a supportive family, heaven is right here; I am blessed. And yes I am grateful to my guarding and guiding angel who confided in me and always stayed on my side.

Mr CoolHead: AlpenGlow exists because there is someone who is overdoing things. Before being anything else, he a true friend and caring partner. I am so so proud for having Mr Coolhead. In the beginning he was the first person to read whatever crap I would write and he would appreciate it. He encouraged me to go ahead with AlpenGlow. The faith in his eyes made me shed my inhibitions to some extent and I could write whatever I have, till now.

Believers/Followers: After writing my first post, I waited and waited but no one ever visited. I was about to drop the idea and then this beautiful lady appeared on the screen…her name is Brey; My first follower on AlpenGlow. Thank you Brey, you were GOD sent. She became the torch-bearer leading you all in, gradually and I am thankful to all of you (including my dear friends on Facebook) for being patient with me and letting me stay till now. My expectations are soaring high and I hope you will be there in future too.

Non-Believers/Doubters/Back-stabbers: Earlier I used to be afraid of them and hated them; not now! I have a new outlook. I have realized that actually they are the INSTANT source of inspiration. Thanks buggers, for being a constant NUISANCE; you are making me more CREATIVE.

I am thankful wholeheartedly for following five things which happened in 2015:

Birth of AlpenGlow:

For me AlpenGlow is not just a phenomenon, it’s an IDEA which changed my life for good, for better. It channelized my limitless energy into something constructive. I am a different person; much happier, satisfied, confident and immune to the widespread negativity. I feel like a floating iceberg in an infinite ocean called blogosphere along with many similar and non-similar icebergs approaching and drifting away from time to time. So diverse but deep down all alike, containing masses of human emotions roaring to be unchained, to be released and to be surfaced.

Respect and Recognition at Workplace:

This has been by far the best year at work. I gained whatever could be expected in such a setting. I get opportunities to sit next to the Head of the Institution and kindle the lamps with her to commence any ceremony in the College. In a nutshell, I AM IMPORTANT (Thanks you ma’am), THE CHOSEN ONE and A STY in the eyes of many PEERS 😉. Moreover, my services have been regularized…another achievement of the current year, considering I am residing in a land where only nepotism prevails. I feel great and thankful.

An ideal Preschool for GlowinGal:

Being a part of the education system, I am totally aware of fakesters. “All that glitters is not always GOLD”. Finding a good school was not at all easy. Many whys and hows led to present one which is IDEAL if not BEST.

Healthy Family:

I have a very lovely and lively family but lately many health issues raised their heads and I was worried like HELL. Suffering occurred, revitalization took time but eventually everything is OKAY if not PERFECT.

My Début in THE TRIBUNE:

It might be a just another line for you to read but it’s one of the things I always wished for. It’s not easy for a layman to get published in more than century old and very reputed newspaper and share space with veterans; it was like a dream come true. Such is the status of The Tribune. And the day I saw my name there, I realized what it feels like to be on cloud nine because I was exactly there 🙂 .

I would like to know more about the following people and see what they are feeling thankful for.






Haha…All ladies!!! I think I forgot it’s also the Women empowerment that I am thankful for in the end.


Have Fun.

Mann 🙂


Follow or Connect: Which is the Right path?

One of my students was missing classes for a few days. She definitely owed an explanation to me. Turned-out she had gone with her family, to pay obeisance to their spiritual “GURU”. I was kind of taken-aback, “These God-men really have a huge fan-following, even kids are running after them! Why is it that I never have an urge for the same?”

In the past whenever I tried, it wasn’t easy for my rational mind to agree to whatever they (the modern gurus) say in general and do in particular! Even after being convinced by many influential personnel, I still find it hard to worship a mortal HUMAN as GOD.

670px-Talk-to-God-Step-1My Apologies! but I like it personal (my relationship with GOD) and I believe that if I am doomed to be a “follower” one day that will happen automatically, in-due-course of time. Right now, that’s not ME!

I don’t know why, but I felt like sharing a story with the class which it goes like…

Once upon a time, there was a woman, exhausted of mundane life’s miseries, challenges and responsibilities. She tried to do everything, and there she was… completely lost.

One day, before going to bed she mumbled, “Is there anyone who can help me?”

“I guess No one”. Subsequently she found herself with a man who was having an ‘aura’ of hundred Suns; she could barely see his face in the beginning. Softly and smilingly, he held her hand and both entered an obsolete chamber. Inside, there were two clocks lying on the table, ticking their life, joyfully.

The man said, “Do you know I come here every day…”

She was completely mesmerized by the charm of this divine man.

“…to wind one of the clocks”, he continued.  It has a life of just one day, after which it starts slowing down, losing time gradually. If I don’t come, it will stop ticking, eventually. Therefore, it’s my job to make sure it continues its joyful life!

On the other hand, (pointing towards the second clock), it doesn’t need my assistance because it is directly connected to the power source hence keeps going, happily, on and on.

Same is the case with your life, my dear. In order to move on merrily, you need to charge yourself well. For that you need an everlasting source of power or energy and what according to you, is the ultimate source of all the power or strength…?

She was speechless.

 “…it’s GOD, my dear.”

282981426_The_Spiritual_Path_xlargeThere are some people who get connected to this eternal ‘Power source’ directly and don’t need any help. They get all power and wisdom from the universe through their delightful connection with the “Almighty” and nothing can stop them.

Then there are others, who don’t know the direct route towards GOD. They need someone else do this job; to show the right path ultimately leading to “HIM”. Such people need a Guide (in any form) who will keep them aware of GOD’s virtues, and fully charged to live and maintain a happy life.

“I hope you have got your answers now! He looked at her. My job here is done. Now you get some rest; charge your body and mind; a new day is waiting for you. Wake up tomorrow and work in the direction to connect yourself to GOD, for that is only way to stay energetic, courageous and above all happy”…and he disappeared.

I chose the direct connection. What do you think? Which way is the right way? Open to discussion…

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Give me ‘The Password’


I know ‘You’ must be very busy. I just hope that you get my message as we are not really communicating of late. I miss you so much. There used to be times when we were truly connected. Though we have never actually met, I have felt your presence. You were so concerned about me and granted my every silly wish. I could connect to you anywhere anytime and your response was so instant and spectacular. That was the time when my wishes were very innocent and naive. So is that the reason you granted them right away? As time passed you started keeping me in waiting and would listen only once in a while but you didn’t forget to make me feel special every now and then. I appreciated your kindness and counted it as my privilege. You continued to grant my wishes but gradually started cutting them short. Then there came a time, you totally became hard of hearing; I kept calling you unabated but my voice wouldn’t reach you. You abandoned me. You left me on my own.

What is wrong? Why don’t you respond as often as earlier? Why am I not able to connect to you? I try doing everything but that natural and automatic link, I don’t see it anymore. Every so often, I go to your official address and no matter how hard I try ‘Oh Dear GOD’, I find myself incapable to connect. I tried worshipping you at home; I tried fasting too but  when I sit to culminate it by reading the book containing your proclaimed miracles, I am sorry but it all seems so awry, so artificial. That’s why I believe this can not be the way to attain you. I don’t understand what this is all about. We are born; we grow up; earn some money and name; retire from work and slowly from world. What is the purpose of all this? We are here fine but why are we here? If each one of us is on a purpose, why don’t we realize that purpose and accomplish it and then leave for good. Why are we messing around?

All my life I heard people saying, “God is omnipresent.” and when I used to believe it, life was not so complex. Then I started questioning your existence. Is this ‘the reason’ of our disconnect? Possibly Yes. But I don’t know how to handle my human brain. It questions; looks for rational explanations; and if it doesn’t find the answer it tends to doubt too. I was reading somewhere and it actually makes sense, “God is just like WiFi; present ‘everywhere’ (was, is and will be), to connect with him you need the right password.” Does it mean I have lost the right password and have been putting wrong one instead, which ultimately blocked the connection. How am I supposed to get that “right password”. God, please listen to me once. Give me the password; connect back to me and make my life worthwhile.


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