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Mom’s gotta be Tough


God can’t be present everywhere, so he made mother”

In short he shifted his responsibility of taking care of his children to Mothers. Only a mother can love her children selflessly. From the moment a life starts budding inside her, till she breaths her last, a mother incessantly works for the wellbeing of her kids. She sacrifices her interests to see one smile on their face. The entire being of a human depends on how concerned a mother was while it was in the making, both inside the womb or outside in the social environment.

Just giving birth to a baby doesn’t make you a Mother; there are umpteen roles and responsibilities in the waiting. Once the good news is out, life style of a mother-to-be totally changes. She has to take great care to nurture the life inside. It’s her responsibility that her child gets right mix of every ingredient to be perfectly healthy.

It is said that a mother smiles to see you cry only once in her life i.e. at your birth. In our society there are many stigmas associated with birth, it’s our mother only who teaches us the difference of right from wrong. She protects us from the miseries of the world.

As we know that the duties and responsibilities of women are changing with time and so are the duties and responsibilities of mothers. She is no more just a wife or mother; she is more than that. She handles family along with her career. A mother has to prove herself at every step. She is doing all her usual tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry, helping her kids with home work along with a demanding career.

Earlier working women used to take motherhood as a trouble and they delayed it as far as possible. But today’s mother knows the importance of family and knows how to balance the two. It’s not an easy job that’s why the mothers need to be admired for their untiring efforts.

The world has never been a safe place for women to roam around freely but today’s mother is all set to show her tougher side by facing the adversities with a strong heart and ever smiling face. In the process, she is also setting example for her children to become able and responsible.

Does she always succeed?

That’s not important as long as ‘Mom’ is the first word to come out of children’s mouth in any pain :).




 sept 15 060

Time flies” we all know it but how many times do we realize it?

Today, we celebrated third birthday of my daughter. OMG!, she is a big girl now! It seems like yesterday; I was juggling between home, work and hospital. After deleting work from the list, I waited anxiously for the upcoming role on the cards. To be honest, I completely enjoyed the journey of a mother-to-be and God was, beyond kind until the ‘D-day’ when suddenly wind started blowing in opposite direction, determined to blow me along. Despite of the exceptional star-cast, splendid storyline and fine budget, the film didn’t end the way it should have been! A little negligence, some mismanagement and much overconfidence, resulted in a complete disaster.

But ‘Birth’, is miraculously awesome? When I saw my reflection right in front of me, I felt as if I am born …again; as a woman and…as a mother! That was the moment of, “I did it?!”(Question and exclamation, at the same time) and next followed by many more moments of, “I can do it!


As a first-time-mother, I struggled and made my way through this remarkable and memorable journey. I always wanted my daughter’s ‘firsts’, to be special which meant a lot of creativity, lot more patience and above all, the right timing. I am not broadcasting that it was a hundred percent success but my performance was no less than appreciable. In the series came, her “First Birthday”, which had to be special and it was, indeed (Double gala celebration). I can still visualize that glamorous soiree musicale; bunch of some special folks who danced till the last tune, joined audaciously by me. The wing-ding culminated with delicious food and extended promenade.


However her “second birthday”, with just a handful of people, was rather a more personal affair sans music, with a lot of chit-chat, random snapshots and a delightful feast. Most important, a mother had great stress-free time.

oct 2014 046

On her third birthday, I thought of being considerate and called a few children of her age, so that they can have fun together, which they surely had but costing me what – I just lost my cool a few times (oops!); and yelled sometimes.

sept 15 067

One thing is sure; my daughter is no ‘saint’ when it comes to deal with her friends. She keeps bossing around and if a soul resists or tries to escapes the torment; she uses all her might ranging from anger to tears. When these children team-up, I have to be really vigilant; be a watchdog to my mingling and not-so-mingling authoritarian offspring’s doings! 😉

sept 15 108

A mother’s job is extremely demanding but thank-goodness, there is, ‘the father’ for alleviation. It is only because of him that I managed to click ‘some pics’, amid this pervasive insanity. On her birthday, my daughter had crazy time with kids. Once they were done with the eatables, there was a feel of torpor; all the boisterousness was gone. Completely exhausted, little bunny searched for mamma while rubbing her eyes. So, it was time to sleep that’s why the ‘tiny monster’ transformed into a cuddling cute ‘teddy bear’. Leaving me aghast, she started her journey to dreamland, with an unexplained satisfaction and a ‘million dollar smile’, on face.

I couldn’t stop myself and kissed her forehead…and said…“Goodnight angel…MAMMA LOVES YOU” 🙂 .

Brief Moments of Bliss


Today is a fortuitous holiday…and I got the privilege to do ‘the things’, mostly I am deprived of. I cooked wholeheartedly, packed tiffin for my chinny minny daughter; dressed her up, combed her hair, made her eat her breakfast and triumphantly, waved her bye… till my eyes could see her 🙂 !

San (my daughter) was toddling towards the school bus with her tiny steps.She too kept looking back and waving all-through.

I was so overjoyed; the feeling seemed familiar. Yeah, it’s the same emotion which was there, when I first saw my angel’s face; when I first held her in my arms; when she first smiled back to me; when she uttered her very first word “Ma”; when she managed to sit on her own; when she tried to move with her tender feet holding my hand; and when…I am sorry, I can keep counting like that forever. Thing is, I felt alive for a while and fancied similar moments of felicity, everyday!


Truth is, it’s not feasible, at-least not right now. While writing this blog, I feel, “Why a mother is supposed to miss such moments of bliss?”

I don’t know if my reason is reasonable enough! But I have to leave for work in the early morning thereby missing all the morning mother-daughter moments: sometimes she is fast asleep and all I can do is, kiss her bye but sometimes, to my gaiety, she joins her ‘Pa’, in seeing me off and give me some brief morning moments of bliss :).

At this present moment, all I can say  is, “Being ambitious is fine, but look at the price… being paid for that 😦 !”