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Celebrating Entropy

Hello… you organized people, out there! I hope, No…I am sure you must be doing great, since you live a ‘structured life’ unlike me. You supposedly are the “early to bed, early to rise” types, who do everything in a planned manner! Good for you but it never works for me. My life remains in a steady disorder; in unavoidable ‘entropy’, most of the time. You want to see what kind of person am I?

I am that kind of person who every night, sets an alarm initially at 5.00 am (after a thought), resets it half an hour early. When the morning dawns and the alarm beeps, I never forget to wonder at the ‘unbelievable speed’ of time and mumble, “Is it morning already?” I prefer to put the alarm on snooze and go back to savor my precious ‘sleepy moments’, only to wake up within seconds (not literally) due to the next beep.


Somehow I manage to wake up and walk up to the kitchen to make my morning cup of green tea and linger drowsily for it to get infused. Yes, I am that kind of person who cannot afford to compromise the reviving confluence of me, my green ‘cuppa’ and the pure emerald dewy ambiance of dayspring.


Suddenly on realizing I am running out of time, all (fine…most) tasks are completed with an electrifying speed, in a jiffy and as expected I catch my bus on dot. Though I know whose fault is it, still my mercury keeps fluctuating and someone is surely bound to feel the heat or may be cold.

You know, I am that kind of person who has been advised by everyone on how to reach the bus stop on time including my bus driver? How thoughtful! This topsy-turvy is not restricted only to the morning time but even after that. You can easily spot anarchy in those precious 15 minutes before the bell rings. I am seen multitasking, with eyes fixed on a book and food in the mouth.

Okay I accept, I am that kind of teacher who never finishes a lecture on time (forget before). The next period is sure to be consumed to a great deal (blame my subject for that; way too interesting). Thankfully I don’t have to see the fuming faces of teachers waiting impatiently outside, looking into watch every now and then. Why? I am blessed to have all my classes in the lab.

Strangely, I am that kind of person who never happens to feel free instead of having three free periods. I am always seen moving up and down, left and right, in and out, with myriad papers containing generous off class work, throughout the day. I hardly realize and the clock strikes three.


And, I am that kind of person who on returning home never baffles, seeing the mayhem (clothes spread all over the bed; toys scattered everywhere; and jam-packed kitchen sink). All I need is a slight warm up to start over (warm up here means cool down) and I am ready to rock…not to mention again in my signature, disordered way.


Agreed, I am that kind of person whose life is in dire need of an order. Doesn’t mean I don’t try to bring it in, I do. Believe me, there are things that I do, in way better organized manner than many of you but I want to confess, I like it, this way. For me, following plans all the times, kills the excitement and it becomes boring eventually. Disorganization and disorderliness sounds like more fun. At least there is a job to do; to remove ‘dis’. This ‘Entropy’ is the reality of every system and all beings follow it instinctively. It is said that the entropy of the universe doesn’t change; remains constant, no matter what! And if you want to reduce the entropy of one system; some other system has to gain it in order to stay in this state of equilibrium.


Therefore, here I am, living in a random state of entropy and disorderliness; sometime exceptionally tiny sometime at its pinnacle but I am fairly convinced that there is nothing wrong with me; it’s a natural state.

And if… someone is feeling sympathetic towards me, you are welcome to share some of my entropy. After all… we are supposed to pursue ‘Nature’, aren’t we?

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Wo (Man) Power

You talk about women empowerment all the time but are you ACTUALLY prepared to accommodate women ‘with power’? Well, my answer is… Not really.

Since time immemorial, you have considered woman “an icon” of selfless love, care, silence, sacrifice and forbearance. You still want to see her the same. She has been gifted with countless virtues by Nature; and has, herself, acquired many. She has mastered multitasking and possesses great managerial skills making her a fine group member as well as an excellent leader.


You say she is weak ‘emotionally’ but in my opinion, that is the very basis of her enormous strength. You say she is weak ‘physically’ then I say physical strength is just a matter of will; want it? Attain it.

Do you acknowledge and appreciate a woman’s capabilities? No, you don’t. You are always sceptical.

Undeniably, you have enjoyed a dominant position in the family and society since ages and may be that’s why, today you are finding it difficult to leave your luxurious niche.You might be trying but one thing is sure; you are not yet prepared to follow the commands from her as a ‘Head’. Because what little I observe, tells a different story.

I witness you turning irate on being asked for reasons by HER. I see you nodding in face and bitching behind. I see you doubting her capabilities to be a head. I see you comparing her to your so-called ‘ideal head’ (a man). I see you criticize her for being comparatively more considerate of her family. I see you disrespecting her suggestions and gestures. I see you making fun of her for trusting other women. I see you getting frustrated because she questions your work. In short I see you in complete disagreement with HER.

And you talk about what… Women empowerment!

Forget empowering HER; first go, get your attitude right. Come out of this age-old notion of considering women ‘trivial’. Remember woman is capable of everything; Are YOU?

You better raise your guards. Either walk along or watch her move ahead because, SHE indeed… is moving fast.

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