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Blue is beautiful


Wandering cotton balls in a background so blue,

Sun at its brightest, birds with a nonstop coo;

This is the Afterglow of a winter rain,

Making the world prettier, painting it anew.


If Pears Can Be Red, Why The Crows Should Remain Black??

It was a mother-daughter story-session and ‘Glowingal’ was gladly telling me the story of a Crow who was very unhappy with his colour. When he saw a Swan swimming in a serene lake, displaying his glorious white plumage, the crow got desperate. Thinking, it might be the result of a daily swim in the lake, he too started taking bath and would spend hours rubbing his body against the mud. Neither his colour nor his determination faded, instead, he felt sick and died.

She made sure I hear the Moral , “You can change habits not the Nature.”

I was thinking, How unfair of Nature!

Then another day, we received a fruit basket from some relatives with delicious apples and pears in it. The fruits were disappearing fast from the fridge, especially the pears. Soon, I caught ‘GlowinGal’ red handed and she was like, “Ma, I love apples!”

“But this is pear, my dear!”

“No! Pear is green. This is red apple.”

“But apples do have green colour and Look at the shape and the taste!”

“No, this is apple, see!” and she munched the pear. “Apples are red and pears are green!”

It’s not easy to win from a soon-to-be four. 🙂 So seeing her grit, I yielded, “Okay! You are right; this is apple only. Pears aren’t red!”

(How do I tell her that there is something called ‘gene’ and scientists keep playing with it to make some desirable changes in things they ‘feel like’! On one hand, her story says you can’t change the Nature and on the other hand, we keep changing Nature!

Even if I am successful in convincing her that it is actually a ‘pear’, I am afraid, she’ll ask me to request the scientists to  make all the Crows white! ) 😉

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Care for a Cac-tale?

When I was inside my mother, many a times, I heard her humming. A sound which gave the hint of happiness and I started to imagine how beautiful the world outside would be! I was waiting for the day of my first rendezvous with the world so happy.
Mother kept me protected in layers and I had to literally push my way out, to have an idea. To my surprise, there was nothing! Not even my very own mother! It was just me , of-no-more-use, mother’s cocoon, and the never-ending barren surroundings. I was alone.

I shouted, “Hey, anybody here!


A voice crossed my side. I turned immediately. No one was there, I only saw huge masses rising up in the sky and covering everything. From where was that sound coming? I had no clue! I was alone in the barren land and I wondered what made mother sing with joy, I didn’t see anything to be happy about.I wished mother was with me but she might have fallen prey to this strange phenomenon. So, it seemed I was doomed to live alone.

One day, I happened to have the company of two birds who landed near me. I helped them quench their thirst and asked them where they were heading towards?
We are going to the other end of this desert.
You call this place desert!”
Everyone does! Why are you so surprised? You call it something else!
No, I mean, actually, I never had someone to tell me this. I have been all alone.
Oh that’s terrible. Do you mind some help?
Okay. Desert is a place where there is scarcity of everything. That explains why you don’t have company! We live in the western edge of this desert but now the eastern side is flourishing so, we are going on a vacation to enjoy the bounty of Nature.”
I was looking as they talked. How I wished to see the world they are part of, but with my life, it wasn’t possible.
What happened little bud?
Nothing! I was thinking… how is it like on the other side?
Do you want to see it?
Two birds looked at each other and stepped toward me. Next when I came back to senses, I was in a world which existed, not even in my dreams. I started humming just like my mother.
So this is the place, where my mother used to live! Such a happy place! I wished I could dance right now. I never thought such a world actually existed. But, there I was!
The sun was no more scorching, I had shade; I had company though no one ever showed interest in knowing me. Possibly, they were busy in their own life. They were beautiful, without a doubt. People adored them by stopping near them. Then they would give me an inferior look; my breath would stop to hear what they had to say, “Where did you get it from? It’s eerie. Keep your children away or they’ll get hurt!
Now that’s rude! Why would someone say that?
But the fact is I was really an abandoned being. No one cared if I needed something or not! I just stayed there like a THING. I never again felt the same happiness as the first day in this new world.
Being alone in the desert was bad but being lonely in company, is worst.
I was becoming grumpy. One day, I was staring at kids having fun in the garden, and their ball bounced and stopped near me. One sweet kid came to collect the ball, he stopped for a moment, and turned towards me. He kept looking at me and started smiling. I was moved by his gesture.
He likes me!” I was overjoyed.
He started moving towards me; I opened my arms. The happiness was too much to handle and don’t know when, I subconsciously closed my eyes.
Bang!” He lost his balance and soon I found myself lying on the ground.
What did you broke?” A woman came rushing from inside the house. “Oh you naughty kids!”

The kid complained, “Mom, I got hurt!
How?” She came near.
The boy pointed towards me.
Oh, I knew this would happen. I told your father not to allow ‘this thing’ in our house. But he never listens. Show me where you got hurt?
I am fine now,” he said and disappeared.
The woman corrected the mess, she was about to give me a hand but she stopped, “Oh never mind. You don’t need this. You’ll be fine on your own.” However she erected her favourites, caressed them, brought them back to normal by offering them water, smiled, and finally vanished.

In the middle of a crowd, I was left thinking-

What if I am born in tough conditions?
What if I am meant to be strong?
What if I can survive anything?
I too need love and care
As much as anyone else!
And just so you know
I am a thorny Cactus
Strong in appearance
Supple inside….


this is my story.

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Moonlit Slopes


Clouds on Fire


Celebrating Entropy

Hello… you organized people, out there! I hope, No…I am sure you must be doing great, since you live a ‘structured life’ unlike me. You supposedly are the “early to bed, early to rise” types, who do everything in a planned manner! Good for you but it never works for me. My life remains in a steady disorder; in unavoidable ‘entropy’, most of the time. You want to see what kind of person am I?

I am that kind of person who every night, sets an alarm initially at 5.00 am (after a thought), resets it half an hour early. When the morning dawns and the alarm beeps, I never forget to wonder at the ‘unbelievable speed’ of time and mumble, “Is it morning already?” I prefer to put the alarm on snooze and go back to savor my precious ‘sleepy moments’, only to wake up within seconds (not literally) due to the next beep.


Somehow I manage to wake up and walk up to the kitchen to make my morning cup of green tea and linger drowsily for it to get infused. Yes, I am that kind of person who cannot afford to compromise the reviving confluence of me, my green ‘cuppa’ and the pure emerald dewy ambiance of dayspring.


Suddenly on realizing I am running out of time, all (fine…most) tasks are completed with an electrifying speed, in a jiffy and as expected I catch my bus on dot. Though I know whose fault is it, still my mercury keeps fluctuating and someone is surely bound to feel the heat or may be cold.

You know, I am that kind of person who has been advised by everyone on how to reach the bus stop on time including my bus driver? How thoughtful! This topsy-turvy is not restricted only to the morning time but even after that. You can easily spot anarchy in those precious 15 minutes before the bell rings. I am seen multitasking, with eyes fixed on a book and food in the mouth.

Okay I accept, I am that kind of teacher who never finishes a lecture on time (forget before). The next period is sure to be consumed to a great deal (blame my subject for that; way too interesting). Thankfully I don’t have to see the fuming faces of teachers waiting impatiently outside, looking into watch every now and then. Why? I am blessed to have all my classes in the lab.

Strangely, I am that kind of person who never happens to feel free instead of having three free periods. I am always seen moving up and down, left and right, in and out, with myriad papers containing generous off class work, throughout the day. I hardly realize and the clock strikes three.


And, I am that kind of person who on returning home never baffles, seeing the mayhem (clothes spread all over the bed; toys scattered everywhere; and jam-packed kitchen sink). All I need is a slight warm up to start over (warm up here means cool down) and I am ready to rock…not to mention again in my signature, disordered way.


Agreed, I am that kind of person whose life is in dire need of an order. Doesn’t mean I don’t try to bring it in, I do. Believe me, there are things that I do, in way better organized manner than many of you but I want to confess, I like it, this way. For me, following plans all the times, kills the excitement and it becomes boring eventually. Disorganization and disorderliness sounds like more fun. At least there is a job to do; to remove ‘dis’. This ‘Entropy’ is the reality of every system and all beings follow it instinctively. It is said that the entropy of the universe doesn’t change; remains constant, no matter what! And if you want to reduce the entropy of one system; some other system has to gain it in order to stay in this state of equilibrium.


Therefore, here I am, living in a random state of entropy and disorderliness; sometime exceptionally tiny sometime at its pinnacle but I am fairly convinced that there is nothing wrong with me; it’s a natural state.

And if… someone is feeling sympathetic towards me, you are welcome to share some of my entropy. After all… we are supposed to pursue ‘Nature’, aren’t we?

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Raining Blues

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“Rain” has different meanings for different people. For some, it’s a sign of relief from the scorching heat of summer; for some, it’s an opportunity to get wet deliberately and do some cha-cha-cha; for children especially, it’s is a time to do splatter; for elderly it’s a time to sit back and relish their favourite home made cuisines. Likewise, for a seed, it’s a hope of rejuvenation and for a bird it’s a blessing to quench its long time thirst. In fact, it won’t be wrong if I pronounce ‘Rain’ as the lifeline of this Earth.

Just like everyone else, rain used to have significance to me too. I come from a hill station and for me, Rain always meant an emerald mood; the revitalization; the rainbow extending between mountains;  the fog, rising up from valleys to cover the mighty hills and playing hide and seek with them; and a time when umpteen waterfalls glorify the mountains and even the barren rocks turn green in celebration. The ambiance used to be such that you couldn’t resist the feeling of picking up your favourite umbrella and handy camera and just disappear to soak in this nature’s jamboree. It used to be a time of jubilation. But as they say, Change is the law of the Nature” and same is true for me. However, in my case “The Nature” didn’t change its nature; I changed nature of ‘The Nature’ by changing place where the meaning of rain changed altogether.

The onset of rain (which is seldom) is welcome here as well because it signals the end of ‘Loo’ (summer hot wind); But along comes a huge crisis. The rains if scanty, makes your life miserable. You can barely stay outdoors as it is too much humid out there. Your entire body is drenched in sweat all the times and it is simply impossible to get rid of. You can’t bear the uncomfortable feeling. It’s a hell tough job to travel, deliver lectures entire day and demonstrate the experiments in such horribly baking and soggy conditions. You are completely exhausted; mentally, physically and environmentally. There is only one place where you can be optimistic to have some respite from nature’s bane that is the air-conditioned area of your abode. Consider it equivalent to heaven in this awfully trying time. You can’t stop yourself from blessing the person who invented AC. He made life worth living in such dreadful places and appalling times.

Though, I am aware of the fact that the usage of AC is not good for our environment. Air-conditioners are known for the emission of chemicals which are responsible for depletion of the life saving ozone layer in the upper atmosphere. Ozone is the safety valve against the harmful UV rays (the agent behind skin cancers). I am from science faculty. I often come across various other environmental hazards and frequently motivate my students to do something for the betterment of humankind. I personally do have good intentions and constantly try to improve my habits so that we have a green and clean environment. But when it comes to AC, I just want to go deaf even to my inner voice. Though, I never heard anybody dying of excess moisture in air. I mean you won’t die but you won’t feel alive either. All day, you just keep mumbling, “Oh God! It’s too hot today.”

Please people bear with me or pray to God to be little gentle and make seasons slightly endurable. I can’t explain how I miss that refreshing monsoon of hills; that misty beginning of the day; that floral umbrella of mine; that roaming on The Mall in the rain; that impromptu escape in to the countryside; that hot cup of tea at a stall along roadside. How I wish to get lost in those extensive woods and that eternal miasma. In short, I totally miss the fun that ‘Rain’ used to be.

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