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For A ‘Change’ Only

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Its Monday folks! The worst day of the week you bet, where I am always running late in the morning for everything. The Fun day (Sunday) makes me so sluggish that it has become a habit to forget one or a few things at home and repent later.

But this Monday, I am in no hurry as you can see; I am writing! 🙂

Thanks to Pt Nehru, our first Prime minister; it’s his birthday today and our country celebrates it as ‘Children’s Day’ which is really cool. Why?

Come on, we all have our days, don’t we?

So first of all, here’s me wishing every kid over there, a happy ‘Children’s Day’, and as far as parents are concerned, I guess their every day is a children day 😉 which is sometime happy, and sometime the crazy one! But what to do, that’s the part of the deal ;).

Somehow I remembered and wished my girl first thing in the morning. She reverted the sentence as such after adding ‘let me sleep mamma!’

‘Fine’. When children themselves are not excited, why should I? Instead I picked my lappy and resumed my writing which I have been neglecting for a while.

Pleased by the gesture of my students on Teacher’s day, I promised to return the favour on this very day, forgetting it would be a holiday! But I didn’t know this day would coincide with the birth Anniversary of ‘Guru Nanak Ji’, the first Guru of Sikh religion (actually he is to be thanked for this holiday). This community celebrates the day with all pomp and show, I have heard, and am planning to visit a ‘Gurudwara’ nearby, may be in the evening. Many ‘happy returns of the day’, to all my Sikh brother and sisters.

The air in our country was ‘still’ for a few days; the currency change came as an agitator. You can see confused faces all around. Tell you the truth, just before the moment, this decision was made public, my daughter made me spend the last 500 note in my wallet. So I was happy as a clam.

Not for long you know, neither I nor Mr Coolhead had change or the smaller notes! Still we did great, leaving apart a few outing plans which needed to cancelled due to the never-ending queues in front of banks and ATM where we stood no chance! We didn’t even have the old currency in hand! So the weekend was spent at home, doing some important house chores like giving sun bath to the woollens as the winter is gradually approaching. I still have the job to empty the closets of summer clothing, and make them disappear as if they never existed, not at-least till April next year. Funny, seasons change but the jobs never ;).

In all, we were fine being cashless. Sensing our ease, the mighty employer decided to pay for our services before time and in cash! I mean why? What’s the hurry?  But as they say, beggars don’t have choice (that doesn’t make me a beggar though, I don’t beg, I earn, remember), and so right now, we have the hard-earned, priceless, good-for-nothing-notes lying helplessly in my cupboard unless of-course they make their entry to the bank itself to become pricey once again 😉 . But seeing the never-ending lines, I better wait; there’s enough time. 🙂

No wonder, the people who have references, have changed their notes to new ones the very next day. But commoners without links again have to wait for the right time. Well, anything for a cleaner Country! 🙂

So how’s it going with you guys? Have you got rid of the old notes? Do check the places where you normally hide the treasure to be surprised to find it later or you are sure to surprised one day ;)!

Ciao and have a great week with much change in your ‘pocket’ and a huge change in the ‘country’. 🙂


(Rhyme it with Sun)




Ladies Verses No-Man

Ladies entering the Sanctum Sanatorium of Shani Shingnapur for the first time in History, may be making headlines but what caught my attention today, was a statement given by a prominent spiritual man of the country. He actually solved the mystery behind the deadly disaster that took thousands of life in the year 2013. Yes, I am talking about the Kedarnath Catastrophe. According to him, the ‘unholy’ activities of honeymooners and the picnickers are the ‘raison d’être’ for such Nature’s fury. Do you believe that?

Here is more, He also has equally confident opinions on the current drought conditions in Maharashtra! While reading, I was constantly hunting for the expected name game but to my surprise, he spared women—the easiest and age-old ground to dump all the trash.

I am Serious! You also must have seen for yourself. All the goodies go in Man’s credit; Your child does well in any sphere, Father announces with a broad chest, “He’s mine”. And if the same child does something unacceptable to the society, the place is immediately switched, “Look. What your son has done!” There are countless examples but that’s not what I am here to talk about.

On a ‘not-so-serious’ note, the article about ‘Her-Du-ism’ in the jugular vein felt like a  breather. I you have some time, click the link and feel fresh 😉

I mean who needs a religion tainted with gender discrimination? Let’s jettison it and make a religion, only for women with a tagline:

‘No need to worry;  It’s ladies verses No-Man!’


So…What’s Your Religion?

World has become a difficult place to live; People are fighting over anything and everything. But the most prominent factor which always remains ‘in’ for debates is the ‘religion’.

I was never told about my religion by anyone; it automatically got imprinted in my mind after being part of numerous rituals and customs. And one day when a form asked my religion, my hands didn’t pause, even for a second, to write ‘Hindu’ in the column. I didn’t hesitate because it’s the years-long conditioning and I never thought of asking, what’s the religion? What’s a Hindu? Partly because I believed, our religion is what we are born with. Hence, I kept following…the Hinduism.

And now that I am reading ‘The Geeta’, I wonder why I never noticed that ‘this’ word is not even mentioned in this ancient and highly respected scripture of Hindus! It is said that ‘Geeta’ is meant for all humankind and is not any religion specific but then again, do you ever hear people claiming it as a Global scripture? No!

My curiosity took me to Google and for the first time in my life, I googled, “the meaning of Hindu….”

First thing that got revealed to me was ‘Hindu is not a Sanskrit word!’ (Which explains its absence from ‘Geeta’).

The story behind the origin of word ‘Hindu’ is even more interesting! The credit for its formation goes to the Persians who were not comfortable with the pronunciation of ‘S’ and instead, said ‘H’.

At that time ‘Sindhu’ was the Sanskrit name of today’s Indus River, flowing partly in the northern part of today’s India (Bharat earlier) and partly in Pakistan. Instead of calling it ‘Sindhu’, the Persians mispronounced it as ‘Hindu’ and referred to all the people living beyond this river as HINDUS, irrespective of whatever religion they were practising.

Amazing! Isn’t it? So basically, the word HINDU originated as a Geographic name rather than a religion. So yes, I am a Hindu and technically, so are the other 1.2 billion people living on this side of ‘Sindhu’!

But that’s not the case. This land has its share of religious diversity where the people are trying their best to attain heavens in their respective ways, sometimes even demeaning the others.

How I wish that we all had a common religion—HUMANITY. Just imagine a time when there will be peace—No problems, No disputes, No bloodshed in the name of religion and no one would ever care to ask the question, ” what did you say your religion was?”

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No Women Please!!

Have you ever noticed,while remembering  GOD, your head automatically raises, you stare into the sky and close your eyes as if HE is up there, listening and witnessing everything….

When I was a child, I too believed that GOD lives in the sky in an invisible huge form and from there, takes care of his children on Earth. Well back then, I didn’t have a slightest idea that his all children are not ‘equal’. Although he gave us all, the equal liberty of praying but only man was privileged to enter many of his earthly residences.

Now that I saw it myself, couldn’t help but share it with you people. Remember, I am not judging anyone here but in the end, please tell me, how justified is it?

Recently visited a place nearby. It’s a temple which boasts of making you sin-free but offer is available only for Males. Yo man! Do whatever wrong you feel like, for you have a place to clean your linen in the end! But wait, did I say that the same temple bars females from entering its premises!


Now that’s  ironical. This is the land where a woman astronaut like ‘Kalpana Chawla‘ was born who dared to enter ‘space’ (Supposedly the God’s abode) and see, on this very land, females are denied such a very basic thing, even today. Imagine the rocket is launched and as the astronauts are about to enter the space, and suddenly a tagline appears ‘Women are not allowed to enter the space‘.

Its more funny than sad. I don’t think that the women are dying to meet the GOD living inside these temples but I sometimes wonder that who gave man, this power to decide how a woman is supposed to behave? I mean I never heard any one barring males from entering the temple of a Goddess!

They have secured their place there as well.

and this is what you call… a job, well done!


The line in Green says, “Entry of Women is prohibited inside the temple”

Tolerance versus Common-sense

Few days back I happen to come across a blog regarding INDIA, The foreign writer shared many good and bad experiences while his stay here. Though I might be upset for many things but at the same time, I have more reasons to love my country and definitely felt offended at certain points and thought, “How could someone be so judgemental?”

I mean, “Not every street of this second most populous country in the world is dung-stained! And not all Indians, sleep anywhere they find a space to fit in (we do have descent homes!).You may have a privilege to live a life which many Indians or many humans, for that matter, might envy but how can you ‘tag’ every countryman with strange adjectives? Well, my dear friend, let me tell you, I am very liberal and I know it’s just an opinion that you aired based on what you experienced while your brief stay here and trust me, opinions do change!”

tolerance 1

Even WE get irritated by umpteen things in our country and it’s a human problem to irritate and get irritated then how does it apply to people of any special nationality.

His words pierced like thorns but at the same time I couldn’t ignore the REALITY, evident in them. People write FOUL only because we give them such an impression. What’s happening in our country is contributing to our GLOBAL IMAGE. It’s high time we mind our actions and clean this tainted image of our COUNTRY to make it a BETTER if not PERFECT place to live. By the way, which place on earth is just perfect?

One statement of this article which I found most interesting is that Indians are ‘LOUD’ and if I understand it correctly he meant INDIANS are NOISY. Here I somewhat comply with him; one can easily spot us loud while expressing our emotions whether it’s a birth, death, marriage or any religious act; it’s going to be loud!

I am kind of tolerant to this TEMPORARY LOUD EXPRESSION of emotion! But it also gets on my nerves when this loudness crosses a THRESHOLD. Tell you something, “My life is on a constant ‘LOUDER’ side for the last one week.”

No, I am not insane!”

There’s park outside my house and some sort of religious act is on, for past 6-7 days. Initially it was okay with me (I am tolerant, remember!) but imagine a situation when you find yourself shouting your throat out, still couldn’t convey the message to your co-inhabitant. You CAN’T TALK, READ, SLEEP or for that matter, LIVE ‘normally’. The EXTREMELY religious people make it a point not to spare any LESS religious person and let each and every word be HEARD. What are you supposed to do if not go with the flow? Messing with someone’s religious sentiments might cost you huge!

Hence, I started dancing to their tunes and doing SUCH domestic tasks which require NO communication; NO relaxation. ‘There’s a hope that it is going to end by 7.00 pm, every evening’. But this LOUDNESS kept getting louder and louder one evening, not taking the name to pause. I came out to enquire whether the person in-charge, just forgot to switch-off the loudspeaker or what?

New revelation- The neighbours in-front, are celebrating their son’s birthday hence are into some religious deed. Good for them and God bless the young man but what is the need to do it so loudly. Why can’t they keep their LOUD HAPPINESS to themselves, at least now, when we are already going through much!


But No one can help it; it has to be borne (downside of being TOLERANT?)

Thus for two more days, our neighbourhood was VIBRATING, BUZZING and LOUD, so to say and our life WORDLESS, RESTLESS and CLUELESS!

But today when I reached home, a heavenly SILENCE was widespread; Yay! We have been given our PEACE back and now we can be ourselves?

This incidence has got me thinking what life could become without external peace (forget internal). Let us be little LESS LOUD!

My advice to the tolerant breed: it’s good to be flexible and tolerant but don’t let anyone take advantage of it.

My request to every fellow human:


Use some common-sense and understand that others do have a life. GIVE them their share of space. Temporary loudness is bearable but its extension is not ‘PLEASING’ at all.

REMEMBER: If it’s was your turn to be HAPPY and LOUD, today; tomorrow it will be theirs. Nobody’s defying your right to be HAPPY…BE!

 BUT just go easy on SHOWING IT OFF! 🙂

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No ‘Gudiya’ after a ‘Pudiya’


In India, festival fever is in-the-air. After pleasing our ancestors, we recently celebrated ‘Navratras’. Many of us queued up the temples; stayed grainless for days; did every sort of religious stuff and searched for ‘little girls’ to be worshiped (‘Kanya Poojan’) in order to complete this many-days-long ritual.

Because of prevailing ‘Girls paucity’, booking starts beforehand. Ironically, we never mind standing and waiting for hours in the streets for little girls, for a proclaimed worship but not many of us want to hear, ‘it’s a girl!’, while waiting outside the delivery room. Why this double standard?


I remember, when my daughter was born, many visitors were awfully grief-bound as I had to go through a ‘Caesarean’, and that too ‘for a girl!’It bemused me, more because such remarks came from ‘women’ themselves!

Nature itself has chosen ‘woman,’ as the life bearer. Only she can procreate. In simple words, without a ‘She’, there can be no ‘He’. But does ‘The Society,’ acknowledge this indispensable role of ‘her’ or even her existence?


We live in such a society where you don’t have to do any research to answer this question. There are countless incidents on regular basis where woman is denied of her basic rights and is treated with bias. A country where a girl is supposed to be form of Goddess, crimes against her have reached their zenith. Some are shushed even before they can make their first sound. Many, who escape, are subjected to every possible mistreatment such as child-abuse, eve-teasing, honour- killing, dowry, domestic-violence, etc. Who is to be blamed? Humanity is moving to its ugliest nadir.


Last year was a happening year in our country’s history as many initiatives were taken to safeguard the well-being of a ‘She’. Most advertised and adopted was, “Beti Bachao, Beti Parao” (Save and Educate a Girl Child). Every nook and corner was buzzing with related activities.

I was awestruck, “What time is it when someone else has to tell you not to kill your own unborn baby. Don’t you have enough heart and able mind, not to do it?


The longing for boys is so deep-rooted in their psyche that people don’t feel ashamed to go to any extent (sometimes unbelievable). When I was expecting, some elderly women would forecast the sex of the unborn child. One of them once asked, “Did you take the medicine?

My answer was ‘Yes’, as was properly following the meds prescribed by the physician.

Bet, it’s a boy then! Even your body language tells that”.

I was thinking about the connection between the medicines and sex of my un-born child!

On discovering what kind of medicine was being talked about, I was astonished and the ladies continued, “Everyone takes them and it’s a sure thing.”

I was literally laughing inside, “If making boys”, is such an easy job, what are our medical scientists on Earth doing?  They should stop researching in the lab, instead start searching these sure ‘sex-determiners’, as soon as possible.

Jokes apart, it’s a bitter truth, women (sometime educated too) go to such self-styled docs (willingly or forcibly) who give them some sort of ‘Pudiya’ (Packet) and after nine months… “It’s a baby boy!” (As told).

So finally, you know the ‘geniuses’ behind the declining ‘female-ratio’ in some parts of our country! Work is already in progress to make our country ‘smoke-free’, ‘plastic-free’, ‘porn-free’, and ‘pollution-free’. Who knows, may be some day, with such a mind-set, we will succeed in achieving the target of making entire region ‘girls-free’? – “No kidding!”