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Care for a Cac-tale?

When I was inside my mother, many a times, I heard her humming. A sound which gave the hint of happiness and I started to imagine how beautiful the world outside would be! I was waiting for the day of my first rendezvous with the world so happy.
Mother kept me protected in layers and I had to literally push my way out, to have an idea. To my surprise, there was nothing! Not even my very own mother! It was just me , of-no-more-use, mother’s cocoon, and the never-ending barren surroundings. I was alone.

I shouted, “Hey, anybody here!


A voice crossed my side. I turned immediately. No one was there, I only saw huge masses rising up in the sky and covering everything. From where was that sound coming? I had no clue! I was alone in the barren land and I wondered what made mother sing with joy, I didn’t see anything to be happy about.I wished mother was with me but she might have fallen prey to this strange phenomenon. So, it seemed I was doomed to live alone.

One day, I happened to have the company of two birds who landed near me. I helped them quench their thirst and asked them where they were heading towards?
We are going to the other end of this desert.
You call this place desert!”
Everyone does! Why are you so surprised? You call it something else!
No, I mean, actually, I never had someone to tell me this. I have been all alone.
Oh that’s terrible. Do you mind some help?
Okay. Desert is a place where there is scarcity of everything. That explains why you don’t have company! We live in the western edge of this desert but now the eastern side is flourishing so, we are going on a vacation to enjoy the bounty of Nature.”
I was looking as they talked. How I wished to see the world they are part of, but with my life, it wasn’t possible.
What happened little bud?
Nothing! I was thinking… how is it like on the other side?
Do you want to see it?
Two birds looked at each other and stepped toward me. Next when I came back to senses, I was in a world which existed, not even in my dreams. I started humming just like my mother.
So this is the place, where my mother used to live! Such a happy place! I wished I could dance right now. I never thought such a world actually existed. But, there I was!
The sun was no more scorching, I had shade; I had company though no one ever showed interest in knowing me. Possibly, they were busy in their own life. They were beautiful, without a doubt. People adored them by stopping near them. Then they would give me an inferior look; my breath would stop to hear what they had to say, “Where did you get it from? It’s eerie. Keep your children away or they’ll get hurt!
Now that’s rude! Why would someone say that?
But the fact is I was really an abandoned being. No one cared if I needed something or not! I just stayed there like a THING. I never again felt the same happiness as the first day in this new world.
Being alone in the desert was bad but being lonely in company, is worst.
I was becoming grumpy. One day, I was staring at kids having fun in the garden, and their ball bounced and stopped near me. One sweet kid came to collect the ball, he stopped for a moment, and turned towards me. He kept looking at me and started smiling. I was moved by his gesture.
He likes me!” I was overjoyed.
He started moving towards me; I opened my arms. The happiness was too much to handle and don’t know when, I subconsciously closed my eyes.
Bang!” He lost his balance and soon I found myself lying on the ground.
What did you broke?” A woman came rushing from inside the house. “Oh you naughty kids!”

The kid complained, “Mom, I got hurt!
How?” She came near.
The boy pointed towards me.
Oh, I knew this would happen. I told your father not to allow ‘this thing’ in our house. But he never listens. Show me where you got hurt?
I am fine now,” he said and disappeared.
The woman corrected the mess, she was about to give me a hand but she stopped, “Oh never mind. You don’t need this. You’ll be fine on your own.” However she erected her favourites, caressed them, brought them back to normal by offering them water, smiled, and finally vanished.

In the middle of a crowd, I was left thinking-

What if I am born in tough conditions?
What if I am meant to be strong?
What if I can survive anything?
I too need love and care
As much as anyone else!
And just so you know
I am a thorny Cactus
Strong in appearance
Supple inside….


this is my story.

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Etiquettes Sound Good When Reciprocated


Every one loves etiquettes. But there are times when you feel like forgetting all of them and just tighten your fist and punch someone in the face real hard – however unpleasant the consequences!

And without any doubt, such times aren’t very uncommon with myriad annoying people around and you are bound to lose your cool. It’s not easy to control the actual emotions but there is always a probability of landing yourself in much trouble than you already are in. Therefore, you somehow manage to wear a smiling face and let go.

But at the same time, inside, you wonder how spineless people manage to obtain positions or is it other way around, only spineless people manage to get positions. I don’t know but when I see people changing colours, often my blood starts boiling and countless questions start disturbing the peace of my mind:

Why is it so that they don’t have a voice of their own?

Why do they find it difficult to differentiate right from wrong?

Why they always work like puppets and that too when they have nothing to lose?

Are they suffering from some deficiency of Grey matter?

Fine! Sometimes everyone faces a catch-22 situation but always! This is no helplessness; it’s their real self. It’s their bloody nature to make things complicated for others and once you nod to a settlement there are good chances of recurrence.

Sometime you feel like a complete misfit everywhere. You can sense loneliness in a crowd; no one, however close, seems helpful. There’s ubiquitous darkness, frustration, anger and shock.

You just feel like closing your eyes and magically hope someone to take care of everything; settle the chaos for you to wake up to a smooth happy and wonderful life having a conducive ambiance with credible people, all around.

But as you know, miracles are rare (if any). So you don’t have anyone but yourself to make the amendments and convert the present adversity into an opportunity.

That way it hurts less!

Three days,Three Quotes Challenge: 3rd Day

Today is the last day of my Three day,three quote challenge.

If you are interested in seeing the quotes for the last two days you are more than welcome to visit here, 1st day and 2nd day.

First of all it’s thanks giving time. So Thank you, Parveen and Kevin, for nominating me for the Three day,three quotes challenge. They have been very honest and regular visitors on AlpenGlow but I have been noticing since the day I acknowledged this, their visits have actually declined…Haha. Well, I was trying to be funny but don’t take this as a joke when I say they are  frabjous bloggers and incredible human beings. I would suggest you check out their amazing blogs.

Here are the rules:

  1. Post 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate 3 new bloggers each single day of the challenge.

Quote for today is “TODAY ” itself  🙂


And I am transferring the task of sharing and caring to three new people I have met recently here in the blogosphere.

And the name is…

No… it’s not Bond 😉




I am done with the challenge.

Have fun.

Here’s Mann 🙂

Follow or Connect: Which is the Right path?

One of my students was missing classes for a few days. She definitely owed an explanation to me. Turned-out she had gone with her family, to pay obeisance to their spiritual “GURU”. I was kind of taken-aback, “These God-men really have a huge fan-following, even kids are running after them! Why is it that I never have an urge for the same?”

In the past whenever I tried, it wasn’t easy for my rational mind to agree to whatever they (the modern gurus) say in general and do in particular! Even after being convinced by many influential personnel, I still find it hard to worship a mortal HUMAN as GOD.

670px-Talk-to-God-Step-1My Apologies! but I like it personal (my relationship with GOD) and I believe that if I am doomed to be a “follower” one day that will happen automatically, in-due-course of time. Right now, that’s not ME!

I don’t know why, but I felt like sharing a story with the class which it goes like…

Once upon a time, there was a woman, exhausted of mundane life’s miseries, challenges and responsibilities. She tried to do everything, and there she was… completely lost.

One day, before going to bed she mumbled, “Is there anyone who can help me?”

“I guess No one”. Subsequently she found herself with a man who was having an ‘aura’ of hundred Suns; she could barely see his face in the beginning. Softly and smilingly, he held her hand and both entered an obsolete chamber. Inside, there were two clocks lying on the table, ticking their life, joyfully.

The man said, “Do you know I come here every day…”

She was completely mesmerized by the charm of this divine man.

“…to wind one of the clocks”, he continued.  It has a life of just one day, after which it starts slowing down, losing time gradually. If I don’t come, it will stop ticking, eventually. Therefore, it’s my job to make sure it continues its joyful life!

On the other hand, (pointing towards the second clock), it doesn’t need my assistance because it is directly connected to the power source hence keeps going, happily, on and on.

Same is the case with your life, my dear. In order to move on merrily, you need to charge yourself well. For that you need an everlasting source of power or energy and what according to you, is the ultimate source of all the power or strength…?

She was speechless.

 “…it’s GOD, my dear.”

282981426_The_Spiritual_Path_xlargeThere are some people who get connected to this eternal ‘Power source’ directly and don’t need any help. They get all power and wisdom from the universe through their delightful connection with the “Almighty” and nothing can stop them.

Then there are others, who don’t know the direct route towards GOD. They need someone else do this job; to show the right path ultimately leading to “HIM”. Such people need a Guide (in any form) who will keep them aware of GOD’s virtues, and fully charged to live and maintain a happy life.

“I hope you have got your answers now! He looked at her. My job here is done. Now you get some rest; charge your body and mind; a new day is waiting for you. Wake up tomorrow and work in the direction to connect yourself to GOD, for that is only way to stay energetic, courageous and above all happy”…and he disappeared.

I chose the direct connection. What do you think? Which way is the right way? Open to discussion…

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Wo (Man) Power

You talk about women empowerment all the time but are you ACTUALLY prepared to accommodate women ‘with power’? Well, my answer is… Not really.

Since time immemorial, you have considered woman “an icon” of selfless love, care, silence, sacrifice and forbearance. You still want to see her the same. She has been gifted with countless virtues by Nature; and has, herself, acquired many. She has mastered multitasking and possesses great managerial skills making her a fine group member as well as an excellent leader.


You say she is weak ‘emotionally’ but in my opinion, that is the very basis of her enormous strength. You say she is weak ‘physically’ then I say physical strength is just a matter of will; want it? Attain it.

Do you acknowledge and appreciate a woman’s capabilities? No, you don’t. You are always sceptical.

Undeniably, you have enjoyed a dominant position in the family and society since ages and may be that’s why, today you are finding it difficult to leave your luxurious niche.You might be trying but one thing is sure; you are not yet prepared to follow the commands from her as a ‘Head’. Because what little I observe, tells a different story.

I witness you turning irate on being asked for reasons by HER. I see you nodding in face and bitching behind. I see you doubting her capabilities to be a head. I see you comparing her to your so-called ‘ideal head’ (a man). I see you criticize her for being comparatively more considerate of her family. I see you disrespecting her suggestions and gestures. I see you making fun of her for trusting other women. I see you getting frustrated because she questions your work. In short I see you in complete disagreement with HER.

And you talk about what… Women empowerment!

Forget empowering HER; first go, get your attitude right. Come out of this age-old notion of considering women ‘trivial’. Remember woman is capable of everything; Are YOU?

You better raise your guards. Either walk along or watch her move ahead because, SHE indeed… is moving fast.

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The Task of Multitasking