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We All Work Hard But Do We All Succeed?

It is said, “Hard work is the key to success.”

I doubt. If it were true, I don’t think the number of frustrated people would have been this huge! People keep working (hard) under undesired and compromising situations, wishing for their life to change in a good way but does it change?

Hmmm…not always! However, life sustains…somehow and in the mean time such a discord drains a lot of brains and the energy graph keeps coming down unabated.

Every day you wake up thinking about changing the circumstances around you and start the journey from nil uphill, accomplishing many insignificant goals on the way.

How far do you target to reach by the end of the day?

The other day, I read a story about a teacher who also happened to be health enthusiast. While eating a sandwich out at an eatery one day, he shouted, “What rubbish are you serving?”

He pledged to grow the more healthy and tasty version of that sandwich himself. For that he had to buy seeds and sow them in his long barren land which needed much water and deep plough. So he purchased a pair of bullocks and propagated the grains; he dug a well as well. He did all this after coming back from the school. By the end of day he would be so tired to make any food and mostly slept empty stomach. He overlooked his job as well as his health.

Later he realized that the crop needs fertilizers too. Hence, he purchased cattle only to increase the workload many fold. It took around six months for his hard work to bear fruits and he was completely exhausted by then. He thought of hiring help for harvesting and grinding of cereals. And finally, one day he sat down to relish the investment and hard work of months. As he took the first bite, he realized, “this tastes the same!”

Just to cultivate his breakfast sandwich, he compromised his teaching job and health; results were ought to be poor and ultimately, he gave up the idea of doing everything by himself.

You can’t and shouldn’t be doing everything for yourself. It’s exhausting as well as time-consuming. There are people with every set of roles. All you have to do is work hard at right place and yeah, if hungry… try to order that sandwich of yours instead of growing it….;)

So, don’t you think its time to rephrase the line

“Hard work is the key to success…but only at right place.”


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Mind Your Temper


Temper is a pompous ‘driver’; it can take you to bizarre rides on unseen routes and admit it, we all have our moments. Temper alone is capable of making or breaking anything. However, if you know how to control your temper, you can definitely come out of whatever turmoil you are facing, that too unaffected. But that doesn’t hold true for everyone. There are some haughty people who believe they own entire world and there are some generous people who silently bear the temper moments of others, without a groan.

Sometimes too much forbearance is taken as your weakness and not strength; and people start manipulating you. There comes a day, when you have to decide the perimeter of your forbearance and show them your silence is not because of your weakness and dependency but because you know the fact that temper can be handled if one desires.


True, we live in a real world and there are people who always stand on the other side of complaint counter; they have a problem with everyone and everything around. They constantly feel as if each one is after them and is always trying to bring them down. They often fall prey to temper fluctuation.

Result; Such people neither make anyone else happy nor stay happy themselves. They carry some sort of gloominess with them all the time. When they enter some conversation, they emit detrimental vibrations. Faces of such people seem to be matured before age; their eyebrows are always stiff and they tend to have a characteristic sarcasm in their words. They show as if the entire world is moving just because of them; always boast of their unmatched credentials and how people mistreat them?

You hardly see them smiling or laughing and if they ever do…it is always over the top. It doesn’t look natural, from inside!

I am forced to think, “What is their actual problem?”

Here I made a hypothesis: People say money is everything. In my opinion, money can be anything but everything. You can roughly measure success with how much money one has earned but failure in life can never be calculated in terms of money because it is more than that. There are many things beyond the reach of ‘money’; satisfaction is one. If a person making good money doesn’t count it success and still feels miserable and hurt; how do you explain it?

Book of Bad Habits-Temper

Personally what I feel is that their own success or failure doesn’t affect people as much as the success of others and if these ‘others’ include someone younger; nearer and less capable, it fury them most. The malicious feelings keep accumulating in their mind over time. When incompetent to hold any more, they start puking anywhere, on anyone.

My suggestion: Don’t be a football to other people’s opinion and stop being a bloody victim; once is tolerable but if same thing keep repeating over and over again; it will be considered over generosity on your part.  Realize that time for remuneration has come. You have to give them back some of it; show them you are not into slavery or something and prove that you can practice your right (freedom to speech).

If you have wronged them somehow, stop right there but if you know you are right, there is no point in being a dustbin where anyone comes and dumps trash. At most what awful is going to happen; the person will stop talking to you; make faces and awkward gestures in front of you; what else? Nothing much, this should not affect your health.


Remember, you are a unique creation of GOD. People can try to imitate but “No one can be you”. You are totally worthy of everything that you have achieved.

Stop feeling bad for such weirdoes’ and move on with your life. There are many more important things to do in life. Don’t waste time, thinking about their odd behaviour or have intentions to correct it. Leave them alone. That’s the best thing you can do…Trust me.

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