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Birth day is Going Happy (ly)

Ever met people avoiding a slightest noise over their birthdays! Yes I have; they let the day pass just like any other day. Not me folks! So hear me loud and clear…

Listen, beautiful people of this amazing world! Today’s my birthday and tell you what, I am having a blast. Credit goes to my gorgeous family─ at home and far, as well as the one at work. You all made me meet the ‘younger’ me, once again.

Birthday eve was made awesome by the bunch of sweet-smelling blossoms, carrying the message of friendship and understanding, from continents apart brother-in-law J. He also managed to send a lip-smacking black forest cake, which of course found its way down the gut of my enormously sweet-toothed ‘GlowinGal’ well before time ;). I could bar her just for 2 hrs and eventually gave up. So basically, I cut a pre-birthday cake…Haha.

The new day dawned with so much positive and a blissful mood. Thanks to so many loving and caring people! “I DEARLY VALUE YOUR GESTURE AND THANK YOU SINCERELY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.”

The most amazing part was when all my students wished me happiness, and actually gifted it wholeheartedly…I totally loved it. And an unexpectedly pleasant moment came when my final year students made me cut a scrumptious cake in the LAB itself…Wow, I didn’t expect that!

They are a darling bunch of bubbly youngsters. I see so much love in their eyes and treasure that. I consider myself fortunate to have such sweet people in my life. 🙂

Thank you people, for being there, and reminding that age is just a number but celebration of your existence every year, is a way to be grateful for everything that you have…for everything that you do!

So who’s wanna party tonight? 🙂


Don’t Tag Me ‘Antisocial’!

anti-social I am living in the rented apartment for the last two years and I don’t even know the names and much whereabouts of my neighbours! I just revealed it, “I am not at all a, ‘Social Bee’. However, occasional exchange of pleasantries never hurt me!” I am happy in my own world, have always been!

I am even worse when it comes to calling people, so, consider yourself specially privileged if you get a message or call from my side! Tell you what; it’s really a struggle when I need to call my daughter’s class teacher. I try to avoid it as far as possible and give-in only when there is no way-out. However, if you talk about a face-to-face meeting, I am an entirely different person!

That reminds me of an incident on San’s (my daughter) third birthday; she was supposed to carry some gifts for her classmates (How weird, I thought! Birthday’s are for receiving gifts, aren’t they?) Anyhow, thinking it might be some kind of ritual as even ‘San’ has been receiving gifts from time-to-time. It was her turn now to return the favour.

Hence, her ‘Not-So-Social’ mom preferred ‘What’s-app’ to a ‘Call’ and got the total number of the students from the class teacher; and even ‘Madam’ sincerely replied but she didn’t forget to mention it in the next ‘Parent-Teacher-Meeting’.

That day, I very thoughtfully sent gifts along with sweets, to which she said, “Nobody sends sweets as these are not allowed in the school!”

I was like, “Oh, I am extremely sorry! I didn’t know as it’s my first time!”

So is everyone’s! How would you know? You didn’t call either!”

I was short-of-words, she was damn right! But why such a fuss over ‘calling’, as if this was the last thing on earth for communication! Why those ‘messengers’ were even discovered? Obviously to make life comfortable to ‘semi-eccentric’ people like ‘me’ who don’t quite hate calling but don’t like it either.


Does it make me non-social? Or Do I sound like ANTISOCIAL?

Occasionally, I have seen people distancing themselves from me to avoid a factual and straight-forward answer. Once, a ‘teacher’ was boasting of her work ‘overload’. I was prompted to ask, “How many lectures do you deliver?”

She was instant, “five…everyday!”

That’s it? I take six periods!” I was swift too.

Ours is a practical subject!” (Commerce? I mean really? she might be referring to numerical, I guess!)

So what do you think, this Animal science is all about?” I continued. “Dear, you are not the only one overworking, I take practical classes in addition to theory, plan them beforehand, check the practical files, organize field visits, maintain a stock-register of all the consumables and non-consumables and get them checked, signed and audited. Sometime I also perform the duties of lab attendant, myself. And I have an additional burden of maintaining a clean lab in addition to my personal room….” I was counting but by this time I sensed a silence past an earthquake…she had stopped paying attention to me. I kept thinking, “I wasn’t yet finished…!” Outcome: The ‘aftershocks’ were felt for many months and we only exchanged gazes, no words! (Where was I wrong? Did I overpower her? I was just trying to sympathize! Or whatever)!

My social capabilities are always on assessment. Whenever our land-lady has any query she prefers to ask bob (my husband) and I am like why? Why not me? Do I look scary or she just underestimates me? She is too much anxious about the cleanliness of her house (I mean why rent it out in the first place when you are so obsessed?) Even after hiring a maid, we are supposed to make cleaning our first priority! Spare us auntie!

Right now, she is on a renovation mission and we are ‘le miserable’ for the last two weeks. She drops any-time with her list of the do’s and don’ts, “I am very particular about cleanliness! When we lived in rented house, I never let the house owner feel upset, even once!”

You are right auntie; even my Mom-in-law doesn’t rest for a sec. She is always up, doing this or that,” I corroborated.

I heard so from your maid.” She shrugged it, just like that.

I couldn’t resist, “She is your age and cleans your house as her own. What to do, I think by this age people don’t have much to explore. So they end up cleaning everything crystal-clear! Poor young people put their mind in so many businesses that it gets tough to concentrate on one house task….” She was already staring at me and I rather shushed (Gosh! Again, I let my words slip).

Ha…By this time you must be thinking, “How nonsocial or may be Antisocial!

But wait before you make an opinion, let me tell you that I love gatherings, all that noise, chitchat and dance. I am even the ‘In-charge’ of cultural activities in the College; also look after the ‘Women Cell’ and above all I am a ‘Teacher’! I can’t afford to stay aloof because my work calls for being expressive, crowdfriendly and not to mention interact! I can be seen ‘inspiring’ people; I am good with manners; I daily check my e-mails and visit social networking sites, frequently; and you know it, I too respond to the readers on WordPress.

Aren’t these proofs enough for my being ‘sufficiently’ social?

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I did it!!

Lately life seemed a bit monotonous with many things pending for quite a long time which kept crawling and stretching just because of an uninspiring ‘Me’ and with time, I absolutely lost interest in many of them. And then ‘AlpenGlow’ happened. My life took an interesting twist.

All of a sudden, I feel so enthusiastic; so alive.

With new energy and new enthusiasm, I gathered my entire valour and cleared many self-imposed hurdles of my life, obviously one at a time.

Few days back our country celebrated ‘Independence Day’. I notice everyone around talks about being independent. I, myself, am a huge endorser of independence whether it is of a country, woman or man! But is it possible to be absolutely independent for us?  My answer is…NO, absolute independence is not real.

As a teacher, I keep encouraging my students to study hard and be independent one day. Then I think that how studying hard is going to make them independent when I (even after having the highest degree) am still struggling to find the meaning of independence? True, they can become money making machines but does independence pertain only to financial matters or it has something to do with refusal of any kind of dependency on others, of which finance is also an element.

Since the dawn of our life, we depend on others. Having protective parents, shielding siblings, caring friends, loving spouse and amorous children, has made us so dependent that it is such a tough cookie to feel independent, to be independent. With someone always at our salvage, we have become so customary that we never learn to live and work independently. Moreover we enjoy that dependency in the form of luxury, don’t we?

With God’s grace I have had a good life till now. Guardian angel took good care of me; parents provided everything before asking; siblings loved me unconditionally and followed my trail. I was pampered by some friends to great deal. Further, my husband is such a ‘gem’, an indispensable ingredient in my every stance. Whatever I do (independently), I personally need him (not because society says so). He has to be there…that’s it (same thing applies to him as well). Now tell me how one is supposed to be independent; we are so damn dependent or should I say, interdependent.

For almost seven years of marriage, I have always enjoyed sitting next to him in the car (and he enjoyed letting me do that); I didn’t bother much to try my hand on the wheel. Although, I went to the driving school twice and could handle driving well but still I preferred to be dependent and let my learner’s license expire just like that (God! why I like this dependency so much!).

Thanks to afresh self determination, added by impetus ‘from family’ and obligation ‘due to family’ again, today I moved a step forward in the direction of my independence. Yes, I endeavoured and I conquered. I am no longer a learner now; I got permanent license to drive. So unbelievable but true… I did it. I am falling short of words to explain how happy I am today. It’s like one big thing I persistently thought but always ignored.

But… only half a battle is won yet. Half because I still have to fight with that dependency ogre inside me. Right now I am delighted and it’s time to celebrate my independence, though… partial ;).


Celebrating Entropy

Hello… you organized people, out there! I hope, No…I am sure you must be doing great, since you live a ‘structured life’ unlike me. You supposedly are the “early to bed, early to rise” types, who do everything in a planned manner! Good for you but it never works for me. My life remains in a steady disorder; in unavoidable ‘entropy’, most of the time. You want to see what kind of person am I?

I am that kind of person who every night, sets an alarm initially at 5.00 am (after a thought), resets it half an hour early. When the morning dawns and the alarm beeps, I never forget to wonder at the ‘unbelievable speed’ of time and mumble, “Is it morning already?” I prefer to put the alarm on snooze and go back to savor my precious ‘sleepy moments’, only to wake up within seconds (not literally) due to the next beep.


Somehow I manage to wake up and walk up to the kitchen to make my morning cup of green tea and linger drowsily for it to get infused. Yes, I am that kind of person who cannot afford to compromise the reviving confluence of me, my green ‘cuppa’ and the pure emerald dewy ambiance of dayspring.


Suddenly on realizing I am running out of time, all (fine…most) tasks are completed with an electrifying speed, in a jiffy and as expected I catch my bus on dot. Though I know whose fault is it, still my mercury keeps fluctuating and someone is surely bound to feel the heat or may be cold.

You know, I am that kind of person who has been advised by everyone on how to reach the bus stop on time including my bus driver? How thoughtful! This topsy-turvy is not restricted only to the morning time but even after that. You can easily spot anarchy in those precious 15 minutes before the bell rings. I am seen multitasking, with eyes fixed on a book and food in the mouth.

Okay I accept, I am that kind of teacher who never finishes a lecture on time (forget before). The next period is sure to be consumed to a great deal (blame my subject for that; way too interesting). Thankfully I don’t have to see the fuming faces of teachers waiting impatiently outside, looking into watch every now and then. Why? I am blessed to have all my classes in the lab.

Strangely, I am that kind of person who never happens to feel free instead of having three free periods. I am always seen moving up and down, left and right, in and out, with myriad papers containing generous off class work, throughout the day. I hardly realize and the clock strikes three.


And, I am that kind of person who on returning home never baffles, seeing the mayhem (clothes spread all over the bed; toys scattered everywhere; and jam-packed kitchen sink). All I need is a slight warm up to start over (warm up here means cool down) and I am ready to rock…not to mention again in my signature, disordered way.


Agreed, I am that kind of person whose life is in dire need of an order. Doesn’t mean I don’t try to bring it in, I do. Believe me, there are things that I do, in way better organized manner than many of you but I want to confess, I like it, this way. For me, following plans all the times, kills the excitement and it becomes boring eventually. Disorganization and disorderliness sounds like more fun. At least there is a job to do; to remove ‘dis’. This ‘Entropy’ is the reality of every system and all beings follow it instinctively. It is said that the entropy of the universe doesn’t change; remains constant, no matter what! And if you want to reduce the entropy of one system; some other system has to gain it in order to stay in this state of equilibrium.


Therefore, here I am, living in a random state of entropy and disorderliness; sometime exceptionally tiny sometime at its pinnacle but I am fairly convinced that there is nothing wrong with me; it’s a natural state.

And if… someone is feeling sympathetic towards me, you are welcome to share some of my entropy. After all… we are supposed to pursue ‘Nature’, aren’t we?

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