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Aamod (Paradise Unplugged)

Most of the people know Shimla partly because of its British Connection, and partly because of being a popular Hill station since many years. A lot of credit for promoting Shimla also goes to Bollywood. If you have watched old hindi movies you’ll understand.

But this article is not about Shimla; it is actually to talk about one of the places which is gaining popularity among tourists, and people especially from the plains, prefer to come here, enjoy Nature, and have some memorable moments with family or friends. Plus point, it subtracts the congestion and hours long traffic jams in the city. Moreover you can go to the city and come back if you want as this is just 13 km from Shimla towards Chandigarh. 

This place is entitled, ‘Aamod‘ which also means ‘Pleasure’. 

However we weren’t there to stay; it was just a temp halt. The parking is at the level of NH, and you have to walk some 150 mts or so.The guys at the gate were too kind to offer us a drop at the restaurant. Mind you, it was free!!!!
The restaurant is open to all, you don’t necessarily need to stay overnight.The outlook is catchy and pleasant.

Tried Veg platter which was good and heavy too, so, my little tummy refused anything else. The hospitality is worth appreciating though.

The platter costs Rs 600. True, I have had better than this but no problem, it was fine. And yes later they do offer you complementary dish and bread of your choice. That was surprisingly good!!!

Just for the information, they do provide some local Himachali dishes here. Do try some.

Move out of the restaurant, and start climbing uphill to explore the surroundings. (You need a walk to digest all the cheese you just ate.)

The Reception

Nature friendly Cottages

Activity Area

Way to Nature walk on your on

View of NH 22 from the top

All in all, it is a good place to hang out. The ambience is peaceful (except for those Cicada songs), air is fresh, food is good, and best thing it is very approachable.

PS. Just before this we went to Barog camping site, it was quite hidden in the jungle and we kind of lost interest after reaching almost there, we returned and ended up at Aamod.For more information about the place you can click on the link.