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For World Sake, Stop Making Fun Of Girl’s Fun!

img-20160405-wa0007It feels great when you see Facebook updates of girls’ gangs going out on weekends, all by themselves! (read it, without the so called ‘security guards’ from the opposite gender)! You are like ‘So what! Today, girls are independent, and they have every right to do so!’

Though, we would definitely love the above idea, had we not witnessed many inappropriate incidences occurring around us. I am a firm believer in equality whether it’s a matter of education, work, duties, responsibilities… and even FUN. Yes, we all should have an equal right to enjoyment! But is it so?

Recently the Newpapers talked too much about ‘Bengaluru issue’. Even we as human need to ask ourselves, ‘Why such accidents occur?’

It is sad, really. Do celebrations mean only to get deadly drunk and spread anarchy? or do people get drunk only to cover for their regrettable animal behaviour shown while intoxicated! Well, when a crowd is high, it’s stupid to expect decency from them.

During a recent trip, I witnessed this absolutely ‘never-going-to-fill’ gap between two genders, no matter how modern they claim themselves to be! (By modern I mean the ones who boasts of not believing in the ‘Set’ norms in a society). But unfortunately, I didn’t notice any modernisation, except for the emptying bottles, raising voices, and declining etiquette!  ‘Sanes’ were mutating to some ‘Junkies’; adopting some alien language as the booze was getting over their heads. We saw them spoiling the fun for the opposite gender. There were many girls’ troops also who spent equal money, for what?

Hundreds of the ‘joy-blind’ males  were having ‘their’ kind of fun and tens of the ‘fun-hungry’ females were helplessly staring from distance…the chaos. How could they join in, carefree? I question?

With such wrong expression of joy, how the females were expected to have fun?

The latest anarchy in Bengaluru is nothing but an advanced stage of such nuisance!

So does it mean girls should let people mistreat them for showing courage to venture out and call it fun or should they remain confined to four walls and time limits of their house and work places, and always calculate all the pros and cons before trying to enjoy outdoor?

I don’t have the answer. I only have questions! And one question that keeps bothering me all the time is not ‘Why should boys have all the fun?

but ‘When would boys know this is no more…fun?


Mom’s gotta be Tough


God can’t be present everywhere, so he made mother”

In short he shifted his responsibility of taking care of his children to Mothers. Only a mother can love her children selflessly. From the moment a life starts budding inside her, till she breaths her last, a mother incessantly works for the wellbeing of her kids. She sacrifices her interests to see one smile on their face. The entire being of a human depends on how concerned a mother was while it was in the making, both inside the womb or outside in the social environment.

Just giving birth to a baby doesn’t make you a Mother; there are umpteen roles and responsibilities in the waiting. Once the good news is out, life style of a mother-to-be totally changes. She has to take great care to nurture the life inside. It’s her responsibility that her child gets right mix of every ingredient to be perfectly healthy.

It is said that a mother smiles to see you cry only once in her life i.e. at your birth. In our society there are many stigmas associated with birth, it’s our mother only who teaches us the difference of right from wrong. She protects us from the miseries of the world.

As we know that the duties and responsibilities of women are changing with time and so are the duties and responsibilities of mothers. She is no more just a wife or mother; she is more than that. She handles family along with her career. A mother has to prove herself at every step. She is doing all her usual tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry, helping her kids with home work along with a demanding career.

Earlier working women used to take motherhood as a trouble and they delayed it as far as possible. But today’s mother knows the importance of family and knows how to balance the two. It’s not an easy job that’s why the mothers need to be admired for their untiring efforts.

The world has never been a safe place for women to roam around freely but today’s mother is all set to show her tougher side by facing the adversities with a strong heart and ever smiling face. In the process, she is also setting example for her children to become able and responsible.

Does she always succeed?

That’s not important as long as ‘Mom’ is the first word to come out of children’s mouth in any pain :).


Kitty Party: It’s Makeover Time!

When I was small, the very word ‘Kitty Party’ would immediately bring in to mind a picture of rich fat ladies, trying hard to show their pricey possessions and dying to see their peers turning green with envy. It only meant an exaggerated exhibition of family’s bank balance in the terms of exotic holidays, posh cars, expensive apparels, bling bling, and lengthy scuttlebutt sessions. Hence, ‘not-so-braggy’ people like me always kept distance from this hopeless extravaganza, until now!

Yes! I began my year 2016 with an endeavour of joining hands with other ladies, (some quite like and others quite unlike), coming from diverse arenas and believe me, my perspective has totally changed after a few meetings. Though, Women will be women always but ‘Kitty party’ can be way more constructive; it can be a platform for multiple actions and I have come up with a plan for females, whether urban or rural!

We know males have enjoyed the prominent and important role in making every decision for her, for quite long. A female is taken as the weaker sex due to her physicality but if she form groups, the ‘Union is strength’ becomes obvious and she can enjoy many aspects of life which remain unexplored due to many imposed restrictions and traditions. In short Kitty group or it’s any variant should not be a monopoly of middle aged women but young gals can also reap benefits from it. Win-win situation!

Are you the kind of woman who spent a better part of your life doing cooking and laundry for your husband and kids? Are your children grown-up enough to ask favours from you? Do you spend much of your time repenting and blaming? Do you think you are falling short of friends and acquaintances? Do you think, everyone in your family is busy in their own lives and no one has time for you?

Well the solution is lying may be next door or street. There are countless such souls. Get out and explore. Meet up with ladies and form a group and you are no more… lonely! :).

Are you an entrepreneur?

Starting something new is a big step towards progress but all planning can go to waste if it lacks proper advertisement. I know there are countless methods for promotion these days but what I believe-mouth publicity is still the best and trusted one when it comes to ladies. And you know local consumers are the first and obvious targets in any business. So what are you waiting for look for some energetic interesting ladies in the neighbourhood and shoot….


Do you belong to that breed of females who always wish for a life full of fun and excitement and luckily have some time in your possession? My advice instead of spending hours in front of TV or sleeping, dress-up in your favourite wear and head outdoors. You can enjoy a total girl’s talk, play games, share recipes or participate in various activities and show your artistic side nobody has ever noticed or appreciated before. Give yourself a chance to be creative and come out with numerous life changing ideas and gestures.

Falling short of Money?

You have been saving for months to buy that expensive piece of jewellery or that exotic sofa or anything, asking for a big sum but in-spite of many efforts, you couldn’t get it.(May be it’s already sold or you see another more lucrative design on the side display or you spent the money somewhere else.) Whatever the reason, if you want some amount immediately, Here is the answer! Money pooling and lucky draw is an integral part of a Kitty party. Of course you need luck to be on your side but sometimes a little understanding and an adjustment also do the trick.

Are you socially secluded?

With a jam-packed schedule 24*7, it’s not possible for most of us to socialize. Am I wrong? I know there are social networking sites for our rescue but dear, we need some ‘real’ people around us who listen to us when we need to be heard, who talks to us when we feel speechless, who understand us when the opposite gender fails to do so and above all who can cheer us up with real life demonstrations. When you volunteer for joining such group, you are going to meet people with myriad colours, tastes and habits. You learn a lot about life and yourself. And if you are new to the area, they help you discover best places to eat, shop and stroll. Bonus- you end up having a whole new bunch of friends-the real ones! 🙂

Are you too much dependent on others?

A females is often guided and protected by males of her family, initially it’s the father, then comes the brother, followed by the husband after marriage and son during the dusk of life. No matter what, they are going to raise their eyebrows if you end up doing something on your own; that’s not the set way, you know.

Well my answer is- grow up girls. Take command of your own life and start with a whole girl gang in your locality. Once you get out of the set perimeter, nobody can stop you from touching new horizons. Plan big things in your group-Go mountaineering or do sun bathing on nude beaches or get lost in the mysterious tropical rain forests or evaporate your body fluids in scorching heat of deserts. Do anything that makes you feel free and contended.

Explore this freshly unfolded world, limitlessly…. And…TOGETHER. 🙂

Femina shining

Everyone talks about Women empowerment, these days and there’s no doubt, woman is actually excelling in every sphere of life. As a woman, I feel proud that I have the talent and guts to compete and excel on my own. I can manage my home and my relations fairly, along with creating an identity of my own. This definitely gives a feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment. Financial independence has worked wonders for women. Even the children of a working and independent women, respect and value their mother more. Good for everyone including the father (a happy wife is equal to a happy life 🙂 ).


Society is fast-moving towards a change. Females are recognising their potential and leaving every obstacle behind to achieve their goals and setting them higher. Have you ever thought why is it that woman has to start from a scratch to carve a space for herself? Why didn’t she get ‘even treatment’ from the peers? What in the past forced her to lose her identity and then struggle again to get it back?

I read somewhere that earlier, primitive men (refers to both man and woman) used to live a life of nomad wandering places and both sexes i.e. male as well as female, were equally strong (it was the need of the hour). In order to ensure survival, it was necessary to go hunting and everyone was responsible for looking after their own appetite.


Later on they started socializing and dividing labour. Female had to bear children; this phenomenon automatically made her weaker sex. With the invention of fire, cooking of meat started and this brought stability in their life. Man chose to settle down ; to form families. He opted to be the ‘bread earner’ of the family whereas it was the duty of the female to look after the progeny and cook for them, so she deliberately stayed indoors.

Everything went well until one day when the ‘earner of the bread’ started to act like ‘owner of  the breed’, and subsequently dominated the society, pushing his better half to a life of anonymity, making her completely housebound. This continued unabated for ages and eventually reached its pinnacle (or should I say Nadir).


Hence, a Change was inevitable. The hypo-static women started experimenting, the itch to be free started bothering her, May be that’s why she started endeavouring into men’s arena, intentionally. Although, it has become an instinct of woman to rear her family but how can we forget, she was a free soul to begin with!

Enough said and written. There is no doubt, ‘Woman’ is the stronger and smarter sex (more on it later). She has got not only the looks but brains too. Need is to discover the hidden strength and showcase it.


My words for now, “hurry up Woman…clear up the mess fast…and …shine as bright as you can”. The world is waiting for you.